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Cory Visser, of Long Beach, has been fishing for over 50 years. He has never had a boat of his own but is always there for captains who need a good crew. He is proud that he was once part of a crew that caught a Grand Slam of tuna on a one-day trip.

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July 13, 2012

Tunaslam Corner-07-13-12

by Cory Visser

Thursday Recap Report-Weekend Possibilities:
A Summary of local fishing from Santa Monica to Oceanside, including Catalina and San Clemente Islands, with fishing trips out of San Diego down to Baja, Mexico.

The offshore scene improved somewhat over the weekend, and during the week as winds subsided, although Saturday still yielded winds from 12 to 20 knots. There were only small counts on the Bluefin Tuna, unless you were on a 3 day trip or longer. Most of the Yellowtail being caught range from 6 to 12 pounds, with an occasional bigger fish to 20 pounds. The area of Kelp Paddies holding fish are from 100 to 120 miles south of the border, with a few Kelp Paddies located between 80 and 100 miles. The Bluefin that are biting are being found at least 130 miles south and closer to 150 miles, although Bluefin have been seen as close as 30 miles from Point Loma, although only a few have been caught?

Angler John was on a 2 day trip on the Polaris Supreme over the weekend and they were fortunate to get on several schools of Bluefin Tuna. The first school yielded seven Tuna in the 30 to 50 pound range, while the second school consisted of larger Tuna from 50 to 76 pounds, with some bigger boys lost to tackle issues. John caught three Bluefin Tuna including this jackpot 76 pounder:

Another angler with a 50 pound Bluefin Tuna:

I went fishing on a 1.5 day on the Aztec, that left Friday night and returned early Sunday morning. At about 7:30 am we stopped on our first Kelp Paddy of the day at around 100 miles, which was loaded with Yellowtail. We landed 55 Yellowtail off this Paddy to 12 pounds.

We spent the rest of the day looking for Bluefin, turning north after we spent some time in the 115 to 120 mile range, with only a few sonar marks found for our efforts. We scratched up limits of Yellowtail throughout the day; with this Jackpot 20 pound Tail being caught by angler Nick:

Angler Dave fished with his wife on the Intrepid on a 3 day trip, which caught 53 Bluefin Tuna to over 70 pounds. His wife placed second in the Jackpot with a 71 pound Bluefin Tuna:

Angler Tim fished on the Islander on a 1.5 day trip on Tuesday, 07-10-12 and caught limits of Yellowtail. Some pictures:

The San Clemente Island Yellowtail bite is consistent with a few fish to double digits on most trips to the Island. These Yellowtail are big, and are tackle busters, so bring heavier gear. The same kind of off and on fishing remains true for Catalina, with very good Calico Bass fishing daily.
Local Sand Bass and Calico Bass fishing picked back up early this week, as did the Barracuda bite, which heated back up both in Santa Monica, and out of Long Beach.
The Mardiosa managed to catch 3 White Seabass on their trip yesterday, Thursday, 07-12-12.

Private boater Jeff fished with friends on a 2-day trip over the weekend and destroyed the White Seabass at the Islands. Some pictures:

The Yellowtail fishing at the Coronado Islands has been consistent, with most of the ¾ day boats catching between 10 and 20 Yellowtail, which are averaging 20 to 30 pounds.
Private boater Todd fished with his friends on Saturday, 07-07-12 at the Coronado Islands and caught six Yellowtail out of seven hookups.

The Condor fished a 1.5 day trip on July 12th catching 71 Yellowtail.

Generally the best Sand Bass fishing is in the evening on the Twilight runs.
Twilight fishing:
The Enterprise fished on Saturday, 07-07-12, and caught 1 Halibut, 10 Calico Bass and 76 Sand Bass. The Matt Walsh fished on Sunday, 07-08-12, and caught 1 Halibut, 138 Sand Bass and 1 Sculpin. The Monte Carlo out of LA Harbor Landing ran a trip on Saturday, 07-07-12, and caught 133 Sand Bass and 3 Sculpin.

