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  Long Range Fishing Reports and Discussion What do you all look for/like in a chartermaster?
A couple of the long range boats have contacted companies I pro staff for, and explained they need whoever is the trip sponsor to step up their game. I try ...
  wahoodad     01/10/2014 11:22 AM     27     1339  
  Main Fishing Board What the hell happened to this place?
Been a contributor and participant for many years (since mid 90's)and there was a time when this place was hopping, lots of topics, new threads, replies, great characters and story, ...
  SteveT     12/02/2013 09:52 AM     60     13422  
  Allcoast's All Sports Board 109 yard field goal return?
I LOVE college football!
  Wils     12/01/2013 07:49 AM     3     122  
  Main Fishing Board Japanese Gear
I’m going to be in Japan next week (Tokyo & Nagoya) and would like to visit a couple tackle shops and maybe pick up a nice reel or something that ...
  mogandave     11/29/2013 06:46 PM     9     617  
  Anglers Lounge Memory Lane
I just found this old photo. Taken perhaps 40 years ago. The guy in the middle was one fine guy and left his mark in the tackle industry. Anyone know him? i ...
  Jerryjig     11/10/2013 02:05 PM     17     937  
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