by Baja Dreamer

SHOGUN Late bite!

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We've all been wondering when and where the tuna would show up and now we know! They're here and they are in 1 1/2 day range! Even better they seem willing and ready to eat!

We'd all seen the reports of albies and bluefin being seen and caught, but in poor and windy conditions which didn't allow for any real score on the fish. This had been going on for many weeks since the SHOGUN brought back the first bluefin of the season. Then the Excel came home from a 5 day trip with a catch that included a wonderful grade of fat alberts to almost 40 lbs., and WFO bluefin to 35 lbs., with the jackpot being a sweet BF of 65 lbs.! Rumor has it that the guys on the Vagabond actually had a BF that broke the century mark the other day as well! The latest report from The SHOGUN is that they trolled and looked all day for next to nothing, and finally found a spot of fish that produced 120 BF's of 20 - 30 lbs. that bit right into the dark!

Now we also have several boats reporting bluefin as close as 100 miles and reports of a spotter plane seeing HUGE schools of albacore coming up behind them!

I'm informed that the Excel still has a few openings on the Braid 8 day trip leaving on the 27th. The SHOGUN has several openings on a 5 day leaving the 25th. The Vagabond still has openings listed for 1 1/2 to 2 3/4 day trips coming up soon. There are undoubtedly many other boats big and small that have openings on the shorter trips as well. If you haven't booked a spot yet you'd better get on the stick or you'll.....well....miss the boat! (Sorry, I couldn't resist! LOL!!! :) ) 

Speaking of "sticks" if you haven't taken care of it already, it's time to get your weapons ready for battle! Take your rods out and check to make sure all the guide rings are in good shape and not loose or corroded! Check the drags in your reels and service them or have them serviced if need be. And most important let's not forget to spool up with new line on those reels. Remember that your line is the only thing between you and the fish you've hooked and old line is never a good excuse for losing fish! Check your supply of trolling gear to make sure you have what's working and in the best colors. Get rid of those old rusty hooks and get some new ones. I'm not necessarily talking about costly designer hooks, just new ones, and make sure they're sharp!

Let's not forget that the boats heading farther south on longer trips are still doing well on the 'tails and the tuna at Alijos and the Ridge too! It seems like whatever length trip youre looking at, you'll be looking at the right time......TUNA TIME!


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