In Santa Monica Bay
The ¾ day boat Tradition caught their first local Yellowtail on Friday, 07-06-12 trip, then on Saturday, 07-07-12, the Barracuda moved in and they caught 175. Pictures courtesy of Jackpot Jimmy:

The 1/2 day boat Redondo found excellent Barracuda fishing on Saturday, 07-07-12.

Newport Beach and Dana Point.
Private boater Kenny fished with his girlfriend out of Newport and slammed the Bass, Barracuda and a few Halibut, Tuesday, 07-10-12. Some pictures:

Private boater Jimbo fished with his friend Gary out of Dana point and Gary caught his first ever Halibut, a whopper, Tuesday, 07-10-12:

Angler Jay fished with friends on the Western Pride Saturday, 07-07-12 and caught a bunch of Calico Bass and some Barracuda:

Long Beach and San Pedro
Great Barracuda fishing early in the week and good scores on the Twilight runs for Sand Bass.

Pictures off the 3/4 boat Victory provided by Japan Ron on a recent trip:

Private boater Tim fished with his friend and their kids on Saturday, 07-07-12 out of Long Beach. They caught 30 mixed Bass to 6 pounds. Pictures:

The Islands

Catalina/Santa Barbara Island!
Private boater Mikey caught this White Seabass at the Island Saturday, 07-07-12, on his friend's boat:

Angler Pam fished the Outrider out of 22nd St. Landing, on Saturday, 07-07-12, and they caught limits of big Calico Bass, Whitefish, Sheephead and other critters. Jackpot was this dandy Halibut:

The Pursuit out of 22nd St. Landing, ran to the Island on Thursday, 07-12-12, with 38 anglers catching 120 Calico Bass, 102 Sheephead, 30 Whitefish, 82 Bocaccio, 77 Rockfish, 100 Perch and 10 Red Snapper.
A private boater caught this Yellowtail at the Island Wednesday, 07-11-12

San Clemente Island!
The Fury out of Dana Wharf fished on Wednesday, 07-11-12 with 30 anglers catching 42 Calico Bass, 1 Barracuda, 11 Sheephead, 7 Whitefish and 105 Perch.
The Freedom still catching Yellowtail and White Seabass at the Island:

Here is the 50 pounder caught on Wednesday's trip off the Freedom:

Down South-San Diego and good ole Mexico!Private boater Jesse fished with his Dad at the Coronado Islands and caught 3 Yellowtail, Sunday, 07-08-12, with this 32 pound Big'n caught by Dad:

Jesse fished with his Dad again Thursday, 07-12-12 and caught six Tails:

Private boater Jon fished with friends at La Jolla several days last weekend and caught a nice variety of Quality Fish:

The ¾ day boat San Diego out of Seaforth Landing caught 21 Yellowtail, 4 Calico Bass, 17 Barracuda, 29 Rockfish and 1 Lingcod on their Wednesday, 07-11-12 trip.

The Mission Belle headed out on Wednesday, 07-11-12, and caught 20 Yellowtail, 4 Calico Bass, 12 Barracuda, 3 Rockfish and 6 Sculpin.

The ¾ day boat Malahini caught 17 Yellowtail, 4 Calico Bass, 78 Barracuda, 20 Rockfish and 12 Sculpin on their trip on Wednesday, 07-11-12.
Private boater Matt fished with friends at the Coronado Islands and caught these Yellowtail and a few other critters:

Kayaker Scott caught this 35 pound Yellowtail last week out of San Diego:

Private boater Ethan fished with friend Eric Tuesday locally out of San Diego and caught this 25 pound Halibut:

Bluefin Tuna caught on a ¾ day trip by El Gato Sportfishing in Ensenada:

All comments and suggestions welcomed!
The weather forecast for both Saturday and Sunday locally looks to be very nice, the offshore scene also calls for calm conditions with under 10 knots of wind most of the time. Always check the latest forecast before leaving the dock.
Hook Up,

Comments (2)

tsurikichi wrote 6 years ago

Hi tunaslam,

Great roundup on the fishin' !! Lotsa effort put into all of the eye candy and background.

Thank you !


RonBeach wrote 6 years ago

Awsome report once again Cory. As you were writing this we caught limits of Yellowtail
for only 10 guys on Condor Thursday. Fun time.

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