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Cory Visser, of Long Beach, has been fishing for over 50 years. He has never had a boat of his own but is always there for captains who need a good crew. He is proud that he was once part of a crew that caught a Grand Slam of tuna on a one-day trip.

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May 04, 2012

Tunaslam Corner-05-04-12

by Cory Visser

Thursday Recap Report-Weekend Possibilities:
A Summary of local fishing from Santa Monica to Oceanside, including Catalina and San Clemente Islands, with fishing trips out of San Diego down to Baja, Mexico.

The weekend weather was decent and the fishing possibilities continued to improve. A few more White Seabass were caught at Catalina and along the coast. Another huge Home guard Yellowtail was caught at Catalina. There was a bit more Squid located at both Catalina and San Clemente Island. Barracuda are moving up the coast. They arrived in Ensenada last week, and made it up to San Diego this week, and on Wednesday, 05-02-12 the Enterprise caught two Barracuda, hopefully big schools will be arriving soon from Newport Beach to Santa Monica Bay. Also few Bonito have been caught, that's very encouraging.

Water temps are rising everywhere, and have reached the critical over 60 degree point, with highs of 64 registered in some places.
The Yellowtail in La Jolla took a complete dump! However, more Yellowtail arrived in the usual spots south of the border: the Rockpile, South Kelp Reef, and North Coronado Islands.

The ¾ day boat San Diego out of Seaforth Landing caught 48 Yellowtail on Thursday, 05-03-12, with 11 Barracuda. Earlier in the week they caught over 50 Barracuda. Let the games begin!

Private boater Oscar fished with his buddy and sons and caught these two Yellowtail at the Rockpile, Saturday, 04-28-12:

Local fishing remains excellent on Rockfishing, lots of Big Bocaccio, some huge Reds and a few big Lingcod being caught, as well as lots of Sculpin. The warmer days has improved the local Bass fishing with Bass being caught over six pounds.
Private boater Lal fished with Japan Ron on Tuesday, 05-02-12 out of Long Beach. They fished the Newport Pipe and Reef area, as well as other local stones. Lal said all the areas he fished yielded some Bass, as water temps had increased significantly, as well as clearing up. They caught and released 35 mixed Bass between them with Lal catching 6 1/4 and 5 1/4 pound Sand Bass, with Calico Bass to 3 pounds. Some pictures:

There continues to be some decent evenings of Bass fishing on the Twilight runs.
Twilight fishing: The Native Sun fished on Sunday, April 29, 2012, and caught 54 Sand Bass and 3 Sculpin. The Enterprise fished on Friday, 04-27-12, as 40 anglers caught, some pictures of the Bass caught:

In Santa Monica Bay
Private boater Jason fished with Captain Vince on Sunday, 04-29-12 and found the big Calico and Sand Bass on the chew:

The ¾ day boat Tradition ran a trip on Saturday, 04-28-12 and according Jackpot Jimmy, the Bocaccio and Reds were big. Some pictures:

The 1/2 day boat Redondo ran a trip on Sunday, 04-29-12 and angler Jimmy surprised everyone with this catch on a lure:

The ½ day boat New Del Mar caught 1 Sand Bass, 2 Whitefish, 212 Rockfish and 5 Lingcod on their Saturday, 04-28-12 trip.

The ¾ day boat Spitfire caught 115 Rockfish, 1 Lingcod and 70 Red Snapper on Sunday, 04-29-12.

Newport Beach and Dana Point.
The ¾ day boat Clemente ran a trip on Tuesday, 05-01-12 and caught 3 Calico Bass, 8 Sand Bass, 2 Sheephead, 16 Rockfish and 3 Sculpin.

The ½ day boat Patriot out of Newport Landing ran a trip on Thursday, 05-01-12 and caught 46 Bocaccio, 225 Rockfish and 2 Sculpin.

The 3/4 day boat Freelance out of Davey's Locker found the Rockfish on the chew on their Tuesday, 05-01-12 trip, catching 38 Bocaccio, (limits), 61 Rockfish, 1 Sculpin and 11 Red Snapper.

