Tunaslam Corner-11-04-11

by Cory Visser

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For local fishing in the Santa Monica, Long Beach, Catalina and San Clemente Islands. Through:


Yep, it’s winding down, just a trickle of Yellowfin and, Bluefin Tuna were caught last weekend and during the week. The Yellowtail and Dorado kept on biting offshore, however, the arrival of another storm today bolds poorly for future trips. Fewer boats ran over the weekend and even less ran mid-week, while most caught limits of the smaller Yellowtail, with a decent bite on Dorado 10 to 20 pounds, the Tuna were mostly MIA. See below for some of the scores over the weekend and this week.

The Pacific Queen on a 1.5-day trip returning Sunday, 10-30-11 caught 5 Yellowfin Tuna, 2 Skipjack_Tuna and 12 Yellowtail for 27 anglers.

The Condor on a 1.5-day trip returning Friday, 10-28-11 caught 10 Yellowfin Tuna, 150 Yellowtail and 10 Dorado for 30 anglers.

The Ocean Odyssey returned from a 1.5-day trip Sunday, 10-30-11 catching 4 Yellowfin Tuna and 47 Yellowtail for 28 anglers. Some pictures from Steve off the trip:

Private boater Jason fished on his dad’s boat over the weekend, spending 3 days on the water, down south of San Diego some 140 miles, catching Yellowfin Tuna to over 30 pounds, Dorado to 20 pounds and Yellowtail to 10 pounds. Some pictures:

The Freedom out of 22nd Street Landing ran a trip to San Nicolas Island, Sunday, 10-30-11, catching 1 Halibut, 14 Calico Bass, 4 Sand Bass, 93 Sheephead, 130 Rockfish, 43 Lingcod, 7 Sculpin and 20 Cabazon for 35 anglers.

At Catalina, the Options out of Pierpoint Landing made a run on Monday, 10-31-11, and the six anglers caught 10 Yellowtail and 60 Calico Bass (limits). The Outrider also had a great trip on Tuesday, 11-01-11 some pictures:

Private boater Joey fished with friends at Catalina, Monday, 10-31-11 and found the big Home Guard Yellowtail on the chew catching four Yellowtail from 28 to 31 pounds. Some pictures:

On the local scene, Sculpin and Rockfishing are the primary targets, with a mix of Sheephead, Whitefish, Calico and Sand Bass, Lingcod and an Occasional Halibut. The boats in Santa Monica had some good shots on the Lingcod over the weekend. The ¾ day boat Sea Angler is running Sand Dab and Rockfish specials daily.

Twilight fishing: Very few boats made it out and are catching primarily Sculpin. The Freelance ran a twilight trip out of Davey’s Locker on Saturday, 10-29-11, with 20 anglers catching 3 Calico Bass, 10 Sand Bass, 10 Rockfish, 100 Sculpin and 1 Cabazon. The Slammer out of Redondo Sportfishing ran a trip on Sunday, 10-30-11, with 6 anglers catching 1 Whitefish, 19 Rockfish, 1 Lingcod and 31 Lobster.

In Santa Monica Bay

The ½ boat Redondo Special caught 145 Rockfish and 3 Lingcod on their trip Saturday, 10-29-11, for 21 anglers, while the ¾ day boat Tradition is out for re-powering, scheduled to take about four weeks.

The ½ day boat New Del Mar caught 211 Rockfish, 9 Lingcod and 93 Sculpin on their trip Saturday, 10-22-11, out of Marina Del Rey, for 63 anglers. The Spitfire caught 100 Rockfish, 5 Lingcod, 200 Red Snapper (limits of Rockfish) on their trip Saturday, 10-29-11, for 30 anglers. The 3/4 boat Betty O caught 1 Sheephead, 150 Rockfish and 6 Lingcod for 24 anglers on Saturday, 10-29-11. 

Newport Beach and Dana Point.

The Freelance ran a ¾ day trip out of Davey’s Locker on Saturday, 10-29-11, with 39 anglers catching 11 Calico Bass, 36 Sheephead, 90 Perch and 17 Sargo. The Western Pride, out of Davey’s Locker, fished Thursday, 11-03-11, with 12 anglers catching 10 Rockfish, 40 Sculpin and 60 Sand Dab.

The ¾ day boat Patriot out of Newport Landing caught 208 Rockfish and 52 Red Snapper on their Tuesday, 11-01-11, trip for 26 anglers. The ½ day boat Nautilus caught 3 Calico Bass, 10 Sand Bass, 17 Sculpin, 13 Perch, 20 Sand Dab and 1 Cabazon on their Saturday, 10-29-11, trip for 22 anglers.

