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August 31, 2017

Gear Keeper Retractable Devices

by Chris Grech

While fly anglers work season after season to refine their cast, perfect their lure knots and gather intel on remote locations, skill can only get you so far if you don't have the gear you need, when you need it. Never fumble for your landing net or wading staff with Gear Keeper retractable tether products specifically designed for these key necessities. Always delivering on the promise of quality products with total customer satisfaction, the Landing Net Retractor and Wading Staff Application are precision-made to keep these tools safe, secure and close at hand.

Never worry about lost nets again with the Landing Net Retractor. The best way to carry your net — handle up and within easy-to-reach distance. Grab, extend, net that fish and when you're done – let go, knowing it will retract back into place for your next catch. And, should you need your hands at a moments notice, just release and the net will retract out of your way. Made to move with you, the retractor includes a locking mechanism, which keeps it secure when traveling. Very versatile, it is available with a snap clip mount or a Velcro strap mount.

The Wading Staff Application allows anglers to once and for all keep control of your wading staff. The smartly-designed retractor keeps the staff at your side, and follows you when you move – whether walking through tall grass or wading through water. No need to worry about it tangling with your line or around your feet, the retractor sits where you need it and is always within easy reach. The retractor is available with a combo-mount snap clip/threaded stud or with an optional Velcro strap.

Both the Net Retractor and Wading Staff Application are durably constructed with Spectra / Nylon coated stainless steel cable, and stainless steel spring and hardware. The high-impact case is built tough and resists against inevitable nicks and bumps taken when outdoors. Employing a saltwater proof patented flushing system, the unit cleans itself of debris keeping the retracting smooth and hassle free. A built in Quick Connect (Q/C) system makes for easy connection and disconnection of gear.

The original Geer Keeper system was engineered specifically for SCUBA diving literally born out of a need to secure items in situations when hands are otherwise occupied. Gear Keeper systems are now available in more than 3,000 configuration options and used in applications from hunting, fishing and hiking to law enforcement, military and trucking.

$21.99 to $24.99

July 27, 2017

Dexter Knives with Coated Blades

by Chris Grech

I've been a big fan of Dexter Knifes my entire life. When it comes to filleting a fish, delicate skinning, cutting though a tough bone or even slicing some bait, we have all either used or seen Dexter Knives with the familiar white handles. Well the good people at Dexter have made a great thing even better with their line of coated knives in 7 great sizes and styles.

The unique and durable DexterGuard coating protects the knife against the harsh saltwater environment. It will keep the knife rust free for much longer and is still safe to use on food. Dexter knives are ultra-sharp right out of the box and are all designed for specific tasks such as filleting and skinning large fish with their 9-inch Flexible Fillet Knife or cutting though bone with their 8-inch Tiger-Edge Bait Cutter. Those two are my personal favorites…if you can only buy two, pick those up for sure.

This line of coated Dexter Knives all feature a SOFGRIP handle that ensures slip resistance and great control. Blades are made of their proprietary high carbon, high alloy, stain free DEXSTEEL. As you can see in the images below the knives made short work of some tuna we caught on a recent trip. It's important to note that all knives have to be occasionally sharpened so learn how to do that properly and you'll be all set. In addition, Dexter Knives should only be hand washed and dried. Avoid contact with other metals in a moist environment to prevent corrosion. With a little care Dexter Knives will last you a lifetime.


July 14, 2017

Accurate Valiant BV-600-Sized Lever Drag Reels

by Chris Grech

Accurate Fishing has built its reputation on making saltwater reels that are smaller and lighter than others in their class, yet capable of taking on surprisingly large, hard-fighting game fish. The latest additions to the company's popular Valiant series, the new BV-600-sized lever drag reels, are no exception. Designed to accommodate 60 to 80-pound braided line, these compact powerhouses have what it takes to land some of the toughest pelagic predators off the East, West and Gulf Coasts.

Like all Accurate Valiant lever drag reels, the new BV-600-sized models incorporate design innovations that maximize strength, rigidity and durability, while minimizing reel size and weight. The latest additions include BV-600 (standard) and BV-600N (narrow) single-speed reels, as well as BV2-600 (standard) and BV2-600N (narrow) two-speeds – all combining superior strength, rigidity and durability with unsurpassed smoothness and fish-fighting power.

Each BV-600-sized model boasts a compact yet incredibly rugged 6061 T6 aircraft-grade aluminum frame, uniquely curved to deliver the structural integrity of a reel twice its size. The non-flexing frame and side plates, while thinner than those of ordinary lever drag reels, allow Accurate's Valiant models to withstand higher levels of stress and torque. Protected by this high-strength, corrosion-resistant exterior is Accurate's patented TwinDrag® system – engineered to deliver up to 32 pounds of pressure for putting the brakes on big, determined adversaries. Precision-cut stainless steel gears mesh perfectly together so you can turn and gain on the most stubborn game fish, while seven shielded/sealed Class 5 ABEX bearings and one ARB bearing ensure smooth, reliable operation.

Anglers can choose from a variety of Accurate Valiant BV-600-sized models to suit their individual requirements and preferences. Those in the market for a single-speed lever drag reel can opt for a BV-600 or BV-600N. Accurate's BV-600 holds 425 yards of 80-pound braided line, while the BV-600N holds 500 yards of 65-pound-test braid. Both models are offered with either a 4:1 gear ratio for greater cranking power, or a 6:1 retrieve that rips in an impressive 53 inches of line with each complete turn of the handle.

If you prefer a two-speed, you can choose either the BV2-600 or BV2-600N. Both models allow you to switch back and forth easily between a high-speed 5:1 retrieve and a winch-like 2.2:1 gear ratio with the simple touch of a button.

Additional Valiant reel features include Accurate's "power handle," for comfortable, effective cranking even under wet and slimy conditions, plus a new easy-find "Cam Stop" with a secure indent in the drag cam that prevents the angler from going too far into full drag during the heat of battle.

The new Accurate Valiant BV-600-sized single-speed and two-speed reels are available now through authorized tackle retailers nationwide. Prices and specifications for the various models are listed below:

All Valiant 600-Sized Single Speed and Two-Speed Models Feature:
• Patented TwinDrag® for optimum smoothness, consistency (Max.
drag: 30 lbs.)
• 6061 T6 Aircraft Aluminum Construction
• Anodized for increased corrosion resistance
• Seven ABEC Class-5 bearings and one ARB bearing, shielded/sealed
for corrosion resistance
• Precision-cut Stainless Steel Gears
• Smooth, Easy-Find Cam Stop Strike
• Sleeved spool for better castability
• Lever-Drag Recessed Ergonomic Thumb Plate

Additional BV-600 (and BV-600N) Single-Speed Features:
• BV-600/BV-600N: Super lightweight at 19 ounces
• BV-600/BV-600N Gear Ratio: Offered with either 6:1 or 4:1 retrieve
• BV-600/BV-600N Line Retrieval: 53" per crank with 6:1 gear ratio
(35" with 4:1 gear ratio)
• BV-600 Line Capacity: 425 yards/ 80 lb. braid
• BV-600N Line Capacity: 500 yards/ 65 lb. braid

Additional BV2-600 (and BV2-600N) Two-Speed Features:
• BV2-600/BV2-600N: Super lightweight at 21 ounces
• BV2-600/BV2-600N Gear Ratios: 5:1 high gear, 2.2:1 low gear
• BV2-600/BV2-600N Line Retrieval: 44" per crank (high gear), 19"
per crank (low gear)
• BV2-600 Line Capacity: 425 yards/ 80 lb. braid
• BV2-600N Line Capacity: 500 yards/ 65 lb. braid

BV-600 Single Speed: $499.95
BV-600N Single Speed: $499.95
BV2-600 Two-Speed: $599.95
BV2-600N Two-Speed: $599.95

June 23, 2017

LineOFF Fishing Line Spooler

by Chris Grech

LineOFF is a handy tool for removing fishing line from any type of reel in a quick and efficient manner. This portable line spooler will become one of the most convenient tools in your arsenal and fits neatly in your tackle box or on your boat without taking up much space. The simple yet genius LineOFF design can strip line quickly from small spinning reels to large offshore conventional reels saving you a ton of time.

We all know that keeping fresh line on our reels is one of the best ways to maximize our catch. I have to admit that I get lazy at times and don't do it as often as I should. This handy little tool makes it so quick and easy to change out your line you have no excuse not to do! LineOFF can also be used for just about any material you can think of from monofilament, fluorocarbon and braid to yarn, thread, ribbon, string, even light rope. It's also a convenient way to store line for future use if you plan to re-use it for another application and keeps the line away from oil and dirt during reel maintenance.

To use, simply attach LineOFF to a power drill or electric screwdriver. Slowly activate power tool to begin removing fishing line onto LineOFF so it collects evenly around the center of the joined spools. When you have removed the desired amount of line from the reel remove LineOFF from power tool and your line is ready for convenient storage on LineOFF until you are ready to re-use the line. For complete line removal spin all line off your reel, unscrew and remove the wing nut, slide cone off hex shaft and remove bundled fishing line. Use a twist tie to secure bundled line. Now you can recycle your fishing line at any approved fishing line disposal center.

LineOFF is proudly made in the U.S.A. using quality aluminum, stainless steel and polyacetal resin. This ensures durability and long service life backed up by a Lifetime Guarantee. They are available in both orange and white.

$12.95 - Buy two and get 1 free!
LineOFF Demo on Youtube

May 31, 2017

Wiley X Nash Sunglasses

by Chris Grech

Wiley X®, Inc. has added the new-for-2017 WX Nash to its growing Active Lifestyle Series of sunglasses. With stylish good looks suitable for any occasion, superior visual performance and the state-of-the-art protection that has been Wiley X's calling card for 30 years, these new shades are the perfect companion for men and women with a love the outdoors.

The new WX Nash comes in three frame/lens color combinations to suit a wide variety of outdoor activities. Each model features a rugged, yet lightweight frame that wraps around the wearer's face for excellent coverage and optimal field of view. And each delivers advanced vision protection that goes far beyond the harmful rays of the sun — important for people who love to fish, boat, hunt, hike, mountain bike, kayak, backpack, etc.

The new WX Nash meets stringent ANSI Z87.1 High Velocity and High Mass Impact Safety standards, providing OSHA-grade vision protection for every outdoor adventure. Wiley X is the only premium sunglass manufacturer with this level of protection in every adult style in makes. So it should come as no surprise that Wiley X is a leading provider of protective eyewear to the U.S. military and law enforcement, as well as top NASCAR drivers and world champion bass anglers.

Two of the new WX Nash models offer Wiley X's advanced 8-layer polarization, for superior glare-cutting performance that helps anglers "read" the water and catch more fish. WX Nash #ACNAS09 pairs a Matte Black frame with Polarized Blue Mirror (Green tinted) lenses for excellent visibility and visual contrast, especially in overcast conditions. WX Nash #ACNAS08 also features a Matte Black frame, but is fitted with Polarized Smoke Grey lenses that perform well over a wide range of light conditions. Both of these polarized models are a great choice for not just for fishing, but when kayaking, sailing, driving, cycling, or anytime you're in a harshly lit, highly reflective environment.

There is also a new Black Ops edition WX Nash (Model #ACNAS01) for those that want all-around visual performance and stealthy good looks with Wiley X's advanced protection. This WX Nash pairs an understated Matte Black frame with versatile Smoke Grey tinted lenses.

Like almost all Wiley X sunglass styles, the new WX Nash is Rx-Ready using Wiley X's exclusive DIGIFORCE™ digital Rx lens technology. This technology ensures superior prescription accuracy and unparalleled visual clarity over the widest possible field of vision, making Wiley X shades a great choice for active men and women who need prescription lenses.

I own a couple pairs of Wiley X. I wear them all the time when fishing, driving, riding quads, etc. and highly recommend them. You really do get what you pay for with these sunglasses.

$80 to $130

May 19, 2017

AFTCO Captain Boardshorts

by Chris Grech

The new Captain boardshorts from AFTCO are here just in time for Memorial Day and summertime! These shorts feature a custom Americana themed pattern printed on AFLEX 4-Way stretch fabric. The fabric really does stretch well so if you have your phone and wallet in the shorts the fabric will stretch accordingly and not feel tight. These ultra-lightweight boardshorts also feature AFGUARD stain release so blood and guts won't be an issue. Additional features include AFCOOL quick dry/moisture wicking properties, duel side pockets and a zippered rear pocket. These shorts are great for those days where you will be both in and out of the water, or hopefully fighting a fish that gets you wet. That's always the best to test them out! AFTCO Captain Boardshorts are made of 88% polyester / 12% elastane, 21" outseam/ 9" inseam and a regular fit. They come down to about mid-knee so in my opinion not too long yet not too short.

MSRP $49.00

April 28, 2017

Weego Multipurpose Jump Starters / Battery Chargers

by Chris Grech

This month Weego launched their the full line of versatile, multi-purpose batteries to jump start vehicles in every engine size and for every budget. Guaranteeing peace of mind for moms to mechanics and beginner boaters to professional captains, the new N-Series products are premium-quality tools, fit for anyone at any time.

The N-Series includes four levels of independently lab-tested jump starters that provide the power a vehicle needs to get back on the road or in the water. Several N-Series products come complete with tactical-grade flashlights and also bring phones, tablets, laptops or other accessories back to life via 5V USB, 12V and 19V outputs.

Packed with durable, high-quality components and backed by a crazy-long 18-month warranty, the N-Series line is designed and engineered in the United States at a quality and price point that ensures maximum value. Each product includes ergonomic, patented Smarty Clamps® – jump starter clamps that incorporate sight and sound cues to guide users through the jumping process, making them not only the easiest to use but also the safest.

N-Series Products and Features:

•N66 – Most powerful – for big gas engines up to 10L (diesel up to 5L). Powers phones, tablets and other portable devices, including 12V and 19V electronics; 600-lumen dual LED flashlight; IP65 rated.

