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March 10, 2017

BAMfluoro™ Fluorocarbon Leaders

by Chris Grech

BAMfluoro™ was born with the goal of outfitting all anglers with high quality line, made right here in the USA, at competitive prices. These fluorocarbon leaders were developed by a chemical engineer who loves fishing and has years of experience in fluoropolymer processing. By nearly matching the refractive index of saltwater, the product is virtually imperceptible to fish and maintains the strength to outperform traditional leader material. Recently launched with 40lb, 80lb and 130lb test products packaged in 100ft lengths, BAMfluoro™ was an instant hit thanks to polymers that offer excellent abrasion resistance and strength along with refraction index from the sun. Basically, the line doesn't chafe and it's essentially invisible in the water.

Due to the tremendous success of these leaders, BAMfluoro™ recently added 50lb and 100lb test fluorocarbon leaders to their product stable. In addition, the company has also tested and will soon be offering 180lb and 200lb test products with additional product research and development in the works currently.

Made in Arizona, BAMfluoro™ Fluorocarbon Leaders helped catch over 100 giant tuna caught in the Outer Banks this past season which is a pretty impressive feat in itself. It's a great new product and they are even offering a 2 for 1 "Going INTO Business Sale" on their website. Check it out!

Use coupon code PV188 for an additional 10% off any purchase!!!

Prices Vary

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