Long Range Season?

by Baja Dreamer

fishybuzz with a BIG fishy!

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So the season is picking up! But what season is it? Is it really the "Long Range season" now? It seems to be the wrong time of year for that, but looking at the length of time some of the boats are out it MUST be! I guess it all depends on what you mean when you say "Long Range".

For some it means trips like this. The Intrepid is currently out on a 15 day trip and the passengers include our own fishybuzz and a cast of favorites. They are after wahoo at the Hurricane Bank as well as the usuall catch of cow tuna. From the reports and the pictures it looks like they're having an outstanding trip, particualrly with a very light load of passengers on board. However to some, this might seem an unusuall time of year to be pursuing a catch like that. That is until you take a look at the schedule of the Qualifier 105! They have 15 and 16 day trips leaving in April!

So what is the actual start of "Long Range" season?

Well for many it begins with the spring "freezer filler" trips. These are generally 2 to 3 days in length and target primarily rockfish, with halibut, calicos, and even yellowtail being a good possibility! These trips are also very affordable with boats like the SHOGUN having 3 day trips for as low as $495.00 including all your meals. That's a genuine bargain for 3 days on a real long range boat! But as much fun as these trips are, they don't compare to the anticipation and the waiting game to see when the 5 day offshore scene will develope. 

First bluefin of the season!

Then there are the spring and early summer 8 day trips that are out after trophy sized yellowtail and yellowfin tuna up to and sometimes exceeding 100 pounds at Alijos Rocks, and WFO style yellowtail fishing at The Ridge! Some of these trips have produced epic action and outstanding quality. For those who like getting ripped on heavy dropper loop and yo yo gear, these are the way to go, and the surface action can be outstanding on these trips as well.

This year promises to be quite exciting with the warming water from an apparent El Nino condition developing. The possibilities are endless. From early albacore and bluefin, (Speaking of which, the SHOGUN has the first bluefin tuna of the season!!!), to offshore yellowtail on the kelp patties, to yellowfin and possibly even bigeye available earlier than normal, this year seems to be starting up very nicely for both offshore and inshore action of all kinds!

So when you get right down to it, the "Long Range season" is different things to different people. But it truly offers something that can please almost anyone who wets a line in salt water!

If you haven't yet booked a trip, now is the time to do so! Once the bites start it may be too late! Grab a buddy or two, or maybe jump on a boat you've never fished before and make some new friends! This season is shaping up to be a ripper and the time to get ready is NOW! ;)


Big summer time 'tail

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