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358# Warsaw !!!!

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While looking for info for my brother-in-law, I found this on th Gulf fishing board....
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OMG....thats a pig...cow...gorilla...:)

Some serious fillets off that....

I replied on the Gulf Coast Board to this.

It appears that this fish is facing extinction in the near future. I suspect that killing one of that size just moved it quite aways in that direction.

Too bad.

That guy may have just got the last one on earth - Way to go.

I hope that I'm wrong.
Damn, you guys always knocking a legal catch are really getting old, You sure know how to ruin a fish report from people. Just cause you have a opinion you dont have to always express it. Sometimes the strongest statement is the statement not said.

Build a bridge and get over it.

Chris (bitesomthing)
20 foot proline
Read my other post on the Gulf board. Sorry to ruin the report but I THINK taking warsaw grouper IS illegal. If I am wrong, let me know.
Goliaths (Jew Fish) or Nassaus groupers are protected......not Warsaw.....

It was a nice catch, and one to be proud of....but I would have love to seen that one swim away.....the poster never did post his story. But to each angler his own...i pass no judgement.

But i wish he would post the full story.
catch a clue, dude

this is the BS BOARD, not the FISH REPORT BOARD. Thats why this board was started; so guys like you could whine about reading an opposite opinion from yourself.

with that said, that's an interesting fish the guy caught
RE: catch a clue, dude

I think it's a wee bit ironic that a self impressed talking head first bags a guy for taking a fish he apparently doesn't know much about, but even worse brags and beats his chest over taking some 400lb Bluefins off North Carolina that are clearly suffering some existance issues of their own. Way to go yourself, Tarzan.
That's what it looks like to me too. It appears that the fish is in the extreme foreground and the guy is standing way back. C&P or made up, it dosen't look quite right.



Here i go again, posting about some else's catch...since it was already on AC, I figure it's ok....and no comments from you Chris :) ;)

If you look at the light reflection on the guys face and the light reflection on the gill...this would go against the cut and paste theory....
The light is coming from the right direction, plus look at the shadows in the background.....he would have to be standing somewhat behind the fish for this effect.....It appears real to me. If it is a few hairs raised.

E: looks like the guys shoulder is casting a shadow on the fish

Edit: I went back to the original post and checked out a link about a 400 pounder that some diver speared at 435 is smaller then this one....the more i look at it, the more it does appear fake..cut, enlarge, and paste. That 400 pounder was 2 feet smaller 1/4 less in girth.
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Bottom line, the guy is wearing white deck boots! Pretty much negates any kind of manly catch... The fact that his sister wants her boots back probably takes away the magnitude of the fish...
Thats funny....LOL...I was thinking the same thing.
RE: real another pic with something to use as a scale

I would post it...but i don't have the permission of the web site. :)

here is another pic of the same mistake...IT'S REAL

Check out this monster while you are at it.

Now that is a true ghost fish
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Here is another of the same fish.....

Check some of the other pics on this site.....some pigs.
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Here is a little info on the Warsaw.....seems like it is pretty common and plentiful....they live 25-30 years.
Thanks for putting that up blackfish. I posted a link on the gulf-coast board as well.

To many self-proclaimed experts and moral police.....
O.K. It seems that there is a lot of confusion between warsaw/goliath/jewfish. Consensus is that it was a legal catch. I'll go along with that. Thanks for the information & sorry if I stirred things up. That was not my intention.

Hey, if this is the BS board, why do I need to apologize?
>sorry if I stirred things up. That was not my intention.
>Hey, if this is the BS board, why do I need to apologize?

Heck, BTB. If them were the rules, more than half my posts would be apologies. :+

But like I said, the "Warsaw" is an interesting fish. I may not have learned more about it if you hadn't spoke your piece. Thank you and every one else who helped clear up a confusing situation.
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