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  Public Boat Reports Giant Tuna from a Kayak
Jon Schwartz aka Bluewater Jon sent me a copy of his video Bluewater Jon and the Giant Tuna to screen and comment on. After watching it twice my reaction is ...
  Hawk     03/24/2008 08:19 AM     91     15633  
  Surf Fishing Board Line twisting problem
I've been using a spinning outfit in the surf. I get a lot of line twist. I've got a new Shimano spinning reel that I am considering trading for a ...
  Love2Fish     06/08/2007 06:39 AM     6     724  
  Surf Fishing Board Newport beach report 5 -10 am
Nice flat water conditionstypical size 6GÇ¥ barred surf perch on the grub were all close in.21GÇ¥ halibut that ambushed the grub was a beach to bring to the sand on ...
  Charlie     05/13/2007 02:18 PM     4     755  
  Political Info Imus, Shimus! Piddly stuff compared to what's REALLY GOING ON!
This Imus stuff is just another big DISTRACTION. You won't hear in the news what's really going on. Guys, we're about to lose our country, our sovereignty, our rights and ...
  Love2Fish     04/23/2007 05:02 AM     15     206  
  Main Fishing Board We Just Got Screwed !
Today, Friday the 13th, 2007, the F&G Commission passed on 4-0 vote the adoption of the Central Coast MPA network. A few bones that could have been thrown to recreational ...
  freddie     04/21/2007 04:00 AM     37     4280  
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