•N44 – Most popular – for gas engines up to 7L (diesel up to 3.5L). Powers phones, tablets and other portable devices, including 12V and 19V electronics; 500-lumen dual LED flashlight; IP65 rated.

•N22 – Most efficient – for gas engines up to 5L (diesel up to 2.5L). Powers phones; 250-lumen dual LED flashlight; IP65 rated.

•N22S – Most affordable – for gas engines up to 5L (diesel up to 2.5L).

Unlike competitive jump starters, Weego guarantees products will perform as promised. Amp readings are verified, engine compatibilities are tried and true and lumen specifications are accurate. With no governing agency to verify portable-power product specifications, trust in a brand is critical to ensure safety and Weego is a brand that users can trust.

MSRP $69.99 to $199.99

April 21, 2017

Imtra Professional Grade LED Deck Lights

by Chris Grech

A couple weeks ago IMTRA released the Offshore and PitMaster series LED deck lights engineered and manufactured by Vision X for the recreational and commercial marine markets. The new lights provide superior illumination with durability and reliability that is ideal for boats or anywhere a quality, durable light is needed. These are the real deal.

The new Offshore series LED deck lights are available from 3,300 to over 11,000 effective lumens, while the PitMaster series lights are available in models providing 11,000 to over 22,000 effective lumens. Both series are offered in a selection of beam patterns from narrow beam and extra wide floods, to elliptical patterns for projecting light exactly where it is needed and away from where it is not. IMTRA offers customized engineered solution services with 3D vessel modeling and deck lighting simulation to design a precise coverage map for its customers.

All models are offered in white or black vibration dampened and shockproof anodized 6061 die-cast aluminum housings with an exclusive marine-grade Interpon 810 Polyester TGIC-free powder coating for the highest weatherability under the most extreme conditions. The units also feature a durable impact and UV resistant PCB lens; meet CE, ROHS, and IEC safety standards; and are IP68/IP69K rated for submersion to 3 meters and up to 100 bar high-pressure spray. The PitMaster series also meet UL standards. A patented Prime Drive electronic thermal management system prolongs LED and component life, and prevents LED color shifting, while the isolated copper circuit-board and reverse polarity protection defends installations from short circuits and electrical damage from stray current. The units are designed to produce a consistent lumen output throughout a temperature range of -40 degrees to over 185 degrees Fahrenheit.

Prices Vary

March 21, 2017

Accurate Valiant Conventional Reels

by Chris Grech

Accurate has introduced new BV-500-sized single-speed and two-speed reels to its popular Valiant lever-drag series. Like all Valiant models, the latest additions incorporate design innovations that maximize strength, durability and fish-fighting power, while minimizing reel size and weight. The new Valiant lever drags include BV-500 (6:1 retrieve) and BV-500N (6:1 retrieve, narrow) single-speed reels, as well as new BV2-500 and BV2-500N two-speeds.

Every Valiant model features a compact yet rugged 6061 T6 aircraft-grade aluminum frame, uniquely curved to deliver the structural integrity of a reel twice its size. While the walls are thinner than those of an ordinary lever drag, the Valiant's non-flexing frame and sideplates enable it to withstand more stress. Protected by this tough, corrosion-resistant exterior is Accurate's patented TwinDrag® system, uniquely engineered to provide ultra-smooth, consistent pressure (up to 30 pounds max. drag) for putting the brakes on big, determined game fish. Each BV model also boasts precision-cut stainless steel gears that mesh perfectly together for unsurpassed cranking power, while seven shielded and sealed Class-5 ABEC bearings and one ARB bearing ensure ultra-smooth, reliable operation.

Anglers looking for an unbeatable single-speed lever drag reel can choose between the BV-500 or the BV-500N (narrow version), both featuring a blazing 6:1 gear ratio that rips in 45.05 inches of line with each turn of the handle. The BV-500 holds 500 yards of 50-pound test braided line, while the BV-500N holds 350 yards of 50-pound test braid.

Those in the market for a best-in-class two-speed can opt for Accurate's BV2-500 or the BV2-500N (narrow) model. Both of these new Valiant two-speeds enable you to switch back and forth easily between a high-speed 6:1 retrieve and a winch-like 4:1 gear ratio with the simple touch of a button.

All Valiant BV-500-sized reels feature Accurate's comfortable "power handle," which makes it easy to gain on stubborn fish – even when conditions are wet and slimy. Each model is also equipped with a new easy-find "Cam Stop" feature – a fail-safe that prevents the angler from going too far into full drag during the heat of battle. Instead of having stops at free-spool and strike, these reels have a secure indent in the drag cam that stops the drag lever from going into full.

BV-500 Single Speed - $479.95 MSRP
BV-500N Single Speed - $479.95 MSRP
BV2-500 Two-Speed - $579.95 MSRP
BV2-500N Two-Speed - $579.95 MSRP

March 10, 2017

BAMfluoro™ Fluorocarbon Leaders

by Chris Grech

BAMfluoro™ was born with the goal of outfitting all anglers with high quality line, made right here in the USA, at competitive prices. These fluorocarbon leaders were developed by a chemical engineer who loves fishing and has years of experience in fluoropolymer processing. By nearly matching the refractive index of saltwater, the product is virtually imperceptible to fish and maintains the strength to outperform traditional leader material. Recently launched with 40lb, 80lb and 130lb test products packaged in 100ft lengths, BAMfluoro™ was an instant hit thanks to polymers that offer excellent abrasion resistance and strength along with refraction index from the sun. Basically, the line doesn't chafe and it's essentially invisible in the water.

Due to the tremendous success of these leaders, BAMfluoro™ recently added 50lb and 100lb test fluorocarbon leaders to their product stable. In addition, the company has also tested and will soon be offering 180lb and 200lb test products with additional product research and development in the works currently.

Made in Arizona, BAMfluoro™ Fluorocarbon Leaders helped catch over 100 giant tuna caught in the Outer Banks this past season which is a pretty impressive feat in itself. It's a great new product and they are even offering a 2 for 1 "Going INTO Business Sale" on their website. Check it out!

Use coupon code PV188 for an additional 10% off any purchase!!!

Prices Vary

February 28, 2017

Skillie Fishing Apparel

by Chris Grech

Skillie Fishing Apparel was launched in January of 2017 with the purpose of offering fisherman an alternative to some of the apparel that is currently on the market. They felt that the fishing apparel industry was getting away from its simplistic roots and was becoming too loud and graphic heavy. Skillie held a survey with some good friends that are professional Captains and mates and the conclusion was that they were looking for simple and timeless designs that are also functional.

Skillie is an old slang word for White Marlin used by fisherman of the Northeast (Nantucket, Menemsha, Cape Cod, Rhode Island). The Skillie logo, which illustrates a White Marlin with a lighting bolt in the center, is featured on almost every product they produce. The lighting bolt portion of the logo is a nod to Active-Duty military members and Veterans of America's Armed Services (Founder Mike Lindley is a Marine Corps Combat Veteran).

The first run of products will feature several performance shirts, hats, t-shirts and accessories and they will continuously add more products to the line-up. Their performance shirts and hoodies are UPF 50+, moisture wicking, and anti-microbial. T-shirts are simple and eye catching and the hats are well made and perfect for fishing.

Skillie is hoping to grow and maintain their customer base through pride of product. Essentially they want customers to have an emotional attachment with the Skillie brand and lifestyle. Skillie is looking at different ways to give back to Veterans through various charities and tournaments. Check them out!

January 27, 2017

Evinrude E-TEC G2 Outboard Engines

by Chris Grech

The next generation of outboards from Evinrude have arrived. The new Evinrude E-TEC G2 Outboards are now available in 150 HP, 150 HO, 175 HP and 200 HP models and boast to be the most powerful, fuel efficient and cleanest combustion line of outboards. That adds up to 20% more torque while burning 15% less fuel versus the competition delivering best-in-class torque, best-in-class fuel efficiency and the lowest total emissions.
Additional features of these Evinrude E-TEC G2 Outboards include fully integrated i-Trim, Dynamic Power Steering and a Hydrodynamic SLX gear case to help reduce steering effort while improving handling. This adapts steering resistance and can automatically trim your engine. They not only handle great but look awesome with all types of color combinations available from black and red to camo.
Evinrude fully stands behind their products and right now through March 31st, 2017 they are including a special Boat Show Sales Event 10 Year Warranty. This strongest coverage in the industry is 100% backed by the manufacturer and not sold to third parties. It's also non-declining and fully transferrable. If you're in the market for an outboard, take a good look at Evinrude.

December 29, 2016

Nikon OceanPro Marine Binoculars

by Chris Grech

If you're looking for quality and reliability without breaking the bank, Nikon is one of the best in the business when it comes to optics. The Nikon 7x50 OceanPro CF WP Marine Binoculars follow that mold perfectly.

With the unique demands of a marine environment, the OceanPro binoculars work well with their 7x magnification and built-in illuminated global compass. You don't want to mess around with 12x magnification unless your boat is in flat clam seas. 7x magnification will allow you to quickly locate and identify your target even in rough weather. The built-in compass uses automatic declination in Northern Hemisphere or Southern Hemisphere locations and an integral scale for subject size and distance calculation. Nikon's multicoated eco-glass lenses provide crisp, bright images in an ever changing marine environment. The rubber armored, waterproof, fogproof, polycarbonate body is engineered to the highest standards and built to withstand the toughest of marine conditions.

Other great features of the Nikon OceanPro Marine Binoculars include quick and smooth focus control and long eye relief that combine to offer fast subject acquisition and comfortable viewing with eyeglasses. Also included with the OceanPro is a handy a marine-specific floating nylon lanyard which makes locating and retrieving lost binoculars easy. I've been a big fan of Nikon binoculars, rifle scopes and range finders for many years and you really can't go wrong with their products. Nikon also includes a Lifetime No-Fault Repair/Replacement Policy for Binoculars, Riflescopes and Fieldscopes for additional piece of mind.

$299.95 MSRP

December 23, 2016

ICOM M93D VHF Marine Transceiver

by Chris Grech

There are a ton of great features packed into a small package of the ICOM M93D VHF Marine Transceiver. With power output of 5W, a 1570mAh Li-ion battery and a waterproof rating of IPX7, the unit will work when you need it most with up to 9 hours of battery life on a single charge. The user friendly flat sheet keypad makes navigating Icom's common Marine Family User interface a snap. A large full dot-matric LCD display shows easy to read information, even in direct sunlight. Integrated GPS will keep you safe by providing location, bearing and speed. A handy built-in class D DSC receiver for CH 70 is there if you need to make a distress call. The ICOM M93D also packs in features such as Float'n Flash, AquaQuake and Active Noice Cancelling just to name a few. Makes a great gift for the boater in your life, which includes you!


$350 MSRP

November 30, 2016

AFTCO Horizon Weatherproof Fleece

by Chris Grech

AFTCO, the American Fishing Tackle Company we all know and trust, recently introduced an entirely new outerwear and fleece clothing line. If these new products are anything like AFTCO's awesome gaffs, fighting belts and fishing gloves, I would not think twice about giving them a shot so I recently tested out the new AFTCO Horizon Weatherproof Fleece and I can honestly say that it's the real deal.

The Horizon Weatherproof Fleece‘s 100% polyester knit face softshell is windproof and waterproof (6K) while still being breathable thanks to its 1.5K breathable membrane. Additionally, it's also is treated with a C6 DWR finish. Other features include a comfortable contrast colored soft micro fleece backing, handy bonded poly/lycra chest pocket, laser cut hand pockets, durable YKK reverse nylon coil zippers and reflective AFTCO logos so you'll look good on the boat and in town.

The result is a really light and comfortable jacket that is indeed 100% waterproof. I was out in several downpours and the water just rolls right off and I stayed perfectly dry. When you take it off and hang it up the water will puddle up underneath it just like raingear. The AFTCO Horizon Weatherproof Fleece available in sizes from small to 2XL in charcoal, navy and olive colors. The jacket fits true to size so order the size you would normally wear. It's a quality piece of gear that would make a great holiday gift.

$118.00 MSRP

November 18, 2016

PENN Slammer III Spinning Reels

by Chris Grech

The new PENN Slammer III reels are now being shipped to retailers across the nation, just in time for holiday gift shopping. A favorite among voters at the ICAST 2016 show, the PENN Slammer III won the Best Saltwater Reel award at the annual event. The new PENN Slammer III reels are among the best spinning reels in the market place and are destined to be a favorite among professional and recreational anglers.

The Slammer III features the new IPX6 Sealed System to keep water out of the gear box and drag system in heavy spray and sea conditions. The Slammer III also incorporates the PENN proprietary sealed Dura-Drag system with washers that eliminate hesitation even under extreme drag settings. With the computer-controlled CNC gear technology system, the precision brass main, pinion and oscillation gears are individually machined for exact tolerances to provide the smoothest operation.The full metal body, sideplate and rotor house seven stainless steel bearings for a lifetime of fishing in saltwater conditions.

Eight models of the Slammer III are offered to cover a wide range of inshore, near shore and offshore angling opportunities from the pier, beach or boat. Maximum drags start at 30 pounds in the smaller models to 60 pounds on the largest. The oversized reel handle grip gives the angler added control during the fight.

The 3500 Slammer III is the smallest of the family weighing 13.9 ounces while the 10500 weighs 43.1 ounces.

$249.95 to $349.95 MSRP

October 28, 2016

Hobie Kayak MirageDrive 180 Forward-Reverse System

by Chris Grech

Hobie's bioengineered MirageDrive propulsion system for kayaks was revolutionary in its inception in 1997 and has been evolving ever since. Now comes the biggest evolution – so far. Introducing the patent-pending Hobie MirageDrive 180 forward-reverse propulsion system that will be integrated into all 2017 model year Mirage kayaks.

