It Ain't Over 'Til Its Over!!!

by Baja Dreamer

Nice Albie!

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It seems that this year's long range season, at least as far as the popular and affordable 3 to 5 day trips are concerned, never really got rolling at all. In fact I had the extreme good fortune to be on one of the relatively few trips this year that came home with a decent count on the albies. The tuna that have been a traditional feature on these trips have been there, and sometimes in good numbers too. But it seems that they've had lockjaw for the longest time now!

The early season reports of bluefin tuna up to the century mark got everyone hoping for the best at the start of the summer season. There were some early catches of albacore to keep things stired up as well. However what started out so hopefully has been not only lack luster, at times it has been downright dismal!

But even so there have been some bright spots this time of year to be thanful for. The ever present yellowtail at Cedros Island have been pretty willing and steady for the boats headed there as most have. The fish have been willing to chew both bait and iron with a regularity that has saved many a trip this season. San Benitos has also been producing fish for those that braved the furbags there, and the quality has been pretty good as well. The recent BRAID Products 4 day trip on Art Taylor's Searcher returned home with some fat Benitos 'tails for their angler's efforts.

For those on longer summer trips of 7 or 8 days, Alijos Rocks has been kicking out more 100 lb. class tuna on a regular basis than I recall seeing for some time! There have been a few wahoo taken along with the tuna, and the big yellowtail are always there for those who stay up at night to fish for them. Boats like the Independance, Intrepid, Royal Polaris, and the Royal Star have all had good trips farther south, and the Qualifier 105 and the American angler are either on their way down or are there already. We wish them continues success! :) 

Eatin' The Iron At Benitos!

But let's get back to the 3 to 5 day trips for a sec. Recent reports, (Rumors? Speculations? Conjecture? Ouija Board?), have said that a wide temperature break has the tuna fish hanging out far offshore. If this is so, and I believe it is, the situation could change in a matter of days, and the fishing could bust wide open! We've also had some recent catches of school yellowfin tuna, including a few in the 60 lb. class, and a few dorado. Not a large amount of fish numbers wise, but enough to keep us hopefull.

There has been spectacular late season fishing in the past, and who's to say that there won't be again this year too? It has to break open sooner or later and those who are there when it happens are in for a real treat! This is only mid August and you know what they say........

"It ain't over 'til it's over!!!" ;) 

Tuna Time!

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