The ¾ day boat Sum Fun out of Dana Wharf caught 1 Whitefish, 18 Bocaccio, 63 Rockfish, 11 Sculpin and 11 Red Snapper on their Monday, 10-31-11, trip for 18 anglers. The ¾ day boat Dana Pride also out of Dana Wharf fished on Saturday, 10-29-11, with 67 anglers catching 31 Sand Bass, 1 Rockfish and 3 Sculpin.

Long Beach and San Pedro

The Enterprise out of Long Beach Marina Landing caught 20 Sheephead, 32 Whitefish, 52 Bocaccio, 98 Rockfish, 1 Lingcod, 15 Sculpin, 18 Perch and 43 Red Snapper for 26 anglers on their trip Sunday, 10-30-11.

The ¾ day Victory out of Pierpoint Landing caught 21 Sheephead, 2 Whitefish, 50 Bocaccio, 131 Rockfish, 1 Sculpin and 13 Perch on their trip Sunday, 10-30-11, with 25 anglers. The ½ day boat Southern Cal caught 1 Halibut, 1 Calico Bass, 52 Sand Bass, 3 Rockfish, 11 Sculpin, 13 Perch and 4 Cabazon on their ½ day trip Sunday, 10-30-11, with 10 anglers.

The ½ day boat Monte Carlo out of 22nd Street Landing ran a morning trip on Tuesday, 11-01-11, and the 13 anglers caught 26 Bocaccio(limits), 38 Rockfish, 1 Perch and 59 Red Snapper. The ¾ day boat Sea Angler fished on Saturday, 10-29-11, and the 25 anglers caught 3350 Sand Dab.

The ½ day boat Matt Walsh out of LA Harbor fished on Tuesday, 11-01-11, with 15 anglers catching 58 Calico Bass, 15 Sand Bass, 11 Sheephead, 5 Sculpin and 10 Perch.

The Islands

Catalina/Santa Barbara Island!

The Pursuit out of 22nd Street Landing ran a full day trip to Catalina on Wednesday, 11-02-11, and the 27 anglers caught 5 Calico Bass, 29 Sheephead, 15 Whitefish, 54 Bocaccio, 104 Rockfish, 265 Perch and 13 Red Snapper.

The ¾ day Sport King out of LA Harbor ran a trip on Monday, 10-31-11, with 10 anglers catching 1 Sheephead, 20 Bocaccio, 25 Rockfish, 3 Lingcod, 1 Sculpin, 21 Perch, 1 Sargo and 25 Red Snapper.

San Clemente Island!

The Fury out of Dana Wharf ran a 2-day trip ending on Sunday, 10-23-11, with 33 anglers catching 2 Calico Bass, 79 Sheephead, 332 Whitefish (limits), 219 Rockfish, 69 Bonito, 1 Lingcod and 14 Sculpin.

The Toronado out of Pierpoint Landing caught 31 Sheephead, 102 Whitefish, 200 Rockfish and 6 Lingcod for 20 anglers on Saturday, 10-22-11.

The Freedom out of 22nd Street Landing ran a trip to the Island Saturday, 10-22-11, catching 1 Yellowtail, 1 Halibut, 21 Calico Bass, 27 Sheephead, 34 Whitefish, 25 Rockfish, 17 Bonito, 6 Sculpin and 84 Perch.

Down South-San Diego and good ole Mexico!

My good friends Nouri (left)who took first place, and Dave Robinson,(right) who took third place in the Jackpot for their recent 8-day trip on the Excel which returned Wednesday, 11-03-11. Lady angler Sharon took second place. The Jackpot winners, with 45, 38 and 37 pound Wahoo:

The ¾ day boat San Diego ran a trip on Sunday, 10-30-11, with 19 anglers catching 115 Rockfish, 1 Lingcod and 12 Red Snapper.

The Indian is running full day Rockcod trips to the Finger Bank and on south of Point Loma on Wednesdays at $99 and Weekends for $125. Their Wednesday, 11-02-11, trip resulted in limits for all 22 anglers aboard.

Bill and I managed to catch limits of Reds and Bocaccio in 1.5 hours out at Salsapuedes on Wednesday, 11-02-11, before being blown off the water by 9:30 am with ferocious Santa Ana winds to 40 knots.


The weather forecast for the weekend is not good for both Saturday and Sunday; as it’s time to catch up on the Honey Do’s or be a couch potato, and watch some good football games. Always check the latest forecast before leaving the dock.

Hook Up,


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