Weighing in at under eight pounds, the MirageDrive 180 produces full power in both directions and offers unprecedented maneuverability. The user can pull one of two shift cables to direct propulsion 180 degrees almost instantly from forward to reverse and back again.

Imagine the possibilities: backing fish out of cover; safely fishing closer to obstructions; or fishing downstream while holding in current. Hands-free propulsion in any direction means better control: to cast, to present baits, and to concentrate on landing bigger fish. And then pictures can be snapped or cold beverage enjoyed on the way back in without ever stopping.

There are two shifters, one marked in green for forward and a longer one in red for reverse, making them easy to identify. Pulling the appropriate cable pivots both MirageDrive fins 180 degrees, reversing the direction of the power output.

Although the forward-reverse capability is the most noticeable improvement to this new generation of the time-tested MirageDrive, it's not the only significant advancement. The new fins are even more durable, with high strength nylon on the leading and trailing edges. Adjusting fin resistance has also been improved via an easy-access knob. The fin shape, altered to allow the fins to rotate from forward to reverse, provides the same efficient power as past models of ST Fins and ST Turbo fins respectively.

Can the MirageDrive 180 go shallow? Absolutely. Use partial pedal strokes to "flutter" the fins or push one crank arm forward so that both fins automatically fold up flat against the bottom of the hull. This same wing-like action excels for dodging obstacles, shedding weeds and gliding through the water with minimal resistance. It also facilitates landing on the beach or at the boat ramp. The MirageDrive 180 installs in seconds thanks to the Click and Go Mounting System, which also makes removing a snap.

The two shift cables are composed of braided Spectra line connected to high strength, snag-free nylon handles. They tuck into a Bungee retainer when not needed.

The MirageDrive 180 will be standard with all 2017 model year Mirage kayaks, including the legendary Outback and award-winning Pro Anglers. 2017 model year kayaks are slated to begin shipping in October 2016. The MirageDrive 180 is retrofitable to existing MirageDrive kayaks and is expected to be available as a stand-alone accessory by mid-year 2017.

Check out the video links below!

Price : TBD
YOUTUBE - Hobie MirageDrive 180° - Full Power Reverse
YOUTUBE - Hobie Mirage Drive 180

September 23, 2016

Sebile Magic Swimmer and Magic Swimmer Soft

by Chris Grech

The Sebile Magic Swimmer and Magic Swimmer Soft are two of Sebile's most renowned lures and they are back! The second generation Magic Swimmer reflects the vision of a lure that undulates its jointed body and presents a very natural swimming action that attracts saltwater species from coast to coast.

With enhanced features like refined colors, added body detailing and reinforced mesh body, the Magic Swimmer is better than ever. Sebile also improved materials to battle the saltwater conditions by giving anglers stronger hooks and split rings. Its natural swimming action is just too much for sloppy or aggressive gamefish to resist. Available in hard and soft versions, the Magic Swimmer is all about the tapered nose and humpbacked head, which slices through the water to perfectly mimic swimming baitfishes.

The hard version of the Magic Swimmer is available in floating, slow-sinking and fast sinking models. It is equipped with a removable tail double hook plus a finesse worm screw and a treble hook on the belly. The body has been reinforced compared to the original version. Sebile recommends removing the tail double hook when targeting large and powerful fish, as one belly treble hook is enough to hook, fight and land a strong opponent, without the risk of a tail hook damaging the eyes or head of it during the fight.

The Magic Swimmer Soft is as versatile a crankbait as they come. It has a recessed groove in the top of the lure's back that conceals the hook's point. Strategically placed holes in the nose and throat, and slots on the belly and back allow the Magic Swimmer Soft to slide on the leader when the fish is hooked, making it a more durable bait. The 2nd generation Magic Swimmer Soft is now mesh-reinforced, which increases strength and longevity of each bait. Each is sold with the newer 15 degree open wide gap weighted hook, including one pre-rigged weedless bait.

Magic Swimmer - $12.99 to $19.99 MSRP
Magic Swimmer Soft - $9.99 MSRP

August 17, 2016

CST PRO 100 Chummer & Chunker

by Chris Grech

The CST PRO 100 Chummer & Chunker is an innovative new product worth taking a closer look at. Its unique design allows you to chunk or chum at various depths from the top to the bottom of the water column. Thanks to its top loading deign, the CST PRO 100 is easy to fill with just about anything from chunks and chum to live bait like fish or crabs. If you can fit it in the CST, you can get that bait to the exact depth the fish are at! The added controlled distribution gives you the precision to pinpoint specific areas such as wrecks, reefs, structure, drop-offs, etc, regardless of tide, current and other factors that hinder traditional chum pots. I recommend adding additional weighs and/or a chain leader to help get to the desired depth quickly if you fish a lot of fast moving water. Another good idea is a marked main line to enable you to chum the desired depth with even more accuracy. The CST PRO 100 has been tested and proven by both professional and commercial fisherman and is hand made in the USA of the finest stainless steel. Dimensions are 14" high x 6 ¾" wide and weighs in at 4lbs 2 oz.

Video of the CST PRO 100 Chummer & Chunker can be seen at Captain Slaughter's website as well as the additional youtube links below.

CST PRO 100 Video
CST PRO 100 Ad

July 29, 2016

Gear Keeper Micro Retractor Super Zinger with Carabiner Clip

by Chris Grech

Protect your pliers, scissors and more — and keep them at-the-ready with the all-new Gear Keeper Micro Retractor Super Zinger with Carabiner Clip (Model RT5-2106) by Hammerhead Industries. Anglers at this year's ICAST show in Orlando, FL were the first to see the new product, which packs a whole lot of bells and whistles into a tiny package, making it the toughest zinger on the market.

Hardcore anglers can tell you, whether you are standing in waders in waist-high water or balancing on a small boat, in those final moments before landing your fish, there's no time to wonder if you can get to your gear. You need security in knowing you can grab your tools and not worry about where they went after use. Trust the new Gear Keeper Micro Retractor Super Zinger with Carabiner Clip, a solid and reliable mounting system featuring a super strong Spectra line which has a hefty 50-pound break strength. The durable line extends 36 inches to allow full arm extension and retracts beautifully, employing the company's renowned saltwater-proof patented flushing system that works to clear sand and debris from the unit.

The RT5-2106 Micro Retractor Super Zinger locks onto your clothing or just about anything with a carabiner clip, and has a patented Q/C Connector System specifically designed to allow anglers to quickly and easily connect and disconnect their gear. Precision made and built to last, the durable retractor is constructed with stainless steel spring and hardware. As with all the company's products, the retractor is "Hammerhead Tough" and protected with a money-back guarantee. Three Mounting Options include Snap Clip (RT5-2101), Threaded Stud (RT5-2102) and Spring Clip (RT5-2103).

The original Gear Keeper system was engineered specifically for SCUBA diving literally born out of a need to secure items in situations when hands are otherwise occupied. Gear Keeper systems are now available in more than 3,000 configuration options and used in applications from hiking, fishing and hunting to law enforcement, military and trucking.


July 12, 2016

TackleWebs Hook and Loop Cup Holder

by Chris Grech

It's the middle of summer and there comes a time when we need our beverage of choice to be readily available. If you been on the water enough you know that can be a challenge at times. The new TackleWebs Hook and Loop Cup Holder brings an end to plastic folding cup holders that retain water, rot in the sun and crack when they are bumped.

Large enough to hold a 30-ounce tumbler, the Hook and Loop Cup Holder is made from marine-grade, weather-resistant materials and can be easily attached to most flat surfaces and installed in tight spots. The cup holder comes ready to install with easy peel and stick marine-grade hook-and-loop fasteners which eliminate drilling into hulls and the need for back access for through bolts. Just clean the mounting surface, peel off the adhesive cover and press to the mounting surface. Unlike unreliable suction cups that warp and lose their hold within a short period of time, the adhesive on the back of the hook and loop fasteners contains proprietary glue that will adhere securely to almost any surface. The marine-grade glue will last for years even in the harshest, wettest conditions.

Although its primary purpose is to hold cups, the patent-pending design of the TackleWebs Hook and Loop Cup Holder allows water to drain from the cup holder, which makes it ideal for other objects like cell phones, wallets, sunglasses, keys or pliers.

The Hook and Loop Cup Holder weighs less than three ounces and features a compact design that allows it to be installed just about anywhere inside a boat. Whether it is on the side of a center console, inside of a windshield or the underside of a console, the new Hook and Loop Cup Holder from TackleWebs is a great addition to any boat. It even works well attached to your ATV, cooler, favorite chair, or just about anywhere! With a modest price, there is no reason not have multiple cup holders strategically placed in your boat, vehicle or shop. Made in the USA.

TackleWebs also makes a bunch of other great products so check out their site!


May 31, 2016

FLIR Ocean Scout TK

by Chris Grech

FLIR recently announced the FLIR Ocean Scout TK, the marine industry's first sub-$600, pocket-sized thermal vision monocular. Enabled by FLIR's revolutionary low-cost Lepton micro camera core, the Ocean Scout TK is making thermal imaging technology even more accessible to boaters.

The smallest and most affordable model in the FLIR Ocean Scout series, the TK creates high-contrast images using heat, rather than visible light. As a result, the Ocean Scout TK makes it possible to see the differences in temperature and heat emitted by boats, buoys/channel markers, and landmarks such as inlets, jetties and docks in total darkness. It can reveal people that have fallen overboard and marine life breaking the surface of the water up to 130 yards away.

Pocket-sized and designed for one-handed use, the FLIR Ocean Scout TK is designed to withstand rain, wind, and even a drop in shallow water. This latest monocular can also store up to 1,000 JPEG images and four hours of video. The FLIR Ocean Scout TK runs on a rechargeable internal Li-Ion cell battery for 5 hours or more. It's only 4 inches long, weighs 6 ounces and can operate in temps from -4°F to 104°. The Ocean Scout TK is available worldwide through established FLIR dealers.


May 26, 2016

AFTCO Spangled LS Sun Shirt & National Trucker Hat

by Chris Grech

Show your true colors this summer with AFTCO! The American Fishing Tackle Company has been a staple in the tackle industry since 1958. For more than 50 years, the AFTCO name has stood for USA quality and dependability, backed by a family-owned company that ranks among the world's most highly regarded saltwater fishing tackle manufacturers. AFTCO Roller Guides and Roller Tops, Unibutts, Taper Tip Gaffs, Roller Troller Outrigger Clips, Fighting Belts and Harnesses, Fishing Gloves and more, are found on top sport fishing boats worldwide. That long history of dependable products is now reflected in their clothing line specifically designed for anglers.

The AFTCO Spangled LS Sun Shirt keeps you dry, comfortable and cool thanks to it's moisture wicking fabric. This long sleeve sun protection shirt boasts UPF 50 to block 98% of harmful UV rays from the sun. It's constructed of 100% polyester and is available is base colors of white, silver and royal. Each AFTCO Spangled LS Sun Shirt comes with very cool red, white and blue graphics so you can proudly display your love for this great country.

Take your patriotism to the next level with the AFTCO National Trucker Hat. It features a metal AFTCO fish logo badge front and center on this low profile six panel hat. This 100% cotton mesh trucker hat features a low profile crown, fish trim across the crown seal and the icing on the cake is the custom AFTCO snapback enclosure. Oh yeah, it's Red, White and Blue too!

Happy Memorial Day!

Spangled LS Sun Shirt - $35.00
National Trucker Hat - $22.00

April 26, 2016

Wiley X Boss Polarized Venice Gold Mirror Lens Sunglasses

by Chris Grech

The new-for-2016 WX Boss with Matte Black frame and Polarized Venice Gold Mirror lenses is a pair of sunglasses that delivers the whole package for outdoor enthusiasts…stylish good looks, advanced glare-cutting vision and the proven protection that Wiley X is known for around the world.

This powerful combination of features makes this new Climate Control model an ideal choice for boating and fishing, target shooting, or anytime you're outdoors in a highly reflective environment. The WX Boss' wraparound-style Matte Black frame provides full coverage and the perfect counterpart to Wiley X's bold and distinctive Polarized Venice Gold Mirror lenses. With their Amber tint and advanced Filter 8 polarizing technology, these lenses provide superior visual contrast over a wide range of light conditions, for clearer, distortion-free vision with reduced eye fatigue and 100% UVA/UVB Protection with distortion-free clarity. They are especially good for helping anglers read the water and spot fish in the shallows. Wiley X's proven T-Shell lens coating resists scratching in even the most extreme environments, so you can work or play as hard as you want. The Polarized Venice Gold Mirror (Amber) Len s is ideal for sunny conditions, fishing in shallow water and target shooting with a light transmission of 12%. Other lens colors are available for the Boss line including grey and clear.

These "eye-catching" mirrored lenses also deliver 100-percent protection against the sun's damaging rays, but this is just part of the story. The new WX Boss' Shatterproof Selenite Polycarbonate Lenses meet stringent ANSI Z87.1-2010 High Velocity and High Mass Impact Safety standards, as well as US Federal OSHA 1910.133(b)(1)(1) Standards, providing true occupational grade eye protection for active outdoor enthusiasts. Wiley X is the only premium sunglass brand with this level of protection in every adult eyewear style it makes…a key reason why the company is a leading provider of vision protection gear to the U.S. military, law enforcement and other tactical wearers.

Like all Climate Control Series styles, the WX Boss features Wiley X's patented, removable Facial Cavity Seal that blocks out wind, dust and reflected light for clearer vision, enhanced comfort and relief from "dry eye syndrome." In addition, the new WX Boss is also Rx-ready using the company's innovative DIGIFORCE digital Rx lens technology, combining state-of-the-art Wiley X vision protection with superior visual clarity over the widest possible field of vision. Also included is a black zippered clamshell case, T-peg strap, leash cord with rubber temple grips, microfiber fiber cleaning cloth and instruction card.

