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5-16-2008 Dana Point T's

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Heard San Diego was a desert and DP was finally seeing the T's.

Wanted to make the tide change so we left around 9:30 to be in position. Gas price at the dock with BoatUS and Cash discount, $4.76 per gallon.

Made Macs at the Red Buoy no problems with a little cat food chum.

Trolled North of DP with the crowd starting in very shallow and working out to 800 ft.

Got a couple knockdowns and one that pulled the skirts off the Bait-O Matic as well as taking the Mac. Might have been a knothead as one surfaced in the area.

Couple more tickles but nothing sticks and we find ourselves off the point and thinking maybe another skunk day. Water temps 64.5 btw

Heard someone back down by where we got our knockdowns in need of a flying gaff so we figured we might need to do a better job of respecting the knockdowns and properly box the area.

Saw the guys hooked up and watched what looked like a lot of fun from a safe distance.

Next thing were getting our black and purple Bait-O tickled again. Not a solid knockdown but a few bobs of the rod tip.

Then it stuck.

Fish comes flying out the water full on aerial 2-3 times.

Fought the fish for a what may have been too long but not sure as it's the first one on my boat. Avet 30W 2speed. The fish would end up doing a slow circle around the boat taking line when it got close and us gaining line back in the other half.

After a couple runs where we had to back down on it we moved to trying to position the boat so we could catch it on one of it's loops. Second time got a good gaff shot in the head and then tail roped it.

Turns out it was gill hooked, hence the reason it made circles I would guess. The hook came out without any force so its a good thing we did not try to overpower it.

Heard lots of others landing as well as lots of releases. Was going to run down to main beach and help out a father and son with no gaff but got caught up in our own fish but heard they finally landed theirs as well.

Congrats to all that got one and especially to those that unselfishly released theirs.

Not sure of the weight. Maybe as light as 100 or as heavy as 150? I think I'll settle for 125...


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Looks at least 125#! Nice report and good job on not overpressuring it.
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