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January 29, 2015

Durabrite LED Lights

by Chris Grech

The marine world is way overdue for a light this over built and this reliable.

DuraBrite Lights have been leading the electronics industry for over 40 years. Their primary focus has been producing specialized lights for the military, mining and construction industries. These jobs demand nothing but the most reliable, powerful and efficient lights on the market. DuraBrite recently has seen the demand for quality LED lights in marine applications. Sport fishing, commercial fishing, ferries and the US Coast Guard have greatly benefited from these extremely bright lights that feature low power consumption.

DuraBrite Lights have many advantages over the competition including the best lumens to weight ratio on the market. They lead the industry in lumens per watt, lumens per pound and total lumens delivered. Pushing 50,000 lumens these lights are by far the brightest and most reliable LED lights on the market. Examples include the SLM35 which outputs 35,000 lumens at 300 watts and the SLM50 which outputs 50,000 lumens at 430 watts.

In addition, these products are also subjected to extremely cold and hot temperatures of -55 to 160F cycles for 12 hours straight. No place in the world can subject a product to those torturous temperature changes in such a short amount of time so you can rest assured that you won't have any issues. Currently DuraBrite has had lights on for 7 years straight in extreme heat and freezing conditions with zero issues. They are also placed on a rumble table to ensure no loose components are present and that the lights can handle extreme vibrations. DuraBrite Lights are not only 100% waterproof but actually work underwater in 3 feet or less.

There will be no mistaking your boat in the fleet with DuraBrite Lights. No more blown bulbs and no more serious power draw; just the brightest and coolest to the touch lights in the marketplace. The flood and spotlights offered can help you navigate through the darkness with ease as well all raise baitfish at night.

Commercial applications such as boat yards, marinas and fish docks will benefit from 80% less power consumption. Replacing ten halogen lights with one DuraBrite LED will pay for themselves in two years. State and Government agencies are also giving tax credits of up to $250 per fixture for commercial applications so it pays to do a little research.

Based in the USA, DuraBrite uses only components that are manufactured in the US. No parts are shipped from overseas which provides the consumer with a top of the line product. The company also goes through extensive testing prior to shipping all lights. Both 24 and 48 volt applications are available as well as AC voltage from 90 to 480 volts. Last but not least, DuraBrite offers a 5 year warranty.

If anyone is interested please e-mail Paul at [email protected] for more information or to place orders.

Use promo code marineLED and receive free shipping and mounting bracket (over $100 value).

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