$150.00 MSRP

March 31, 2016

Weego 12V DC Adapter & OBDII 12V Memory Saver

by Chris Grech

Weego 12V DC Adapter & OBDII 12V Memory Saver

I previous wrote about the Weego Jump Starter Battery+ Bundle. Weego Jump Starters are pocket sized and capable of starting 12V batteries in cars, boats, trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs and more, as well as charging phones, tablets, speakers and laptops. You can find that write up here:

Weego Jump Starter Battery+ Bundle

Weego announced today the release of two new accessories designed to increase the versatility of the Jump Starter Battery+ – the 12V DC Adapter and OBDII 12V Memory Saver – for the Heavy Duty Jump Starter Battery+ (Model: JS12) and Professional Jump Starter Battery+ (Model: JS18).

Weego 12V DC Adapters (Model: JSFSA) allow boaters to bring portable power on board their boat, while at the dock or a campsite, on the trail or road, or even in the wilderness or offshore. The 12V DC Adapter connects Weego jump starters to any 12V DC plug to power a lantern, air compressor, heater, portable radio, portable vacuum and more. It's incredibly easy to use. Boaters simply attach the 12V DC Adapter to the 12V/10A output on the jump starter and the other end to the device's DC plug. The convenient 3.5-inch cord keeps storage space to a minimum and fits in the Weego Jump Starter Battery+ carrying case. While compatible with Weego jump starters, it will provide instant power for any lithium jump starter with a 12V 5.5 mm barrel jack output.

The OBDII 12V Memory Saver (Model: JSOBD) allows users to disconnect a tow vehicle's battery without losing electronic presets such as radio and clock settings, seat positions, alarms, climate control, GPS, and keyless entry codes, to name a few. The OBDII 12V Memory Saver is the perfect tool for shop technicians and the do-it-yourselfer. While compatible with Weego jump starters, Weego OBDII 12V Memory Saver also will provide instant power from any lithium jump starter with a 12V 5.5 mm barrel jack output.

Weego Jump Starter Battery+ is the ideal tool for everyone from moms to mechanics. Eliminating the need for unwieldy jumper cables, bulky jump packs or waiting for a tow, the compact Weego lithium-polymer jump starters fit in a person's pocket and will start engines in cars, trucks, boats, motorcycles, ATVs and more. The Jump Starter Battery+ can also charge phones, tablets and portable speakers. Weego backs each product with a generous 18-month warranty and unparalleled customer support.

12V DC Adapter - $9.99
OBDII 12V Memory Saver - $19.99

March 21, 2016

GoFree HOOKED Fishing App

by Chris Grech

Looking for an easy way to record and share your catches, log your results and have fun challenging your friends? The GoFree HOOKED app is a mobile tracking solution for anglers, with the capability to record and share every fishing trip from a boat and/or shore. GoFree HOOKED automatically saves the time, location and navigation track of each outing. The app features a fast and simple "Catch" functionality to quickly log fish-catch details like photos, size, weight, species and other information. After anglers log a catch, they can quickly inform friends or family by sharing these details via text or social media.

The app also merges GPS navigational data with catch details for a complete picture of every catch, providing a clear picture of catch patterns from the fishing trip. All data is stored on secure GoFree cloud servers for easy access anywhere. This allows users the option to overlay personal catch details as waypoints on their own private layer of the Insight Genesis Social Map, where personal catch details are kept confidential from other GoFree users.

An industry first, the GoFree HOOKED app also delivers a powerful "Compete" feature, so anglers can create their own personal tournaments among friends. Competition guidelines are easy to set up, and are customizable by key tactics, like weight or length and quantity. A record of the competition is saved based on the date, location, tournament name and participants allowing anglers to prove their skills within a defined group.

The GoFree HOOKED app is available now at no charge for iOS mobile devices from the Apple App Store and for Android devices at Google Play. For more information on GoFree please contact 800-324-1356 (toll-free) in the USA or 800-661-3983 (toll-free) in Canada.


February 26, 2016

Hodgman Aesis Sonic WadeLite Jacket

by Chris Grech

Anglers need to be comfortable while on or in the water in order to maintain focus. Introducing the new Hodgman Aesis Sonic WadeLite jacket. These lightweight 3 layer jackets are packed with features that will aid anglers in just about any situation. With weather patterns constantly changing like the wind, the spring lineup from Hodgman utilizes VTecH construction on the Aesis WadeLite jackets. The breathable hydrophilic Vapor Transfer Technology, VTecH, is waterproof, windproof and lightweight, allowing anglers the ability to withstand the heaviest of downpours without missing a cast. This hooded jacket also packs away quite nicely. The extreme lightweight designed WadeLite jacket has a durable three-layer mini rip-stop fabric construction with Sonic 2.0 seams. The Sonic 2.0 technology utilizes a double ultra-sonic weld, reinforced with waterproof seam tape for added strength without the use of thousands of stitch holes in the fabric. This will help keep water on the outside of your jacket, instead of coming in. Perforated laser cut arm vents allow for added ventilation, keeping anglers cool during those warmer than expected afternoons. Also the cuffs seal nicely preventing water from quickly flowing up an angler's sleeve when landing or releasing a fish. The Hodgman Aesis Sonic WadeLite jacket also includes two lower YKK zip hand pockets and a vertical water repellant YKK zip chest pocket.

Click here for video of Hodgman Aesis Sonic WadeLite jacket

$179.95 MSRP

February 11, 2016

Van Staal VR Series Spinning Reels

by Chris Grech

If you're looking for the most dependable, well-engineered spinning reels on the planet, then look no further than Van Staal. For 2016, the company introduced their new completely sealed and waterproof VR Series spinning reels. The most unique feature of the VR is that you can easily convert from a regular spinning reel to bail-less conversion with the included kit. Here is a manual pick-up installation video:

Van Staal VR Series Manual Pick Up Installation

Highlights of the Van Staal VR Series reels includes solid stainless steel center shaft with titanium nitride coating, microclick drag tuning accuracy and a spiral-bevel drive gear and pinion. Other features include a lightweight fully-machined 6061-T6 waterproof aluminum body and sealed waterproof drag system. These unique drag systems are designed with water-tight seals throughout the spool, body and handle assembly for consistent peak performance. So if you hose them down with water a bit too much or happen to submerge the reel while fishing, you won't have to worry about a slipping drag or that dreadful coffee-grinder gear sound! All in all it's a lighter version of other Van Staal reels designed for lighter braid at a lower price point yet is still fully sealed and dunkable. Van Staal VR Series spinning reels have a gear ratio of 4.8:1 and are available in four models:

VR125 - 340 yds./10 lb. mono - 400 yds./20 lb. braid - 15.8 oz. - 31.6" / Turn
VR150 - 360 yds./12 lb. mono - 440 yds./30 lb. braid - 16.0 oz. - 34.2" / Turn
VR175 - 360 yds./15 lb. mono - 530 yds./30 lb. braid - 16.5 oz. - 37.6" / Turn
VR200 - 400 yds./15 lb. mono - 500 yds./40 lb. braid - 17.0 oz. - 40.4" / Turn

$499 - $589

January 18, 2016

Astron Boots by Guy Cotten

by Chris Grech

I've always been a big fan of the Guy Cotten line of foul weather gear. Their Astron Boots are made of tough PVC and are extremely comfortable, light and really keep your feet warm when the mercury drops. The addition of their quick drying foam liner helps keep your feet warm and add another level of comfort. The top rim of the boot has a gasket type of fit to keep water from splashing in. When the weather gets warmer I simply remove the liner which is also replaceable if it gets worn out. I've put many seasons on my pair and they are still going strong. The Guy Cotten Astron boots feature white non-slip, non-scuff soles that won't mark your deck and are available in blue and brown. Sizes available include 6, 7, 8, 9/10, 11/12, 13. From my experiences, I recommend getting one size larger than you normally wear so you can throw on a nice pair of merino wool socks during the colder months. Loose fitting boots will keep your feet warmer versus tight ones because that extra air pocket around your feet is a natural insulator. Comfortable, warm, dry feet allow you to fish longer and harder. Excellent boots that I would highly recommend!

$65 - Boots without liner
$20 - ExtraLiner

December 18, 2015

Lowrance Hook Series Fishfinders

by Chris Grech

Lowrance recently announced the release of the HOOK series of fishfinders, as well as fishfinder/chartplotter models, which feature proven navigation and fishfinding technology, along with everyday prices that provide anglers with incredible value.

Available in 4-, 5-, 7- and 9-inch screen sizes, all Lowrance HOOK models feature CHIRP Sonar, which provides improved target identification at greater depths, a clearer display with less interference and enhanced target separation, so angers can more easily distinguish baitfish from game fish. DownScan Imaging is also available on most models to give anglers a clear, photo-like view of the fish-holding structure beneath the boat.

All HOOK models combine these cutting-edge fishfinding capabilities with a bright, daylight viewable, backlit color LED display. Packed with Lowrance exclusives like Advanced Signal Processing (ASP) for excellent target separation and superior noise rejection, HOOK helps anglers more easily identify baitfish and gamefish targets. Controlled with an easy-to-use interface, the convenient page selector menu allows quick access with one-thumb operation.

All HOOK fishfinder/chartplotter models feature a highly accurate, built-in GPS antenna that displays position on a detailed U.S. basemap, with more than 3,000 lakes and rivers and detailed coastal contours to 1,000 feet. Optional Americas chart upgrades include Lake Insight or Nautic Insight PRO and HD, Navionics HotMaps Premium and Fishing Hotspots PRO. Global chart upgrade options include Navionics and Jeppesen C-MAP MAX-N. HOOK is also compatible with the Insight Genesis map-creation service, which allows users to make custom, high-resolution contour maps from recorded sonar logs, with bottom-hardness and vegetation overlays, as well as Insight Genesis Social Map community chart sharing.

HOOK 4- and 5-inch models are also available in Ice Machine versions and can be purchased as a combo unit or standalone-fishfinder. The Ice Machine bundles are packed with a custom, weighted, ice-fishing transducer and unique float system along with a weatherproof, soft-sided pack featuring easy-to-find, front- and rear-zipped access, an adjustable display platform for easy viewing and two StowAway utility boxes.

Protected by the Lowrance Advantage Service program, the HOOK Series fishfinders/chartplotters can be purchased from authorized Lowrance dealers and distributors throughout the United States and Canada and are priced as follows:

Hook-4x – 4-inch Fishfinder - $199
Hook-4x – 4-inch Fishfinder Ice Machine - $299
Hook-4 – 4-inch Fishfinder/Chartplotter - $299
Hook-4 – 4-inch Fishfinder/Chartplotter Ice Machine - $349
Hook-5x – 5-inch Fishfinder - $299
Hook-5 – 5-inch Fishfinder/Chartplotter - $399
Hook-5 – 5-inch Fishfinder/Chartplotter Ice Machine - $499
Hook-7x – 7-inch Fishfinder - $399
Hook-7 – 7-inch Fishfinder/Chartplotter - $499
Hook-9 – 9-inch Fishfinder/Chartplotter - $999

November 30, 2015

PENN Clash Spinning Reel

by Chris Grech

The new PENN Clash Spinning Reel is an ideal choice reel for quality without breaking the bank. These new for 2015 reels feature a full metal body to eliminate twisting caused by high drag pressure and are stuffed with CNC Gear Technology. When compared to cast gearing that is used in many other reels, the CNC process is superior with benefits including both strength and precision. These Dura-Gears offer a more long lasting and dependable gear, plain and simple. The PENN Clash also features 9 sealed stainless steel ball bearings for silky smooth operation along with a heavy-duty aluminum bail wire, instant anti-reverse and HT-100 carbon fiber drag washers to slow down hard running gamefish. Another feature is the Leveline Oscillation which utilizes slow movement for precise line management. A braid ready spool with line capacity rings rounds out this slick package. The PENN Clash is available in 7 models ranging from the 8.2 ounce CLA2000 that has a braid capacity of 210/8, 180/10, 165/15 to the beefy CLA8000 which weighs 27.2 ounces and has a braid capacity of 465/50, 390/65, 345/80. The CLA8000 boasts a whopping 30lbs of max drag and a 4.7:1 gear ratio. The PENN Clash would make a nice holiday gift for that special angler in your life (that includes yourself).

$179.95 to $259.95 MSRP

September 30, 2015

Weego Jump Starter Battery+ Bundle

by Chris Grech

Looking to pick up n early holiday gift for someone you know or maybe for yourself? The Weego Jump Starter Battery+ bundled with a free Weego smartphone charger is coming and it makes a great gift for anyone.

Weego is pocket sized and capable of starting 12V batteries in cars, boats, trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs and more, as well as charging phones, tablets, speakers and laptops. Incredibly easy to use, each Weego model includes jumper cables that can be attached to the terminals of a dead battery. Easy-to-follow instructions are printed on the back of each Weego for quick reference. To start an engine, simply connect the clamps to the battery terminals, attach the cable to the Jump Starter Battery+, turn the power on and start the engine. A built-in LED flashlight assists in low-light situations and a strobe with SOS function (on the two larger capacity models) draws roadside or on-the-water attention if needed. A 3-in-1 USB charging cord, 8 popular-brand laptop connectors, wall and car chargers, and a carrying case are included.

Weego Jump Starters are offered in three sizes. The JS6 Standard is capable of starting gas engines up to 4.6L and diesel engines up to 2.4L; the JS12 Heavy Duty model can easily start gas engines up to 6.4L and diesel engines up to 3.2L, and the JS18 Professional can start gas engines up to 9.6L and up to 4.8L diesels. Weego features built-in circuitry protection, an auto-off feature and jumper cables with both a fuse and diode to ensure user safety, as well as protection for the unit. Weego jump starters offer up to 1,000 charging cycles (a full charge plus full discharge), have an operating temperature from -4 to 140-degrees Fahrenheit (-20 to 60-degrees Celsius), are independently lab tested, and are backed by a "crazy-long" 18-month warranty from a company that's been in business for over 50 years.

