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Good job Kimba.......Your absoloutly right about the Fresh Reds,etc.

Deep-fried fish,with a little picante'& some Thous.Isl.dressing mixed with a dab of Sour cream on a deep-fried corn Torta with cabbage.... Yum.... !!!! :p :) ;) ....

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KimbaWhiteLion said:
You don't know how badly I want to say that I whacked them, but there's really nothing special about these rockfish. Just average, but they sure were tasty. No better day to cook them than when they were fresh caught. The weather was near perfect today.

The rock fishing at the usual spots is almost always excellent. Hard to say if one trip is ever better than another. I respect those who do go far offshore, but I equally respect those who just got up off the couch to get out to the water and go for the easy stuff. Its all fishing and sure beats a day at the office.

So, Tunaslam, did you whack 'em again this weekend? Your 5,000+ fans want to know.

Why certainly, see my post on the Mexico reports board. Great catch BTW, good job.

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