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Cory Visser, of Long Beach, has been fishing for over 50 years. He has never had a boat of his own but is always there for captains who need a good crew. He is proud that he was once part of a crew that caught a Grand Slam of tuna on a one-day trip.

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August 16, 2013

Tunaslam Corner-08-16-13

by Cory Visser

Thursday Recap Report-Weekend Possibilities:
A Summary of local fishing from Santa Monica to Oceanside, including Catalina and San Clemente Islands, with fishing trips out of San Diego down to Baja, Mexico.

The exotics are moving up the line, as more and more Dorado are being caught. The Thunderbird ran a 1.5 day trip out of Newport Beach, fishing Thursday and caught 98 Dorado, 84 Yellowtail and two Yellowfin Tuna to 50 pounds. They had been fishing the Cortez Bank, however, the Kelp Paddy hopping just became too good. There are still Bluefin Tuna being caught at the Cortez Bank, as the Freedom found 24 willing biters on their 1.5 day trip that returned this morning.

It was an odd weekend fishing Offshore as some boats caught limits of Bluefin Tuna while others struggled to put together a good day. The weather kicked up on Friday and remained breezy through Tuesday. Then on Wednesday things seemed to settle down and the bite was on again. Many boats began their days looking for kelp paddies, and schools of hungry Tuna. There were more big Bluefin Tuna being caught this week, 70's, 80's and over 100 pounds. So bring one rig with at least 40 pound test line.

The bite continued to be excellent for Yellowtail with many Kelp Paddies holding fish. The size of the Yellowtail improved as well with a good mix of bigger fish in with the rats.

I fished Sunday on the private boat Scorpio, with owners Tony and Alex. We found four Kelp Paddies during the entire day out at the Hidden Bank with three of them holding fish. We ended the day with two nice Dorado 10 to 12 pounds, and limits of Yellowtail to eight pounds.

Pictures of myself and Alex's wife Racal with Dorado:

The weather has continued to hamper the private boater opportunities, especially for Tuna. The pens have not been anywhere near as productive as in the last few, and open water has not produced at all. A few Bluefin are being caught off a Kelp Paddy.

No more Albacore wandered into the southern California arena this week, as the bite is far north of us so far this season? Private boater Jeff made the long run up north to Monterey and caught eight 20-30 pound Albacore over the weekend.

The ¾ day San Diego boats have ventured offshore and also found rewarding results off the Paddies at times, including an occasional Bluefin Tuna, Yellowtail and Dorado. The San Diego caught 50 Yellowtail and 12 Dorado on their Thursday, 08-15-13 trip.

A 55 pound Bluefin Tuna off the Eclipse:

And a solid 40 pound Tuna:

A 105 pound Blue Tuna caught off the Producer:

And a 107 pound Tuna:

The Channel Islands long season of catching White Seabass had shut down the prior week, yet there was a small comeback this week, with scattered counts of White Seabass. The Halibut fishing remains red hot, with plenty of quality fish to 50 pounds being caught.

San Clemente Island is still yielding a few Yellowtail and occasional White Seabass.

A couple of Yellowtail are being caught at Catalina on any given day, supplemented with Calico Bass, Sheephead, Whitefish and Rockfish.

Locally the Sand Bass and Calico Bass fishing improved somewhat, as did the Barracuda bite! Counts of Barracuda increased into the sixty's on Thursday. When unavailable most boats have returned to Sculpin and Rockcod fishing! Twilight fishing for Bass is decent on selected nights, although when the Bass are not biting they target Sculpin.

Native Sun Twilight fishing:

Angler with some nice Sand Bass off the twilight trip on the Enterprise:

A Barracuda on their Saturday trip:

Angler Sergio and friends Twilight fish on the Monte Carlo last night:

Native Sun Rock fishing:

A nice Yellowtail on the half day boat Reel Fun out of Dana Wharf:

Also a nice Halibut:

A 30 pound Halibut caught off the ½ day boat Clemente on Sunday, 08-11-13:

Private boater Mark with a Thresher Shark caught locally:

There are still some Yellowtail on the chew at the Coronado Islands.

Very quiet in Ensenada with mostly Yellowtail and Dorado bites offshore.

Good fishing on the Dominator:

Pretty Ladies that fish or maybe not:

Island Spirit Halibut:

A decent day's fishing on the Mirage:

A big Halibut and Yellowtail off the Pacific Islander:

Lings, some Reds and Copper Rockfish caught off the Star Dust:

Nice Halibut off the Stardust:

The Islands

Catalina/Santa Barbara Island!

A big Halibut caught off the Options:

San Clemente Island!

The Thunderbird fishing SCI Sunday, 08-11-13 with angler Larry holding a big Yellowtail:

Angler Stew with Yellowtail caught Sunday, 08-11-13at SCI off the Options:

The Freedom is still finding a few White Seabass and Yellowtail at the Island, although they have been heading to the Cortez bank lately.

Down South-San Diego and good ole Mexico!

Nice Halibut caught on the Dolphin:

Private boaters on the Lucky B get the job done Wednesday, 08-15-13:

Chef Marris with a Nice Bluefin off the Voyager:

Captain Duane of Seasons Sportfishing with some great results over the weekend:

Captain Duane with a colorful Dorado caught Sunday, 08-11-13:

Angler Jesse with a 32 pound Yellowtail:

Several Dorado were caught as well:

Anglers with great fishing on the Bluefin Tuna caught off the Pride:

A 6.8 pound Calico caught by angler Warren fishing off the Dolphin Thursday, 08-15-13:

Another nice Calico Bass:

Quote of the day:

All comments and suggestions welcomed!

The weather forecast for Saturday looks to be breezy offshore, while Sunday will be just a little bit worse. Always on the weekend Mother wind, please give us a break? Always check the latest forecast before leaving the dock.
Hook Up,

Comments (3)

tsurikichi wrote 5 years ago

Hi Cory,

Great report. Computer ills on this side (for both machines) so I'll be in and out for a while.

Great lot of fish being shown in your wrap up ! Nice Shira .... er .... Dolphinfish ... er .... Dorado !! Congrats.


RonBeach wrote 5 years ago

Great report Cory, well after the wide open day
on big bluefin Wednesday, we only got 17 to bite
in 14hrs Thursday, some boats got less than that.
Really wierd offshore now, unless you're further
down it seems. News at 11.

Tunaslam wrote 5 years ago

Yep Ron, Some tough conditions right now. Fewer boats are striking the big pot of gold, scattered schools of BFT lately.

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