Weego's high-quality components and durable construction guarantee long-lasting performance too. Lithium-polymer batteries only lose up to 2% of their charge per month when stored, so it's possible to leave Jump Starter Battery+ in your vehicle for a year or more and still have enough power to start the engine during the 2016 holidays!
Weego sweetens the holiday offer by bundling the Heavy Duty JS12 Jump Starter Battery+ with a free Weego Battery Pack – a $19.99 suggested retail value. The compact Weego Battery Pack is the lightest and easiest way to keep a smartphone charged, perfect for pocket or purse throughout a dawn-to-dusk shopping spree. At just under 3 ounces and about the size of a pack of gum, the rechargeable battery pack provides up to 1.5 times more smartphone charges. Quality Samsung SDI lithium-ion battery cells used in the Weego Battery Pack provide 500 charging cycles.

$129.99 for the holiday bundle available October 15, 2015

August 05, 2015

Stainless Steel Weber Grill Parts

by Chris Grech

We're in the middle of summer and it's time to talk about grilling. I enjoy grilling year round but it's the most fun in summer since that's when the most people show up! I've always been a big fan of Weber gas grills for their legendary durability, consistent cooking temperatures and availability of replacement parts when needed.

My old two-burner Weber Genesis Silver needed some love about 5 years ago. At that time the grill had already taken 10 years of heavy use without ever having to replace or fix anything. At that time two of my five flavorizer bars, the V-shaped bars that sit between the burners and the cooking grates, started to fall apart. I did some research and found that Weber sells the same porcelain-enameled bars that came with the grill for $45 as well as an upgrade to stainless steel bars for $70. Naturally I wanted to upgrade to stainless so I did a little more research.

I found a seller on eBay named Rcplanebuyer. He sells stainless steel flavorizer bars that fit my grill for $35. Half the price? What's the catch? There is none. The guy is a professional sheet metal fabricator with over twenty years of experience. The only difference between these and the genuine Weber parts is that the Weber parts are made of a slightly thinner gauge of material, 18ga (.045"), while Rcplanebuyer's are made of 16ga (.062"). That works out to 37% more material. This thicker gauge will hold heat better and last even longer than the Weber parts. I purchased Rcplanebuyer's SS bars and have been extremely happy. They are still going strong after 5 years of hard use and show no signs of deterioration.

My original grilling grates were also starting to warp and fall apart. They unfortunately were not the more robust cast iron grates that come with some higher end Weber grills. Instead they were the stamped ones that could not handle the long term abuse. I contacted Rcplanebuyer on eBay and he makes a set of stainless steel grates for my grill as well. Talk about heavy duty, they are high quality 3/8" type 304 stainless steel rods. They are simple to maintain, hold a lot of heat for perfect searing and show no signs of warping or chipping. I am pretty sure that they will outlive me.

I recently got my hands on a used 15 year-old three-burner Weber Genesis Gold that I fully stripped and rebuilt. Naturally I contacted Rcplanebuyer and he had the right stainless steel bars and grates for my application. They have been working flawlessly since I put them in my grill this year.

Yes, I still have my original two-burner grill. Yes, I have two grills now. Yes, I grill a lot of meat.

Rcplanebuyer has about 30 items in production. He makes stainless steel flavorizer bars and grilling grates for most of the Weber Genesis Grills, some of the Weber Summits and a few of the more popular non-Weber models of grills. If you are serious about grilling and need some parts, I would strongly recommend looking him up. If you need something simply asks if he makes it.

Prices vary
eBay user name Rcplanebuyer

July 15, 2015

PENN Tools

by Chris Grech

PENN now offers a variety of spring loaded pliers designed for a wide range of applications. 304 and 420 stainless steel wrapped in a titanium black nickel coating gives these tools the maximum level of hardness, durability and corrosive resistance. Each tool passed PENN's extreme 168-hour saltwater and acid tests while the handles are non-slip and ergonomically shaped for comfort.

The 7-inch wire cutters have sturdy, sharp jaws to cut through stainless steel single-strand wire cable up to 0.84 inches thick. This is a great companion to the 10-inch leader crimpers that can handle sleeves up to 0.08 inches in diameter.

The all-around use Bull-Nose pliers from PENN come in two sizes: 6.5- and 8-inch overall lengths with plenty of torque strength. Each is equipped with side-mounted cutting jaws that feature replaceable blades.

The 6.5-inch Parallel Plier is the ideal offshore plier for cutting wire, monofilament and hooks. The design produces extreme pressure on the jaws for heavy work, while the bypass cutters actually cut instead of pinch.

Never let a hook lodged deep in the fish's mouth be a problem. Save the hook and the fish with PENN's 13-inch Hook Extractor designed for inshore use. This elongated tool allows anglers to delve deep into the mouths of small as well as large fish to retrieve hooks or lures. Squeeze the pistol-grip handle and the tip clamps down for a secure hold.

A durable holster accompanies each of these tools.

$24.99 to $49.99 MSRP

June 17, 2015

AFTCO Samurai Long Sleeve Sun Shirt

by Chris Grech

Serious anglers trust AFTCO when it comes to rod parts, gaffs and gloves. The same great company also makes an excellent line of fishing clothing as well. With summer really heating up check out the AFTCO Samurai Long Sleeve Sun Shirt. This performance oriented clothing line blocks 98% of the suns UV rays to protect you when you're out on the water. The 100% polyester construction is a highly breathable, moisture wicking stretch fabric that keeps you dry and comfortable when the mercury rises. In addition, the AFCO Fish logo on the chest and the left arm will help you look good while you out fish the others. Available in a long sleeve as well as a hooded long sleeve version, the AFCO Samurai Long Sleeve Sun Shirts are available in silver, royal, sky charcoal and white. AFTCO offers fishing shorts, t-shirts, accessories as well as other products.

$35 to $40

May 30, 2015

PowerPro Maxcuatro Line

by Chris Grech

The folks at PowerPro recently unveiled their newest creation. As we all know braided lines have revolutionized fishing over the past 10 to 15 years and PowerPro continues to be one of the worldwide industry leaders. Maxcuatro is their latest offering that uses state-of-the-art Spectra fiber technology. The result is a brand new braided line that is an amazing 25% thinner than regular PowerPro with equivalent pound test. For example, regular PowerPro Braid in 50lb test is equivalent to 12lb monofilament line. The new Maxcuatro in 50lb test will be the equivalent of 9lb mono. On the other end of the spectrum, 100lb test Maxcuatro is the diameter of 15lb mono. Those numbers alone are truly amazing. Maxcuatro's 4-end construction is made up of the newest Honeywell Spectra HT fibers which maximize casting distance as well as the reel's line capacity. This no-stretch sensitive braid is available in 50lb, 65lb, 80lb and 100lb test in spool sizes of 150yds, 500yds, 1500yds and 3000yds. Moss-Green is the go to color but Hi-Vis Yellow is also offered for applications where line visibility is required. The future is now.

$25.99 and up

April 26, 2015

DVX Vista Polarized Sunglasses

by Chris Grech

Providing top quality shades at an affordable price, the DVX Vista is now available with Polarized Green Mirror Lenses providing anglers with occupational grade eye protection and sharp, crystal clear vision in a wide range of conditions. The key to these stylish shades' performance is advanced polarized lenses combining a versatile Amber tint with an emerald green multi-coat mirror surface. Together, this design amplifies color contrast and provides crisp, high-definition visual acuity in a wide range of environments. These lenses provide 100% protection against the sun's damaging rays, while advanced 8-layer polarization eliminates distracting glare. This combination makes these glasses ideal for wear in any highly reflective environment, such as fishing, boating and driving.

These high-performance lenses are complemented by the DVX Vista's distinctive Gloss Black frame. This lightweight half-frame design delivers unobstructed vision and a comfortable, secure fit during a wide range activities, thanks in part to its adjustable nose bridge and temple tips. Like all DVX Sun + Safety Eyewear models, the polarized DVX Vista is engineered to provide OSHA-grade vision protection. These glasses meet stringent ANSI-Z87 High Velocity and High Mass Impact standards, for protection against a wide range of dangers encountered on the job, on the road or in the great outdoors. All DVX frames are fashioned from virtually indestructible DuPont Hytrel thermoplastic polyester elastomer, a lightweight material that combines the flexibility of rubbers, the strength of plastics and the formulation of thermoplastics.

The full line of DVX eyewear is available in approximately 2,800 Walmart Vision Centers nationwide.


February 27, 2015

Fenwick Methods & Eagle Travel Rods

by Chris Grech

I have owned a several travel rods in the past but the quality was always lacking. Enter the Fenwick Methods Travel Rod. Methods pack rods are just the ticket for the avid traveling angler. All Methods rods feature five interchangeable pieces in the included hard travel case which allows anglers to prepare for multiple situations and still pack light. The 5 pieces include 1 handle section, 2 mid sections of different powers and 2 rod tips of different rod action. The end result is a 3 piece rod that can be configured in 4 different combinations such as:

Medium power w/ Fast action
Medium power w/ Moderate Fast action
Medium Heavy power w/ Fast action
Medium Heavy power w/ Moderate Fast action

This revolutionary travel rod design features a TAC handle that provides increased grip in all fishing conditions. It's also more durable than cork and provides enhanced grip when wet. Other highlights of Fenwick Methods rods include Duel Power Blanks, Stainless Steel Guides, Spigot Ferrule and 5 year limited warranty. Spinning and casting models are available in sizes of 6'6", 6'8", 7' and 7'4".

If you're on a tighter budget, another great option is the Fenwick Eagle Travel Rod. This series represents Fenwick's rich heritage as a premiere rod builder featuring their most classic, time tested and proven actions for all species. The Fenwick Eagle series continues to improve connecting tradition with modern components and lightweight comfortable designs. Features include a B2 Burled Cork design that provides the feel of traditional cork, but is more chip resistant and durable. Stainless Steel Guides with stainless steel inserts are lightweight, strong, and corrosion resistant while the Classic Fenwick Actions are time tested and proven from the original graphite rod company. Models are either 3 or 4 pieces and are available in sizes of 6', 6'6", 7', 8'6". 5 year limited warranty and travel case included.

Both rods would make excellent choices for the traveling angler. They are also perfect for leaving in the trunk of your car matched to a dependable reel just in case there's a hot bite or if you decide to take some "extra time off" on your lunch break.

Fenwick Methods $149.95
Fenwick Eagle $69.95 - $89.95

January 29, 2015

Durabrite LED Lights

by Chris Grech

The marine world is way overdue for a light this over built and this reliable.

DuraBrite Lights have been leading the electronics industry for over 40 years. Their primary focus has been producing specialized lights for the military, mining and construction industries. These jobs demand nothing but the most reliable, powerful and efficient lights on the market. DuraBrite recently has seen the demand for quality LED lights in marine applications. Sport fishing, commercial fishing, ferries and the US Coast Guard have greatly benefited from these extremely bright lights that feature low power consumption.

DuraBrite Lights have many advantages over the competition including the best lumens to weight ratio on the market. They lead the industry in lumens per watt, lumens per pound and total lumens delivered. Pushing 50,000 lumens these lights are by far the brightest and most reliable LED lights on the market. Examples include the SLM35 which outputs 35,000 lumens at 300 watts and the SLM50 which outputs 50,000 lumens at 430 watts.

In addition, these products are also subjected to extremely cold and hot temperatures of -55 to 160F cycles for 12 hours straight. No place in the world can subject a product to those torturous temperature changes in such a short amount of time so you can rest assured that you won't have any issues. Currently DuraBrite has had lights on for 7 years straight in extreme heat and freezing conditions with zero issues. They are also placed on a rumble table to ensure no loose components are present and that the lights can handle extreme vibrations. DuraBrite Lights are not only 100% waterproof but actually work underwater in 3 feet or less.

There will be no mistaking your boat in the fleet with DuraBrite Lights. No more blown bulbs and no more serious power draw; just the brightest and coolest to the touch lights in the marketplace. The flood and spotlights offered can help you navigate through the darkness with ease as well all raise baitfish at night.

Commercial applications such as boat yards, marinas and fish docks will benefit from 80% less power consumption. Replacing ten halogen lights with one DuraBrite LED will pay for themselves in two years. State and Government agencies are also giving tax credits of up to $250 per fixture for commercial applications so it pays to do a little research.

Based in the USA, DuraBrite uses only components that are manufactured in the US. No parts are shipped from overseas which provides the consumer with a top of the line product. The company also goes through extensive testing prior to shipping all lights. Both 24 and 48 volt applications are available as well as AC voltage from 90 to 480 volts. Last but not least, DuraBrite offers a 5 year warranty.

If anyone is interested please e-mail Paul at for more information or to place orders.

Use promo code marineLED and receive free shipping and mounting bracket (over $100 value).

December 10, 2014

Berkley Gulp! and Gulp! Alive! DoubleTails

by Chris Grech

The Gulp! and Gulp! Alive! DoubleTails have double the action to entice your favorite gamefish. These new offerings from Berkley combine the shapes of their Swimming Mullets and Minnow Grubs. Serrated fish scale patterns line the body of the bait for a more realistic look and the high-definition cut eyes give the DoubleTails the look of real baitfish. Available in 3 and 4-inch sizes, the twin tails move erratically regardless of your retrieval speed. Berkley DoubleTails can easily be fished in a variety of ways and are available in a total of 20 colors to match the hatch. Makes a great bait to have on hand at all times, no matter what your fishing for.

$5.99 - $9.95

October 30, 2014

FIN-NOR Lethal 2-Speed Lever-Drag Reels

by Chris Grech

The new FIN-NOR Lethal 2-speed Lever-drag reels feature an oversized stainless drive gear and pinion, a more powerful Megadrag construction and Megashield ­corrosion ­protection. The exclusive Megadrag system combines ­carbon-fiber and stainless-steel drag plates, with Cal's Grease for ­heat-dissipating ­performance. ­Durability is assured with the ­corrosion resistance of the ­Megashield coating. The sealed ­Megalock clutch provides robust anti-reverse with backup. The Lethal is available in three sizes which are the LTL16, LTL20 and LTL30. These conventional reels come in both single and two-speed which allows downshifting to 3.0:1 for extra ­pulling power in ­addition to 6.1:1 or 6.2:1 ratios for fast line pickup. Overall the FIN-NOR Lethal 2-speed Lever-drag reels are a great value.

