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  Private Boat Reports SB Salmon Report
Hey Guys, Fished both Saturday and Sunday.... Saturday was a pretty good day all around. Lots of guys reporting fish on the radio. Fish where pretty shallow, about 40-60' down feeding on ...
  Nardo     04/16/2013 01:32 PM     4     593  
  Fishing Tackle for Sale Calstar and Penix Rods - 11 total
From bottom to top.... Calstar 196-8' ($120) Calstar 670-8' SOLD Calstar 690J SOLD Calstar 900XL SOLD Phenix PSW866L - ISA ($160) Phenix PSW867ML - ISA SOLD Phenix PSW907ML - ISA SOLD Phenix PSW908MH SOLD Phenix PHD929H SOLD Also have but ...
  Nardo     03/16/2013 04:20 PM     1     978  
  Private Boat Reports AMAZING DAY ON THE WATER!!!
Good day, Went out yesterday with a couple guys. Had an easy time making squid then headed out to start the day with a some rockfish. After a few lings and ...
  Nardo     08/24/2012 09:01 AM     5     2002  
  Private and Public Boaters Discussion Board Santa Barbara Fishing Charters/Cattle Boats
Hello, I have a friend that will be spending a few weeks out in Santa Barbara for work and he was asking about fishing opportunities there. I have looked through ...
  Hunt n' Fish     05/19/2012 07:00 AM     10     1915  
  Private Boat Reports Island trip,... need a bigger cooler!
Made a run out to the islands with the usual suspects. In the live well we had 35 piece of bait we made last week. First drift of the day produced ...
  Nardo     03/06/2012 07:10 AM     7     1672  
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