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by Cory Visser

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Thursday Recap Report-Weekend Possibilities:

For local fishing in the Santa Monica, Long Beach, Catalina and San Clemente Islands. Through:

Surprisingly the weather backed off for the weekend fishing, allowing several 1.5 and 2-day trips to run to San Nicolas, or down south to Colonet.

The Dominator out of San Diego ran a 1.5-day trip down south, fishing primarily the Banda Bank and caught lots of Giant Squid and near limits of Rockfish. Some pictures taken by Don :

The Indian out of San Diego ran a 2-day charter trip down south to Colonet over the weekend and had a great trip, with 25 lingcod and limits of Reds and other Rockfish, Whitefish, etc. Some pictures:

The Freedom out of 22nd Street Landing ran an extended trip to San Nicolas Island, 11-20-11, catching 1 Yellowtail, 2 White Seabass, 1 Halibut, 8 Calico Bass, 18 Sheephead, 43 Whitefish, 150 Rockfish and 26 Lingcod for 18 anglers. Some pictures taken by Darlen :

The Toronado out of Pierpoint Landing ran an extended trip to San Nicolas Island, (fish until dark), returning late Sunday evening, 11-20-11, catching 18 Sheephead, 68 Whitefish, 250 Rockfish (limits) and 16 Lingcod for 25 anglers.

At Catalina, -There were no reports of Exotics from the Island this week, although some schools of Yellowtail were spotted. There was a report of some big schools of Barracuda on the backside of the Island, with fish caught on the surface iron.

At San Clemente Island, -Consistent fishing for Rockfish and Sheephead, very few Calico Bass.

On the local scene, There continued to be some decent Calico and Sand Bass fishing out of both Long Beach and Dana Point this weeks as long as they had live squid, which is being made off of Newport and Dana Point.

In Santa Monica Bay

Private boater Vince fished with Jason Friday night, Saturday morning, 11-19-11 and limited out on lobsters and caught some big Coppers and Chocolate Rockfish. Some pictures: 

Vince with a Chocolate:

Jason with a big Copper rockfish:

The ½ boat Redondo Special caught 2 Sand Bass, 1 Whitefish, 146 Rockfish and 1 Sculpin on their trip Monday, 11-21-11, for 18 anglers, while the ¾ day boat Tradition is out for re-powering.

The ½ day boat New Del Mar caught 120 Rockfish, 3 Lingcod and 85 Sculpin on their trip Tuesday, 11-22-11, out of Marina Del Rey, for 31 anglers. The Spitfire caught 1 Sheephead, 50 Rockfish and 55 Sculpin on their trip Tuesday, 11-22-11, for 11 anglers. The 3/4 boat Betty O caught 50 Rockfish and 1 Sole for 5 anglers on Monday, 11-21-11.

Newport Beach and Dana Point.

The Freelance ran a ¾ day trip out of Davey’s Locker on Thursday, 11-17-11, with 31 anglers catching 10 Calico Bass, 32 Sand Bass, 7 Sheephead, 15 Perch, 38 Sargo and 3 Cabazon. The Western Pride, out of Davey’s Locker, fished Monday, 11-14-11, with 23 anglers catching 4 Calico Bass, 17 Sand Bass, 20 Sheephead, 2 Whitefish, 10 Rockfish, 1 Sculpin, 3 Sargo and 1 Cabazon.

The ¾ day boat Patriot out of Newport Landing caught 1 Halibut, 16 Calico Bass, 65 Sand Bass, 2 Sheephead, 1 Whitefish, 5 Rockfish, 5 Perch, 50 Sargo and 1 Cabazon on their Wednesday, 11-16-11, trip for 22 anglers.

The ¾ day boat Sum Fun out of Dana Wharf caught 36 Calico Bass, 109 Sand Bass, 20 Sheephead, 2 Sculpin, 24 Perch and 49 Sargo on their Tuesday, 11-15-11, trip for 26 anglers. The ¾ day boat Dana Pride also out of Dana Wharf fished on Friday, 11-11-11, with 85 anglers catching 21 Calico Bass, 5 Sand Bass, 30 Sheephead and 1 Sculpin.

Long Beach and San Pedro

Private boaters Gary caught another big Halibut on Saturday, 11-19-11, which weighed 14.5 pounds:

The Enterprise out of Long Beach Marina Landing caught 34 Bocaccio (limits), 45 Rockfish, 1 Sculpin and 3 Red Snapper for 17 anglers on their trip Sunday, 11-20-11.

The ¾ day Victory out of Pierpoint Landing caught 24 Sheephead, 3 Whitefish, 34 Bocaccio (limits), 65 Rockfish, 3 Sculpin and 6 Perch on their trip Saturday, 11-19-11, with 17 anglers. The ½ day boat Southern Cal caught 19 Sheephead, 60 Whitefish, 75 Rockfish, 14 Sculpin and 15 Perch on their ½ day trip Tuesday, 11-22-11, with 57 anglers.

The ½ day boat San Pedro Special out of 22nd Street Landing ran a morning trip on Tuesday, 11-22-11, and the 16 anglers caught 32 Bocaccio (limits), 64 Rockfish, 32 Sculpin, 225 Sand Dab and 16 Red Snapper. The ¾ day boat Sea Angler fished on Friday, 11-18-11, and the 17 anglers caught 22 Bocaccio, 143 Rockfish, 16 Sculpin, 2200 Sand Dab and 5 Red Snapper.

The ½ day boat Matt Walsh out of LA Harbor fished on Tuesday, 11-15-11, with 11 anglers catching 10 Calico Bass, 13 Sand Bass, 9 Sheephead, 4 Sculpin and 4 Perch.

The Islands
Catalina/Santa Barbara Island!

The Pursuit out of 22nd Street Landing ran a full day trip to Catalina on Saturday, 11-19-11, and the 21 anglers caught 1 Calico Bass, 27 Sheephead, 83 Whitefish, 42 Bocaccio (limits), 74 Rockfish, 4 Sculpin, 89 Perch and 10 Red Snapper.

The ¾ day Sport King out of LA Harbor ran a trip on Monday, 11-14-11, with 12 anglers catching 24 Bocaccio (limits), 45 Rockfish and 44 Red Snapper.

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