$199 and up

September 03, 2014

Hogy Heavy Minnow Jigs

by Chris Grech

Hogy Heavy Minnow Jigs will catch just about anything that swims, especially in deeper water. They can be cast and retrieved or simply jigged vertically. The combination of their durable though wired construction, stainless split ring and quality 4X VMC treble hook will handle big fish with ease. There is no need to change hooks with Hogy Heavy Minnow Jigs, they come ready to fish right out of the package. The jigs also feature a balanced lead core for superior casting distance and an HD holographic baitfish finish with epoxy coating. Hogy Heavy Minnow Jigs are available in black, silver and olive in 1 1/4 oz 2 1/2 inch and 3.5 oz 4 inch sizes. These work great in the right situation and are a nice addition to your tackle box...if you have not tried them are worth a shot.

$7.95 - $8.95

July 28, 2014

PENN Battle II Spinning Reel

by Chris Grech

The PENN Battle II has been awarded the Best Saltwater Reel Award at the 2014 ICAST show in Orlando, Fla. The popularity of the PENN Battle spinning reel family continues to grow as anglers recognize the durability and fishability found in this finely crafted reel. Inspired by design innovations made possible through new technology, PENN introduces the improved Battle II.

Included in the improvements is line management. PENN added line capacity rings to let the angler know when the spool is properly filled. This ensures that the casts are not subject to excess line stripping from the spool, resulting in improved castability. The Battle II also has enhanced corrosion resistance due to the improvements of using five sealed bearings and one anti-reverse bearing. The reel incorporates keyed carbon fiber washers in the HT-100 drag system that utilizes both sides of the drag washers and increases maximum drag by 15 to 50 percent. Many original Battle features remain in the Battle II, including the full metal body, sideplate and rotor; instant anti-reverse, heavy-duty aluminum bail wire and superline spool.

Eight Battle II spinning reels are offered in 1000 to 8000 sizes. New to the lineup is the 2500 size designed for inshore/light braid applications. Nine Battle II spinning combos are also available for inshore, near shore, boat and surf applications. Each rod is paired and balanced with a Battle II reel and range from 6 feet, 6 inches to 10 feet long in actions from medium-light to heavy. Battle II combo rods include a (inshore) or EVA grip. All Battle II products will be available in September of 2014.

Battle II reels $99.95 to $129.95 MSRP
Combos $129.95 to $159.95 MSRP

June 27, 2014

Canyon Coolers 50-quart Outfitter

by Chris Grech

Ever dream of a cooler that can hold ice for up to 14 days? The Canyon Coolers 50-quart Outfitter is built brutally strong featuring a premium polyethylene RotoMolded shell filled with Huntsman High Density PU foam, made in the USA. This virtually indestructible shell has been known to stand strong while bench-pressing a 7,000lb truck, so it's certainly strong enough to take on anything the toughest conditions or any angler can dish out. A solid neoprene gasket ensures a tight, virtually leak-proof seal to trap the cold air in and keep warm air and moisture out. All are key factors to successfully achieving the cooler's impressive ice retention, which has proven to go for weeks (not days, like competitors). To further ensure positive closure when pounding through the waves, Canyon Coolers included an integrated bullet-proof hinge and 100% recessed cam latches which also prevent snagging against other gear as well as your body parts. Tie down areas are also built in for rough water days and there are even built in locking holes for added security. An all-around versatile cooler, the Canyon Coolers 50-quart Outfitter is the perfect size. It fits nicely on just about any sized boat yet it weighs only 25 pounds, so it can be easily transported by one person and is still large enough to pack in up to 56 cans of your favorite beverage (ideally 46 cans + ice). In fact, Canyon Coolers are true to list size. This means that a Canyon Cooler 50-quart ice chest actually holds a full 50 quarts, unlike competitors. Additional features include high-quality construction, large non-skid rubber feet, molded handgrips, heavy-duty rope handles, square corners and a no-lose drain plug. Marine and UV rated covers as well as cushions to convert the cooler into a seat are also available. The Canyon Coolers 50-quart Outfitter comes in white, sandstone, orange and pink for the ladies. On top of all these impressive features, these coolers will not stain or absorb odor and are protected by a four-year warranty on the Outfitter 50. Dimensions are: Front Wall: 2.2" thick, Back Wall: 1.8 " thick, Side Walls: 1.87" – 2.75" thick, Lid: 2.25" thick, Floor: 1.5" - 2" thick.


May 28, 2014

NavPlay App

by Chris Grech

NavPlay recently released their new iPad-based navigation app, allowing anglers to plan routes, share their trips through social media, and more with the swipe of a finger. A complete, easy-to-use navigation app for iPads, NavPlay allows boaters to plan routes and navigate on C-Map by Jeppesen charts and satellite imagery. The innovative product provides access to a wealth of WiFi-networked vessel information and control such as instruments readings, weather forecasts, autopilot operation, alarms, and AIS details for collision avoidance, to name a few. A powerful and robust vessel control application, NavPlay provides the tools needed to manage many aspects of boating and serves as a vehicle for boaters to share details right from their iPad. Designed for sail and motor driven boats from 24 to 55 feet, NavPlay allows users to plan and design routes in advance of excursions with the innovative Draw Route feature; simply swiping a finger on the iPad screen automatically creates a full route complete with waypoints. Routes can be quickly and easily modified, and saved for future trips. NavPlay also automatically downloads Jeppesen weather forecast data to aid in route planning. While underway, the app gives boaters full control from an iPad. Easy-to-read navigation charts display a boat's position and customizable gauges provide real-time data in analog or digital formats in a choice of high-contrast and low-light screens. One of the few apps on the market that allow for full autopilot control, NavPlay automatically sends commands to a vessel's autopilot to maintain course, plus a virtual pilot knob allows boaters to change direction and path manually. NavPlay also allows boaters to quickly create customized bridges that display the data they need in the format they want for any boating situation. There is virtually no limit to the number of custom screens that can be saved and the app can be used in both portrait and landscape orientations to maximize configuration preferences. NavPlay is compatible with Apple iPad2, iPad3, iPad4, iPad mini and iPad Air models with WiFi running iOS 6.0 or greater. C-Map by Jeppesen C-Map charts are not included. User may purchase charts from NavPlay using the Jeppesen Marine tool located in the Service section of the NavPlay app or directly from the App store. NavPlay includes a worldwide vector background map to ensure usability when users do not have add-on mapping. Satellite images are only available while connected to the Internet.


April 22, 2014

Simrad ForwardScan Sonar

by Chris Grech

Simrad recently announced its new ForwardScan forward-looking echosounder transducer. What makes this different than traditional sonar showing boaters only where they have been, the new technology provides a clear image on a Simrad multifunction display of the water column and ocean floor in front of the boat. This enables Captains to be alerted of potential dangers while offering complete navigation confidence and added peace of mind in unfamiliar waters. The Simrad ForwardScan transducer can be fitted on almost any kind of vessel allowing boaters to see what obstruction may be approaching. With an effective range of eight times the actual depth and a built-in user configurable shallow depth alarm, Simrad ForwardScan integrates seamlessly with other collision avoiding technologies including Broadband Radar and ensures Captains avoid costly navigation mistakes. The advanced sounder technology is compatible with the SonarHub sounder module, and Simrad NSS evo2 and NSO evo2 series navigation systems. ForwardScan images can also be viewed on a smart phone and viewed and operated from a tablet on vessels equipped with the Simrad GoFree WiFi solution.The Simrad ForwardScan sonar has a two-year limited parts and labor warranty and is protected by the Simrad Advantage Service Program.


March 28, 2014

Chef’s Cut Real Jerky

by Chris Grech

I think it's safe to say that everybody loves beef jerky. I sure do. If you're like me and looking for something new that delivers a top quality product, great taste and selection, look no further than Chef's Cut Real Jerky. This is not the usual tough to chew stuff; this jerky is made from hand-cut premium steak. They currently have four delicious flavors including Original Recipe Steak Jerky, Chipotle Cracked Pepper Steak Jerky, Original Recipe Turkey Jerky and Roasted Red Chile Chicken Jerky. My mouth is watering as I type this…just one try and you will understand. Chef's Cut Real Jerky is a relatively new product and is curreny sold in 2.5oz packages online. The company also starting to get the ball rolling in several retail markets around the US, including NYC, LA, San Diego, San Francisco, Boston and Seattle. You will soon see Chef's Cut Real Jerky more and more, I guarantee it. The only negative about Chef's Cut Real Jerky is that once the bag is open it does not last very long at all!


February 09, 2014

Screen Bright Smartphone Sanitizer Wipes

by Chris Grech

Screen Bright Smartphone Sanitizer Wipes are a great new product that I recently discovered. The wipes are lint free and can be used to clean virtually all electronic devices. They are also very fast drying and sanitize the surface to remove fingerprints, dirt, grease, grime, germs, bacteria and viruses. Screen Bright can be used to clean a large variety of items including smartphones, cell phones, tablets, MP3 players, eReaders, laptops, cameras, portable video games, eye glasses, binoculars, rifle scopes, GPS screens, etc. If you are an angler, boater or hunter, you will find a ton of uses for these wipes. This great product finally puts an end to saltwater spray causing havoc on the lenses of your sunglasses! Each Screen Bright wipe measures 15 x 20 cm and are sold in resealable packs of 12. They are easy to store in your car's glove box, on the boat, in your tackle box or anywhere you might need them. The price is reasonable so give them a shot. If you like them stock up so you'll always have some when you need them most.


January 07, 2014

Grand Slam Fluorocarbon Coated Line

by Chris Grech

The new Grand Slam Fluorocarbon Coated fishing line is an extra strong, 100% copolymer with a Fuorocarbon outer coating. The line is virtually invisible and can be used in any water conditions but is ideal when stealth is required. It's a top choice when visibility is a concern, such as fishing in clear shallow waters or in top water. Made from the highest quality copolymer, Grand Slam Fluorocarbon Coated is extremely supple and easy to cast using bait casting and spinning reels. The line is ultra manageable, easy to knot and delivers high knot strength and abrasion resistance. It's available in 300-yard filler spools and larger 1-pound spools from 4 to 20-pound test.

$9.99 for 300-yards
$59.99 for 1-pound spool

December 17, 2013

B&G V50 VHF & H50 Wireless Handset

by Chris Grech

Class D compliant for global use, the new B&G V50 VHF offers an integrated dual channel AIS receiver, allowing AIS reception and VHF use via just one antenna. In areas such as busy shipping lanes or bustling harbors, the V50 gives captains the ability to see, hear and be heard for increased safety. Plug and play compatible with Zeus Touch, the B&G V50 will display other vessels' distress calls on the chartplotter screen. The V50 AIS/VHF radio has dedicated weather, menu and channel keys, separate volume and squelch knobs, and a Distress button, an ergonomic fist microphone, selectable Dual and TriWatch modes and a large internal speaker for clear audio. Waterproof to the JIS-7 standard, the V50's additional features include the ability store up to 20 contacts with MMSI details directly onto the VHF and TrackYourBuddy™, which connects VHF DSC position polling with the Zeus and Zeus Touch to show the location of up to three captains on the chart display. Designed as a powerful and compact handheld solution, the innovative H50 remote handset is the perfect companion for the V50. Waterproof to the IPx7 standard, the H50 is energy efficient and always ready to use. The unit has an 8-hour battery life and charges wirelessly via a unique induction plate on the back of the device. The B&G H50 has an impressive range from the VHF base and can act as an intercom between another H50 unit or the V50 base station for seamless crew to navigator communication. Perfect for hands-free use the H50 also has a headphone jack and a belt clip.

V50 - $399
H50 Handset - $169

December 03, 2013

Wiley X WX Rush Sunglasses

by Chris Grech

As a member of Wiley X's popular Active Series, the WX Rush features a wraparound-style frame with a soft rubber nose pad and temple grips for a comfortable, secure fit, even when the fishing action gets hot and heavy. The WX Rush is ideal for casual anglers and weekend warriors alike, matching a Gloss Black frame with Polarized Blue Mirror Lenses. These lenses feature Wiley X's proven Filter 8™ polarizing technology that eliminates glare and helps fishermen see underwater structure, schools of bait and suspended fish. Wiley X's versatile Green lens base tint is effective under a wide range of light conditions, especially those found in fishing environments. Anglers need protection, as well, and Wiley X has built its reputation by delivering this in some of the most challenging conditions on Earth. Not only do Wiley X glasses protect angler's eyes against the harmful rays of the sun, they provide state of-the-art protection against a wide range of hazards encountered on the water. Every day, anglers face danger from flying lures and airborne debris, whether they're fishing or racing across the water to the next spot. Every pair of Wiley X sunglasses meets stringent ANSI Z87.1 High Velocity and High Mass Impact Safety standards, providing OSHA-grade protection for anglers, every time they hit the water. Wiley X is the only premium sunglass brand with this level of vision protection in every pair of glasses it makes. This proven protection is a key reason why Wiley X has long been a leading provider of protective eyewear to the U.S. military, law enforcement and other tactical users. Like many Wiley X sunglass styles, the WX Rush is also RX-ready, making it a perfect choice for anglers who wear corrective lenses. The WX Rush with prescription lenses gives serious anglers a comfortable, no-compromise solution that will help them see better and fish with confidence from dawn to dusk.


