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The last 4 years since I've been fishing the SMB, I've read on Allcoast from other anglers about geting into a cuda bite with the flocking birds overhead and all hell breaking loose. Well, yesterday was my first encounter and it was everything I had imagined or could ask for. The funny thing is that it nearly didn't happen at all. We were lucky. Here's the story. My buddy Brad and I left MDR around 6:30AM after loading up at In Seine. We planned to go the Short Bank for some rockfish and enjoy the beautiful weather and calm seas. At our spot, I hooked up a nice sized ling on my second drop and took that as a good omen. Not much happened afterwards. Around 12:30PM I aee this boat fast approaching us and I figure its the DFG. As it gets closer I see its just another boater, but why is he full throttle heading to us. Well, he pulls on the brakes about 50 yards out and start shouting, "there's a barracuda bite, thousands of them!!!" He starts pointing in one direction, "follow the birds!!!" Well. Mr. whoever you are, thank you for the tip! If it wasn't for your thoughfulness, we would have missed it. We pulled up our lines and started heading in the direction that he had indicated. Shortly, we saw the birds and the slimmies were jumping everywhere. I think we were the only boat at the time, but about 45 minutes later the whole fishing fleet came. We trolled with irons and had double hook up's at times. We boated 10, farmed another 5 and decided it was enough fish for the day. Again, whoever you are, thanks for the tip! Here's a couple of shots at dockside. I was too excited to bring out the camera when the bite was on. Fish On! Victor Here's Brad holding up a pair me "moi" with the jack pot. lol

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