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We started a pre-boarding party about 7:00am at Fisherman?s Landing with Helen Whitehouse, Rice Bowl model serving shots of Patron & Beer and Jerry G. taking photos. Captain Shane Slaughter was so kind to provide us with an early departure of 8:45 am to make a bonsai run down south to Benitas and Cedros.

We started at Benitas around three o?clock and looked around. After a couple of drifts we got the anchor down. We ended up with about thirty yellows in 25-30 lb class for the evening, we lost about 40 of them due to being rocked and brown sharks.

The next morning we started at the south end of Cedros, first thing in the morning we got on a bird school for about forty nice grade yellows. Around mid morning we left for Chester Rock half where out in the flats there were a few spots of yellows up. We were able make a few drifts for about 50 yellows mixed grade. The afternoon was spent at Chester?s. We got the anchor down and were able to get a steady pick on good grade yellows. We ended the two days down there with 170 or so yellows.

The next day we started just outside of Sacramento reef for good steady action on quality size cod with limits for everyone. 9 year old Noah Ehni his first time out landed a 40 lb plus yellow tail, also tag me in my sleep. Jack pot fish went to Jeff Chambers for a 39 lb yellow tail.

I would like to say a special Thanks to all of the Islander Crew for always going the extra mile and having a first class operation Captain Shane, Captain Jason, Chef Paul, Chef Rick, Crewman John, Crewman Chris and Pinhead Ryan. Also congratulations to Captain John Conniff on his new born.

We started the 2008 season better than expected. We hope that our luck continues as we set off in June for our 2 day.

Pics to be posted on , sorry I do not know how to attach them to this report.
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