November 13, 2013

Timber Hawk Backstrap Waist Pack

by Chris Grech

Don't be fooled by the Timber Hawk Backstrap's modest size, it has plenty of room to fit all of the essentials including bulky items like lightweight rain gear. All pockets are lined with an ultra-quiet durable twill fabric to protect your gear and keep it quiet. The main compartment is flanked by accessory pockets featuring large loop zipper pulls which are ideal for smaller items that need to be accessed in a hurry such as game calls, lures, flashlights or ammo. Secured between the hip belt pockets and the main compartment are dual mesh water bottle holders, which easily accommodate two over-sized water bottles, or you can get creative and use these pockets to stash hats, gloves or a face mask. The pocket backs and waist belt are constructed using high-density breathable foam padding for enhanced comfort in any weather condition or equipment load. The waist belt is fully adjustable with left and right compression straps to balance your load and customize the fit. Need to carry more gear? You can always enhance the Timber Hawk Backstrap's function and capabilities by lashing even more gear to the webbed accessory loops.


October 23, 2013

Gear Keeper Retractable Smart Phone Keeper

by Chris Grech

The Gear Keeper Retractable Smart Phone Keeper which will give you peace of mind that your smart phone is safe and there when you need it. Featuring a retractable, super-compact design and simple functionality, it allows you to stay focused on the task at hand. The Gear has a low force 40-pound break-strength industrial retractor made from a high tensile spectra/nylon line. The line extends to 36 inches and quietly retracts, zipping back into place. This simple yet amazing device is made to prevent your phone from hitting the ground, becoming lost or damaged and has been specifically designed to operate in saltwater environments. Attaching the device is anything but complicated with multiple mounting systems including a snap clip to D-ring or an SS threaded stud to secure inside a pocket or to your fishing vest. A pad-eye phone fastener with heavy duty adhesive safely joins the phone to the Retractable Smart Phone Keeper. An easy to use iPhone adapter (excluding iPhone 5) is also included for a quick connect/disconnect. Finally, the Q/C disconnect system can be easily detached from the Gear Keeper for extended talk times, obtaining the latest updates from apps or when it's not needed. The original Geer Keeper system was engineered specifically for SCUBA diving literally born out of a need to secure items in situations when hands are otherwise occupied. Gear Keeper systems are now available in countless configuration options and used in a wide range of applications from fishing, snowsports and hiking to law enforcement, the military and trucking.


September 30, 2013

Acme Kastmaster XL

by Chris Grech

Acme's popular Kastmaster XL is a stretched version of my all-time favorite metal jig, the company's Kastmaster slab-sided spoon. The XL is the perfect light-tackle weapon when targeting a variety of saltwater gamefish while casting, jigging or on the troll. With four sizes available (2-1/4", 3-1/2", 4" and 4-1/2") and four prismatic colors to choose from, anglers can use the Kastmaster just about any way they want. With its unique shape and swimming action, the Acme Kastmaster XL is particularly deadly when predatory gamefish are feeding on smelt, sand eels, silversides, sand lance, candlefish, and other slender-bodied baitfish. Each feature a jewelry-quality silver finish, combined with prism-tape accents in Blue, Green, Silver Chartreuse or Pink to match a variety of forage and catch fish under a range of light and water conditions. This lure is specially designed to maintain its swimming action at any speed so anglers can feel free to experiment by speeding up and slowing down until they find what fish want that day. Whichever Acme Kastmaster XL you tie on, and however you fish it, you can rest assured this high-quality lure will stand up to all the punishment tough saltwater fish can dish out. Each lure features stainless steel split rings, built-in swivels and heavy-duty 4X-strong VMC treble hooks that stay put during the line-burning runs, head shakes and aerial maneuvers of determined fish.

$5.99 - $8.99

September 05, 2013

Evinrude E-TEC 135 H.O. Outboard

by Chris Grech

The Evinrude E-TEC 135 HO provides superior value and a real choice for power and performance in the 100-150 HP segment. Best-in-class features of the 135 HO include more low end torque via a 2-stroke design that allows the 135 HO to have up to 36 percent more torque than competitive 150 HP 4-strokes. In addition, the 2.6 litres of displacement from the V-6 engine means more torque, more low-end power and more top-end speed. Its lightweight design of 418 lbs. offers the best power-to-weight ratio in the industry and allows for better fuel efficiency, less draft, better handling and less stress on the boat structure. Other highlights include a true high output alternator, multi-point oiling and clean technology. With a factory-backed, 3-year non-declining warranty and 3 years or 300 hours with no dealer-scheduled maintenance, the Evinrude 135 H.O. is factory-tuned for high performance applications. It is available in four configurations 20" white, 20" blue, 25" white and 25" white counter rotation.

Prices vary

August 19, 2013

NoNoSquito Bands

by Chris Grech

Got mosquito problems? Enter NoNoSquito mosquito repellant bands. Simply open the package, put one around your wrist and enjoy the bug-free life. NoNoSquito Bands defend against mosquitoes, bees, flies, gnats, yellow jackets and all other flying insects. They can be used at anytime without the hassle of spraying toxic chemicals on your body. The best part is that they are DEET-free and use natural repellents and non-toxic oils that are safe for all ages. The bands are formulated with 100 percent natural oils made from Geraniol (15%), Lemongrass Oil (5%), Citronella Oil (2%), Polyethylene / Ultramarine Blue / Zinc Oxide / Iron Oxide (78%). In addition, NoNoSquito Bands are waterproof, last up to 200 hours once the package is open and are available in patriotic red, white and blue colors. You can help the used bands last longer by storing them in a sealed zip lock bag when not in use.

3 for $6.00

August 07, 2013

Calcutta Lure Wrap

by Chris Grech

The Calcutta Lure Wrap is the smart way to secure your lure or rig to your rod when not in use. Made from durable nylon and equipped with a hook and loop closure for added versatility, the Lure Wrap keeps rods tangle-free and perfect for transportation and storage on and off the boat. Available in lengths of 4, 5 and 7 inches they safely protect all types of lures (and your cushions) and are backed by a 1-year warranty. They are great to keep on your boat, in your car, in your tackle bag and also make an excellent gift for the angler that already has everything imaginable. Pick up a couple extra because once you tried it you'll wonder why you didn't get one years ago.

$6.99 to $8.99 MSRP

July 09, 2013

Grundens Rum Runner Backback

by Chris Grech

When we think of quality foul weather gear, Grundens is always the name that comes to mind. If your looking for a waterproof backpack for fishing or just about anything that involves water and/or rain, check out the new Gage 30 Liter Rum Runner Backback. This backpack is made from tough 500d PVC tarpaulin fabric that is 100% waterproof and made with 100% radio frequency welded seams. The Rum Runner is ideal for protecting your gear from the elements with its roll top closure and two ways to close for bulkier items or for easy access. Padded shoulder straps, a heavy duty waistband and a padded moisture wicking back panel keep the backpack snug for maximum mobility while maintaining amazing comfort. Other features of the Gage Rum Runner include a front mesh pocket, water bottle pockets and Lycra shoulder strap pockets all for easy access.

$79.50 MSRP

Click here for a video of the Rum Runner Backpack

June 16, 2013

Yo-Zuri Crystal 3D Minnow

by Chris Grech

The Yo-Zuri Crystal 3D Minnows are a family of proven lures that should be in the arsenal of every serious angler. This is now the next generation of the classic with the latest in technological manufacturing advances but the same proven fish catching ability. Crystal 3D Minnows feature the patented 3D Prism Finish, Ultra Violet colors and Bleeding Ruby Red or UV Sapphire Blue balanced weight inserts that act as an "attack point" near the belly hook to ensure a positive hook-up. The floating version can be used twitching on the surface, the sinking gets to the fish quickly, while the Magnum targets larger fish species. The Deep Diver is designed for trolling but can be used for casting as well. All styles have a brilliant crystal fish attracting reflection, a responsive darting action, durable ABS body material and new sharper stronger hooks. Yo-Zuri Crystal 3D Minnows are available in a variety of colors and patterns but my personal favorite is the Magnum (6 ½", 1 ½ oz) in the new color Holographic Sardine. Other new colors for the Magnum line include Holographic Bunker, Holographic Chartreuse and Holographic Mullet.

$7.95 to $28.99

May 31, 2013

Flying Fisherman Key West Sunglasses

by Chris Grech

With their simple wrap around design and the premium triacetate polarized lenses, the Flying Fisherman Key West Sunglasses provide maximum UV protection while remaining lightweight, durable and very affordable. The 62mm lenses are hard coated for increased resistance to scratches and the AcuTint Polarized SunLens Systems eliminate glare. These lenses sit in a polycarbonate frame and weight in at only 0.7 ounces. The Key West line also feature non-slip nose pads, grip-tip temples and a clean overall look. Flying Fisherman offer them in black frames with smoke or amber lenses as well as a matte silver frame with smoke lenses. We all know that polarized sunglasses are a must for fishing, but at this price, you can afford to outfit your entire family in style and have a couple extra pairs as backups.

$21.95 MSRP

May 12, 2013

Power Pro Super 8 Slick Braid

by Chris Grech

One of the latest editions to the Power Pro family of braided lines is the Super 8 Slick. The 8 fiber construction is braided under high tension and the result is reduced line friction on the spool and guides for superior casting with less line noise. Just like original Power Pro, Super 8 Slick starts with ultra-strong braided Spectra Fiber which is then treated with the Enhanced Body Technology (EBT) to create a round, smooth and super sensitive line. Currently, the familiar eight sizes from 10 to 80-pound test are offered in Hi-Vis Yellow, Marine Blue, Timber Brown and Aqua Green. Spool sizes available include 150, 300 and 1500 yards. Next time you replace your line try Super 8 Slick in 30-pound test Timber Brown and test it out for yourself. It will handle just about any inshore challenge with ease.

$19.99 for 150 yards MSRP

April 16, 2013

Shimano Saros FA Spinning Reels

by Chris Grech

Solid feel from new tech XGT7 graphite material and the ability to easily adjust the drag while fighting a fish are two of the key features behind Shimano's redesigned Saros FA spinning reels. The series brings a complete upgrade to all four sizes available (1000FA, 2500FA, 3000FA, 4000FA) with a long list of Shimano reel technology. Anglers will find Shimano's unique XGT7 graphite in the frame, rotor and sideplate construction. When hooked up, anglers have the convenience and reliability of Shimano's Rapid Fire Drag. Included in all four Saros FA reels is a long list of features from Propulsion Line Management System to virtually eliminate any line twist and increase casting distance, Paladin Gear Durability Enhancement, SR Concept, Aero Wrap II, Dyna-Balance and Super Stopper II. They all have five S A-RB shielded bearings, a one-way roller bearing to eliminate any handle backplay and a gear ratio of 6.0:1 or 5.8:1. Best of all, they are backed by Shimano's stellar track record of producing quality fishing reels.

$139.99 to $149.99 MSRP

March 09, 2013

Yacht Shine Phenomenon

by Chris Grech

The Brite Group feature a selection of high performance maintenance products specially formulated to tackle all of your boat cleaning needs while being environmentally friendly. Yacht Shine Phenomenon is contemporary chemistry at its finest since the company has literally integrated liquid glass with the finest gloss agents to form a product that will generate the highest level of appearance and protection for all of your onboard solid surfaces, both interior and exterior. The "Polished Jewel Finish" can be attained via a fast and easy application to produce the finest gloss finish with long lasting protection. Simply spray a light mist of Phenomenon and wipe dry with a microfiber towel. If applying in direct sunlight, do small areas so the product does not dry on the surface.

This revolutionary product can be used on painted/gelcoat surfaces, varnish or urethane coated surfaces, metallics (brass, chrome, gold, silver, stainless, etc.), glass, mirrors, clear vinyl, in the galley (countertops, appliances, sinks, faucets), in the head (shower walls, doors, fixtures), wooden tables and chairs, outdoor vinyl fabrics/furniture and inflatables, tenders and toys. It also safely cleans and then repels fingerprints on smartphones, tablets and marine touch screens...realistically any surface that looks best highly polished. The company has also developed other great products including an algae and waterline stain remover, exhaust stain cleaner, teak cleaner and sealer, mold and mildew eliminator, as well as many others. Yacht Shine Phenomenon and their entire line of products are proudly made locally in the USA and are available at West Marine stores and online at

$19.95 for 16-ounce spray bottle (larger sizes available)

January 31, 2013

Berkley Gulp! Saltwater Mantis Shrimp

by Chris Grech

Berkley recently introduced their new Gulp! and Gulp! Alive! Mantis Shrimp to their already mega arsenal of fish catching goodies. These new baits are 3-inches in length and feature a split tail, four sets of action-driving legs and a set of tentacles on the head that adds another dimension to this realistic bait. All that plus the already legendary attractant built in that helped make Berkley Gulp! the go to bait that it is today. The color pictured is New Penny Fleck which I have already had success with. A total of 14 colors are available to match just about any fishing scenario that you may encounter. If you have never used Gulp!, you're really missing out. Give these a shot and spice up your natural baits or rig one on its own and see for yourself what all the fuss is about. It's available in the common 6-pack packages as well as larger oval and quart buckets.


January 17, 2013

Honda BF250 Outboard

by Chris Grech

The Honda BF250 four-stroke engine is the newest and most powerful outboard to join the Honda Marine lineup and now the company's flagship model. The design of the BF250 incorporates a number of advanced technological innovations that contribute to the engine's high fuel economy and superior performance. The 3.6 liter VTEC® (Variable Valve Timing and Lift Electronic Control®) engine is equipped with an all-new gear case, incorporates the world's first marine direct air induction system of its type on a production outboard (providing for cooler, denser air for better combustion than conventional under-cowl induction systems), and has a full-throttle RPM range of 5300-6300.

The Honda BF250 engine also incorporates the Boosted Low Speed Torque (BLAST™) System through which holeshot and acceleration are dramatically improved by advancing ignition spark timing to within one degree of the knock limit during ‘hammer down' acceleration.

