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  1. Mexico
  2. Mexico
    Baja Bytes – April 27, 2021 Que Pasa We fished for three days: one on the Pacific side, one in San Jose, and one in between the two. It was a mixed bag of fish this time. The water was mixed and some places very emerald, green, while others were light blue, and others very dark blue – and...
  3. Mexico
    Almaco Jack Attack – Baja Bytes “Gary, Have you ever tried to explain that amberjacks are extremely rare in Baja? And that all the fish being identified as amberjacks recently are really Almaco jacks?” texted Steve Crooke, Scientific Adviser for the Sportfishing Association of California (SAC)...
  4. Mexico
    Baja yellowtail challenge anglers Baja Bytes – March 2, 2021 Que Pasa Baja California Need Mexican Fishing License? IGFA Adopts New Language for Electric Reels Tijuana Bull Ring Local conditions were mixed but in general, it was windy and choppy. The water temps dropped several degrees and...
1-4 of 4 Results