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  Private Boat Reports First WSB of the Season
Ran out of HH with Bos and Big Dave at first light. First distination was Izors with a rippin current. Conditions were perfect but they didnt want to bite. Dave ...
  Tailman One     07/04/2013 03:40 AM     21     4253  
  Long Range Fishing Reports and Discussion Aging Gracefully in Long Range
Good evening all, I returned at the end of last week from an amazing Bob Sands Tackle/Royal Polaris 13 day adventure which I will write up later. My cheeks are still ...
  fishordie     02/14/2013 04:53 AM     18     8629  
  The Tackle Board Okuma Makaira MK20II SE 1.3 low gear
Are you guys setting these up for 130lb? I see 750 yds of 100lb spectra on the spec sheets at the shows. The reel seems slightly wider than a typical 20. Is ...
  Limit     05/03/2012 06:38 PM     0     630  
  The Tackle Board Newell 533 tiburon narrow kit question
Hi, I'm sure that someone knows the answer to this. I'm trying to remove the crossbars and the reel seat from my 533 to do a tiburon narrow conversion and ...
  fishboy36     03/23/2012 07:43 AM     7     1881  
  Fishing Tackle for Sale Want To Purchase: Albackore Tackle Pack III
If anyone has or knows of a large Albackore Tackle Pack III that is in good condition and is for sale I am interested, looking for the 5 or six ...
  JigGrinder     12/24/2011 11:22 AM     1     7194  
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