$24,025 MSRP (This is for the most common AXA model)

December 24, 2012

Lowrance Elite-7 Fishfinder/Charplotter

by Chris Grech

Lowrance has recently announced an exciting addition to its Elite fishfinder/chartplotter family, the Elite-7 Hybrid Dual Imaging (HDI) series. The Elite-7 models feature a 7-inch, widescreen color display that is 70-percent larger than comparably priced 5-inch products, allowing anglers to see more sonar history and more detail in split-screen mode. Its fishfinder capability also feature Hybrid Dual Imaging (HDI), which combines two award-winning technologies, Broadband Sounder and Downscan Imaging, to provide the best possible view of the water column.

To maximize fishing time on the water, signature Lowrance Advanced Signal Processing (ASP) reduces the need to manually adjust settings to see fish, structure and bottom detail more clearly. In addition, TrackBack allows anglers to scroll back in recorded sonar history to review structure or fish targets. When used on an Elite-7 model with chartplotter capabilities, users can also TrackBack and pinpoint locations with a waypoint, eliminating the need to circle back and retrace the path.

$449 to $869, depending on model

November 29, 2012

White Water Pride Spreader Bars

by Chris Grech

These amazing White Water Pride Spreader Bars have been one of the most popular bars in the past three years. They are available in three styles which include...

6-inch squid
9-inch squid
Mini Green Machines

All are meticulously rigged with four birds in the front of the bar which help the bar track properly in all sea conditions while trolling at any speed. The birds also provide enough buoyancy to float the bar so it looks simply amazing in the spread. They are deadly on bluefin, yellowfin, bigeyes and albacore but will catch just about anything that swims. White Water Pride Spreader Bars are available in as many as ten possible color combinations and can be purchased right off the shelf or custom built with upgraded hook baits, fluorocarbon main chain, etc. The guys at White Water Outfitters will basically custom rig it anyway you like.

I spoke with Captain Jamie Hummel of the charter boat "Sasquatch" and he said, "In 35 years of Canyon fishing, I have never seen a lure or bait that consistently catches fish day in and day out like my 6-inch rainbow colored Pride Bar by White Water Outfitters. This is what helps me be successful and why I always have a few in my spread."

The increased popularity of these bars has resulted in new styles that will soon be available in winter 2012/2013. To place an order or for more information, please contact Bryce Poyer or the rest of the friendly staff White Water Outfitters. You will not be disappointed.

Price $149 and up
Phone: 631-594-3336

November 07, 2012

Outdoorsman Bracelet

by Chris Grech

The Outdoorsman is a double weave bracelet with a stainless steel buckle. The outer weave is placed over a standard bracelet and is much thicker than the standard bracelets offered with twice as much 550 paracord. You can remove the outer layer and still have a bracelet.

Paracord has long been known to anglers, hunters, campers, etc as a very useful item to have in your possession because it has so many uses only limited by your imagination. They range from having a rope to tie down a trunk lid to tying tent flaps to providing emergency shoelaces. Use for tying sticks together for making a shelter or securing an emergency splint. Another use is a makeshift clothesline to dry wet clothes by a fire in a survival situation. The possibilities are endless.

Simply find the ends of the paracord and unwind the bracelet to access this useful cordage. Once unwound carefully check to see that the paracord is in good condition and straighten the strong yet thin rope. It has seven inner threads that can each be pulled out of the cord and be used as finer thread. The Outdoorsman is available in nineteen colors and six wrist sizes.


August 11, 2012

The “Fisherman’s Assistant” Deep Hook Remover

by Chris Grech

Caliber Outdoor Products offers a fish hook remover that is specifically designed to free a gut-hooked fish without causing additional injury to the fish. In addition, with the price of today's increasingly expensive hooks, the "Fisherman's Assistant" Deep Hook Remover will pay for itself over time. The product was developed, tested and proven by anglers to reduce fish mortality by dislodging and flipping the hook 180 degrees for easy extraction. It can remove all types of hooks, including circle and J-hooks, even if your line is already broken off. The Fisherman's Assistant is made of non-corrosive materials to handle the harsh saltwater environment, the cable is replaceable (with basic 90-pound coated stainless steel fishing wire) and it even floats. It will tackle any size hook up to size 9/0. Check out their website for additional information and videos.

July 18, 2012

Old Harbor Outfitters Vintage Thresher Trucker Hat

by Chris Grech

Everyone needs a hat when fishing. Plain and simple. It's an important piece of clothing that can often times be overlooked. If you're looking for a new hat to keep the sun out of your eyes or to keep your head from burning off, check out the Vintage Thresher Trucker from Old Harbor Outfitters. It features a heavy wash giving it that vintage look, a pre-curved bill, super soft durable mesh back and an adjustable slide buckle on the back. Anyway you slice it, the thresher shark logo is tough to beat! Colors available include burnt orange, navy and olive. The OHO Vintage Thresher Trucker Hat is one size fits all. Treat yourself this season and you'll be lookin' stylish (for a change) with a picture proudly holding your trophy fish.

July 04, 2012

Berkley Superline Shears

by Chris Grech

The compact Berkley Superline Shears are the perfect size for easy transport. They are specifically designed for cutting braid but will also give you a very clean cut with any other type of fishing line. The serrated stainless steel blades are extremely durable and will have no corrosion issues out on the surf or on a boat, day in and day out. I've used Berkley Superline Shears quite a bit and they have kept a surgical sharp edge so I have not needed to sharpen them, which is always a good thing. As with all cutting tools used in a saltwater environment, it's always best to rinse them off with water at the end of the day and sharpen them if they get a little dull. This little tool is an excellent value.

June 12, 2012

Tsunami Aluminum Pliers

by Chris Grech

Tsunami's Aluminum Pliers are a necessity in every angler's tackle box. Aircraft grade ultra-light aluminum, which has been heavily anodized for greater corrosion resistance, makes this 7.5" tool a perfect combo of light weight and durability. Titanium coated stainless steel jaws and replaceable tungsten-carbide cutters mean these pliers are a must have for any situation. The handy coiled tether and clasp mean they will always be handy when the going gets tough. I have been using a Tsunami 7.5" Aluminum Plier for years in a saltwater environment and it is still remains rust free and cuts braid with ease even after extremely heavy use and abuse. They remain a great value.

May 30, 2012

Rugged Shark Bimini Sandal

by Chris Grech

The Bimini is a thong-style sandal that incorporates Rugged Shark's exclusive Shark Grip outsole. It's the same non-marking, sure footed, slip resistant bottom used on their premium boat and fishing shoes. The leather strap is padded where it contacts the skin for added comfort. The footbed is textured with molded cushioned EVA, a soft, resilient material that will not absorb water or foot odor and provides a comfortable platform for your foot. This footbed can be easily cleaned with a rinse of freshwater after a hard day of fishing and boating.

The Bimini is made using the finest materials and available in maple Nubuck leather in sizes 8 through 13 (whole sizes only). Check out their website for more info on the Bimini and other styles they offer.
MSRP $45.00

The Bimini

The Classic

The Hampton

May 13, 2012

AccuSharp Knife Sharpener

by Chris Grech

One of the most important and commonly overlooked aspects of fishing is a sharp knife. Most times any knife will get the job done cutting bait or a line, but in order to properly clean your catch a very sharp knife is crucial. I've been using the AccuSharp Knife Sharpener for years and it does an excellent job with everything from fillet knives to serrated knifes to just about every knife I own. It can even put a super sharp edge on larger items like cleavers, axes and machetes. The sharpening is done via Diamond Honed Tungsten Carbide sharpeners which provide years of use and are also reversible as well as replaceable. Simply follow the included directions and you'll end up with a razor's edge in about 10 seconds. The most important thing with the AccuSharp Knife Sharpener is to always use light pressure when sharpening. Heavy pressure will still give you a great edge but will wear out your knife much quicker. AccuSharp also produce many other products so their website is definitely worth a look. A quality product at a great price with a Lifetime Warranty that's made in the USA. You really can't beat that.

April 24, 2012

Fish-Strips Measuring Tape

by Chris Grech

Every angler needs some type of tape measure on their boat or cooler. The problem is all of them include fish pics, fish size regulations and seasons that change every year (or even multiple times per year!) or a bunch of other unnecessary nonsense. Enter the Fish-Strip.

Fish-Strips are 48-inches long by 1-inch wide which makes them perfect for most locations on your boat or on your cooler. If you don't need all 48-inches, simply cut the Fish-Strip down to whatever size you need. They have simple, easy to see black numbers and hash marks for quick measuring of your catch. The material used is a top quality matte white 3M vinyl that is 7 mils thick for each Strip. This combination allows it to stand up to the rigors of fishing day in and day out. Sun, saltwater, soaps, chemicals, fish…Fish-Strips can take it all and they simply look awesome anywhere. This is a very simple yet quality product that performs when and where you need it. Just peel and stick!

Plain, white, durable and simple. That's what I like about it.


Video:Installing Fish-Strips

Added 5/13/12:

April 09, 2012

Berkley PowerBait Realistix Power Jerk Shad

by Chris Grech

The new Berkley PowerBait Realistix Power Jerk Shad will produce that extra flash and movement to produce strikes from all types of gamefish. These baits also include the proven Powerbait scent and flavor in addition to the erratic darting motion that imitates a struggling baitfish. All Power Jerk Shads include 3D eyes and holographic inserts for lifelike detail. They are 5-inches in length and come in 6-packs of the following colors: Arkansas Shiner, Pearl Watermelon Shad and Pearl White.

March 28, 2012

The Ranger by Robert's Lures

by Chris Grech

The Ranger by Robert's Lures is one of the favorite casting lures of anglers across the world. Unfortunately, it's one of those lures that is always forgotten about. These lures shine for just about every fish on the planet from tuna to mahi to cubera snapper. A couple of friends of mine recently returned from Panama where Robert's Ranger was literally the only lure they used all week for cubera snapper, roosterfish, tuna etc.

Another good friend of mine took a once-in-a-lifetime fishing trip to Christmas Island this past December/January and it was their top producer of tuna, trevally and just about everything else that they caught. He told me, "Our guide had never heard of our reels (Van Staal) and had no clue what Yozuri lures were but knew exactly what Rangers were and said we should have brought more since we lost twenty to the sharp coral."

He put it best when he said, "If I was stranded on an island and only had one lure to feed myself, it would be a Ranger."

With that said, if you've never tied on a Robert's Ranger, I think it would be worth a shot.

February 14, 2012

GreenFish CPR Camera Mount

by Chris Grech

The GreenFish CPR Mount (Catch, Photo, Release) is a universal camera mount with patent-pending technology that ensures the mount locks into most tube-style rod holders, rocket launchers and Scotty flush mounts.

Developed by sustainable fishing company GreenFish, the CPR Mount's Expansion Lock technology fits most rod-holders, providing a stable platform for taking photos or capturing video. Its universal camera mount fits most digital cameras and the GoPro. The Flex Arm lets you position the camera to film the action from multiple angles– even underwater.

The GreenFish CPR Mount is ideal for kayaks or small boats, but it can also be an effective sales tool for charter boat captains. They can film an epic battle between a bolting marlin and the crew using one CPR mount, or multiple mounts to shoot the action from different angles. The angler can replay the action at home; the captain has a great promotional video.


February 03, 2012

Pelican i1015 Smart Phone Case

by Chris Grech

More and more of us are using Smart Phones these days. Why not protect your investment? After all, you won't be able to call for help with a wet or broken phone. Enter the Pelican i1015 Smartphone Case. Designed for the iPhone, iPhone 4, iPod Touch and many models of Smart phones, this tough case will keep your mobile device working in even the worst conditions. It features an external jack, built-in cable manager, active sport carabineer, easy open latch, custom rubber liner that doubles as an o-ring seal and stainless steel hardware. The Pelican i1015 is water resistant, crushproof and dustproof and is available with a clear or solid color lid. The case measures 5.14" x 2.64" x 1.37" and comes with a lifetime guarantee.

January 11, 2012

Loon Outdoors Nip N Sip

by Chris Grech

The Nip N Sip from Loon Outdoors is like a mullet. I'm not talking about the fish, I'm talking about the hairstyle. Just like that popular redneck hairstyle that we all secretly wish we had, the Nip N Sip is "Business in the front and party in the back!" All kidding aside, there are two very important tasks that must be completed on each fishing outing; cutting line and opening bottles. (Catching fish is also important.) This handy little tool accomplishes both jobs in style with its stainless steel cutting blades, built-in bottle opener, extra wide grated pads for grip and eye clearing needle. The Loon Outdoors Nip N Sip allows anglers to cut their line easily and enjoy a beverage without breaking their teeth or breaking the bank. Pick one up for yourself and a true friend today.

December 29, 2011

AFW Ball Bearing Swivels

by Chris Grech

These solid brass AFW Ball Bearing Swivels and Snap Swivels with welded rings are a must for any serious angler who simply wants the best. The patented bullet shape provides fluid rotation and decreased water resistance and are engineered to survive the fiercest one-on-one battles. The unique gun metal black finish minimizes reflections and cloaks the tackle. Swivels have a solid brass body, stainless steel bearings, and welded rings for maximum security and to endure the unforgiving offshore environment. The tournament snaps are tempered and made of solid brass, designed to stay closed and keep you connected to the fish. Don't even think about making a trip to the canyon, or to any locations that holds tackle busting fish, without these battle-tested ball bearing swivels in your tackle box. The AFW ball bearing swivels come in all sizes ranging from #2 rated at 65lb test to #10 at 660lb test. The ball bearing snap swivels are available from #2 rated at 44lb test to #10 at 450lb test. Packages consist of 1 to 5 pieces (depending on size) as well as bulk packs of 50. Prices vary.

December 06, 2011

Penn Squall Lever Drag

by Chris Grech

Shopping around for the holidays? How about a new conventional reel for that special angler in your life? Or maybe just for you?

November 10, 2011

Winterizing tackle... already?

by Chris Grech

It's that time of year again. Fall is winding down and winter is quickly approaching.
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