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March 09, 2013

Yacht Shine Phenomenon

by Chris Grech

The Brite Group feature a selection of high performance maintenance products specially formulated to tackle all of your boat cleaning needs while being environmentally friendly. Yacht Shine Phenomenon is contemporary chemistry at its finest since the company has literally integrated liquid glass with the finest gloss agents to form a product that will generate the highest level of appearance and protection for all of your onboard solid surfaces, both interior and exterior. The "Polished Jewel Finish" can be attained via a fast and easy application to produce the finest gloss finish with long lasting protection. Simply spray a light mist of Phenomenon and wipe dry with a microfiber towel. If applying in direct sunlight, do small areas so the product does not dry on the surface.

This revolutionary product can be used on painted/gelcoat surfaces, varnish or urethane coated surfaces, metallics (brass, chrome, gold, silver, stainless, etc.), glass, mirrors, clear vinyl, in the galley (countertops, appliances, sinks, faucets), in the head (shower walls, doors, fixtures), wooden tables and chairs, outdoor vinyl fabrics/furniture and inflatables, tenders and toys. It also safely cleans and then repels fingerprints on smartphones, tablets and marine touch screens...realistically any surface that looks best highly polished. The company has also developed other great products including an algae and waterline stain remover, exhaust stain cleaner, teak cleaner and sealer, mold and mildew eliminator, as well as many others. Yacht Shine Phenomenon and their entire line of products are proudly made locally in the USA and are available at West Marine stores and online at

$19.95 for 16-ounce spray bottle (larger sizes available)
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