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Lost power on the 91 freeway 5 minutes after leaving home. Scary trying to figure out what the heck happened with rush hour traffic whizzing by. Finally found a loose end of a throttle cable, stuck it back on and the Dodge Cummins is back up and on the road after a quick check of my shorts for leakage.

Light parade was fun but watch out for some crazy skippers especially around the funzone and Balboa ferry area. Unbelieveable what some of these guys will pull.

Two highlights of the night. First was my friends girlfriend wearing some italian leather stalleto spiked heels on board...Note to self: need to start laying some ground rules prior to leaving.

Second was my other buddy in his sarcastic way coining the term "Tanglesaurus Rex" referring to one of the Party Boats. LMAO Maybe it was just the delivery but it killed me. Here's how it went:

Me: "There's one of the local party boats there."
Friend 1: "Oh yeah, looks like a cattle boat"
Friend 2: "Cattle boat?? Looks like god [email protected]@% Tanglesaurus Rex to me!

Didn't fish but will give a quick fog report. It rolled in thick around 11:00pm and was pea soup thick in most places. Be careful. Water was 61 degrees and seas were nice outside the harbor.

Merry Christmas
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