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5.00 A Gallon for Gas!!!!!! Are they F^&ken Nuts!!!!

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Watched the News last night,They were saying that Gas "will" Hit 3.00 A gal by the end of the Month and if Oil hits 100.00 A barrel We will see fuel at the pump @ 5.00 A gal. X 150gal = $750.00 And that's at the Pump on land I would hate to even think what it would be at the Island or at the marina!!!!!!!!

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Hate to say it Raz...but if Crude hits $100 for any sustained period of time...prepare to pay more than $5 for pay ALOT more for just about everything else you use in your life from food to clothes to etc. etc. etc.
Rob's right, Energy costs have deep rooted colleratal implications. Inflation would create higher lending costs, thus less spending, less saving, less Job creation, slower housing market ect ect. I think the key to Rob's point however is the word sustained. A short term spike would have short term implications, however would be remembered for a long time to come! As for fishing, I would think that Party boats would become much more popular, as the fuel costs are spread out quite a bit more than a private. Private boats, would become floating condo's and harbor cruise machines!
If this ends up happening I'll work from home.
Home will become one of the oil platforms offshore.
Satellite hookup for the laptop/pc, fish from the platform
for my food, and hoopnet with 300-500 foot ropes.
Not sure I'll commute back and forth to see the family?

This CRAP is out of control!
Damn GOVERNOR Bush Jr.!!

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Diesel for my truck this morning here in Santa Barbara was 3 bucks per.

Last year it spiked at 3.90 in town....bottomed at 2.69 a few months ago....and has slowly crept back up.

My Three Sons
We've sat on Collective Hands for 30 years just waiting for the Middle East to Brings us To Our Collective Knees........

Californias Oil production in 1980 Could have easily sustained the entire West coast for decades (Real Estate was Worth More)
We've Been Sold Out Folks..... I just Bought 17 Gallons for 40.00

There's a Swell looking "B.P." Logo now residing on the Arco pumps
lots of Empty Tankers going into Wilmington Sunday afternoon
Probally on it's Way To China,.......... Yes I'm Serious
This latest Gas Increase Has Me re-thinking the "new Boat" Thing. Hell I will Have to renew My "Ticket" And run charters Just to fish from my own boat! The "floating condo" Is just a perk I want to be able to use it for its intended purpose Running long!!!Not to do Dinner cruises!!!!!!

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RE: 5.00 A Gallon for Gas!!!!!! Are they F^&ken Nuts!!!!

Have you opened you "Gas Company" Bill for January?

Nov-Dec 52.00
Dec-Jan 191.00

Thermostats been on 66 degrees Since I got Wind of the increase nothing like getting handed a 200% mark up in thirty days Time, and with a lower thermostat to Boot

Bend over America's 1976 all over again
Goodbye American Autoworkers, Go Hug your Suburban it's going to be worth nothing tommorow

Boating Should be a very popular past time in 2006........ NOT

Interesting Graph: Note Iran's Contribution, it's the neighbor to the N.W. of Iraq

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RE: 5.00 A Gallon for Gas!!!!!! Are they F^&ken Nuts!!!!

$3.09 this morning for diesel. Hey how else are the oil companys going to make their 13 billion dollar profits this quarter?
RE: 5.00 A Gallon for Gas!!!!!! Are they F^&ken Nuts!!!!

Buy your Energy equitys now!
RE: Hybrid Boat Motors?

I would like to see someone develop a Hybrid boat motor or engine. One that is fuel efficient, non-pollutant, reliable, and has good output. I guess that is too much to ask for, as I'm sure it would cost an arm and a leg.
RE: Hybrid Boat Motors?

P-Hunter, That's called a Diaper Hanger ;)
RE: Hybrid Boat Motors?

My last boat was a hybrid. It used its own power to get out there & Vessel Assist to get back.
RE: Hybrid Boat Motors?


I would like to see someone develop a Hybrid boat motor or
>engine. One that is fuel efficient, non-pollutant, reliable,
>and has good output. I guess that is too much to ask for, as
>I'm sure it would cost an arm and a leg.

You know! That Idea Could be a reality for some Boats!!There are Dc Motors that develops 200 to 400 Hp that are the size of a Small block ,Gear box it right,,Couple of VDC`s,(Variable drive converters),1 cat generator develop 100,amp of ac 440 power,Not Impossible!!But a power system like that would need a Real good Electrical Engineer to design,But it`s possible,!!!Any Engineers IN THE HOUSE!!!!!Want to take a poke at this one! Size (Generator)----->Vdc-------->D/C Motor--->Gear box----Prop shaft,,

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A google search indicates that some of the information about oil production and consumption may not be totally accurate.

As an example:

While California is the fourth largest oil-producing area in the United States, behind Federal Offshore production, Texas and Alaska, in 2004, only 42% of Californiaâ??s oil came from within the state. Alaska provided 22%, and foreign sources 36%.

California oil production is aging production and has decreased from approx 350,000,000 bbls per year in 1990 to 267,000,000 per year in 2004.

As for Iran, it produces about Iran: 3.775 bbls per day non of which comes to the US.

The US uses about 19.993 bbls per day but produces only about 8.091 bbls per day--or less than 1/2 of what we need.

The sad fact is that we are dependent on outside sources of oil to keep our economy alive. Oil consumption world wide is increasing and competion for that oil is increasing too.

Basic suppy and demand would appear to indicate that prices over time will go up until alternate energy sources are developed.
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RE: 5.00 A Gallon for Gas!!!!!! Are they F^&ken Nuts!!!!

Hey Dave,

I paid $2.43 last night for diesel in Coeur d Alene. When I came home from skiing today I saw it was $2.69 here at the lake.

B O H I C A Bend over here it comes again !!!
RE: Hybrid Boat Motors?

Hey folks just last night on the news the oil companyâ??s are bragging about their record profits they are making! It really does come down to supply and demand though. We should have been building damn refineries to keep up with the demand of this day and age instead of sitting back with our thumb up our arses. Even the ones we have now are so damn old its ridiculous. Bunch of BS!
RE: Hybrid Boat Motors?

Refer back to post #9!
RE: Hybrid Boat Motors?

This is not a true supply and demand issue when they can keeping fing around with the supply, or so they say!

The oil companies won't build more refineries if we keep paying the higher prices. I personally have dropped my gas purchases by at least 35% this year. If we all did that, gas would be back down to below $1.50, imho.

Amazing how technology based companies like Intel can continue to build better, faster, smaller, more powerful devices, and still drop the price points from dollars to cents. It is called competition in the marketplace.

We are now worse off than when Standard Oil was the controling monopoly. They broke them up and 80 years later they are back together again screwing the whole planet.

Having oil men for Presidents in the past two decades has bent us all over the almighty oil barrel. I wonder what the collective oil assists of the Bush family have done in the past ten years?
Hey Everybody Newsflash

Hey Everybody, Newsflash: That gas We were buying the last Week of December @ $1.97 a gal. Was "Winter Blend"

Gas is averaging 2.54 right now Because the Refiner's supply is low,
as they gear up and switch over to "Summer Blend"

I'm having a Hard Time understanding This, As I was under the impression that most of today's popular 4 cyl Cars were meeting 2006's stringent emmisions standards back in 1998

If these Common Vehicles were exceeding 2006 Emisssions standards
6 years ago Why the F*&^* Do We need "Summer Blend"
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