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  Main Fishing Board Redondo Bluefin Tuna
I'm interested to know how many people remember the excellent catches of Bluefin Tuna caught just outside the Redondo Harbor, Torrance Beach and off of the Monstad Pier in the ...
  Ghostboy     04/28/2011 01:41 PM     116     39402  
  Main Fishing Board Every Fisherman Should Know How To Do This...
How real men remove fish hooks. Keep this in your back pocket, just in case.
  wilburloo     05/08/2009 03:59 PM     13     1274  
  Main Fishing Board OT Has a Point
Oldtimer has been pretty clear that he considers bonita to be "the world's best fish." On Tuesday I got to catch bonita for the first time (other than accidental hooking ...
  Brad_G     10/31/2008 09:24 AM     15     1787  
  Main Fishing Board Opaleye Perch
Is this NOT a great fishery? Tell us your stories - Ghostboy!
  Ghostboy     03/01/2008 05:45 AM     19     7077  

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