Long Beach and San Pedro
Private boater Dia fished with friend Mark on Friday evening and through Saturday morning, 04-28-12 out of Long Beach. They fished the wall with great results on big Calico and Sand Bass. Some pictures:

Private boater Yutaka fished with friend Eric on Sunday, 04-29-12 out of Long Beach. They were targeting Lingcod and Walla, they scored:

The Enterprise fished on Wednesday, 05-02-12, as 24 anglers caught 4 Sand Bass, 2 Barracuda, 1 Sheephead, 48 Bocaccio , (limits), 135 Rockfish, 120 Sculpin and 22 Red Snapper.

The ¾ day boat Sport King out of LA Harbor fished on Thursday, 05-03-12, as 8 anglers caught 1 Whitefish, 16 Bocaccio, (limits), 28 Rockfish, 5 Sculpin and 45 Red Snapper.

The 1/2 day boat Monte Carlo out of 22nd Street Landing ran a trip on Saturday, 04-28-12 and caught 59 Rockfish, 61 Sculpin and 19 Red Snapper.

The 1/2 day boat Matt Walsh out of LA Harbor caught 32 Bocaccio, 57 Rockfish, 2 Sculpin and 11 Red Snapper for 16 anglers on their Saturday, 04-28-12.

Japan Ron fished the ¾ day Victory out of Pierpoint Landing on Wednesday, 05-02-12 and they caught 73 Rockfish, 80 Sculpin and 200 Sand Dab Some pictures:

The Islands

Catalina/Santa Barbara Island!
Charter Captain Jaime for Seasons Sport fishing ran a trip to the Island on Friday, 04-27-12 and caught their first White Seabass of the year. Water temps were found up to 62 degrees which bodes well for improved fishing at Catalina.
Private boater Rick fished the Island on Tuesday, 05-01-12 and caught this Home Guard Yellowtail weighing 38 pounds:

Rick's guest caught a 15 pound Halibut:

Private boater Clifford hired Captain Dave Hansen to guide them on Monday, 04-30-12. They hooked a possible White Seabass which was lost. They caught some nice Calico Bass and these Sheephead:

The six pack Charter Boat Mardiosa fished Catalina on Thursday, 05-03-12 and caught 1 White Seabass, 16 Calico Bass, 5 Sheephead and 2 Sargo.
The Freedom out of 22nd St. Landing ran to Santa Barbara Island on Saturday, 04-28-12 and caught 24 Calico Bass, 76 Sheephead, 28 Whitefish, 11 Bocaccio, 87 Rockfish, 1 Lingcod, 97 Perch and 1 Cabazon.
The Pursuit out of 22nd St. Landing, ran to the Island on Tuesday, 05-01-12, with 28 anglers catching 56 Bocaccio, (limits), 96 Rockfish, 78 Sculpin and 200 Sand Dab.
The Fury out of Dana Wharf fished on Sunday, 04-29-12 with 33 anglers catching 11 Calico Bass, 19 Bocaccio, 25 Rockfish, 1 Perch and 17 Red Snapper.

San Clemente Island!
Angler Lokey fished on the Sport Boat Toronado over the weekend and they caught a nice variety of fish. Some pictures:

Down South-San Diego and good ole Mexico!
Angler Harry fished the Pacific Voyager on Saturday, 04-28-12 and they fished the Rockpile for four Yellowtail, plus some Rockfish. Some pictures:

Charter Master Captain Rod on his boat the Sweet Teresa invited some of the Military's finest, (both had suffered significant injuries) on a trip for Saturday, 04-28-12 and JJ and Daniel both caught several big Halibut:

[img] border=0>[/embed]

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Kudos guys and thanks for your sacrifice to protect our nation.

All comments and suggestions welcomed!
WeatherThe weather forecast for the weekend is looking good for both Saturday and Sunday. So get out and catch a Big'n. Always check the latest forecast before leaving the dock.
Hook Up,

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tsurikichi wrote 4 years ago

Hi Cory,

Nice roundup as usual .... Can't wait until the Cuda start to run !


RonBeach wrote 4 years ago

Awsome report as usual Cory...Thanks

Sternhog1 wrote 4 years ago

Nice report Cory!

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