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May 31, 2016

FLIR Ocean Scout TK

by Chris Grech

FLIR recently announced the FLIR Ocean Scout TK, the marine industry's first sub-$600, pocket-sized thermal vision monocular. Enabled by FLIR's revolutionary low-cost Lepton micro camera core, the Ocean Scout TK is making thermal imaging technology even more accessible to boaters.

The smallest and most affordable model in the FLIR Ocean Scout series, the TK creates high-contrast images using heat, rather than visible light. As a result, the Ocean Scout TK makes it possible to see the differences in temperature and heat emitted by boats, buoys/channel markers, and landmarks such as inlets, jetties and docks in total darkness. It can reveal people that have fallen overboard and marine life breaking the surface of the water up to 130 yards away.

Pocket-sized and designed for one-handed use, the FLIR Ocean Scout TK is designed to withstand rain, wind, and even a drop in shallow water. This latest monocular can also store up to 1,000 JPEG images and four hours of video. The FLIR Ocean Scout TK runs on a rechargeable internal Li-Ion cell battery for 5 hours or more. It's only 4 inches long, weighs 6 ounces and can operate in temps from -4°F to 104°. The Ocean Scout TK is available worldwide through established FLIR dealers.


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