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Launched out of CI harbor @ 12:00 pm Sat. We were greeted by the CG Aux doing free inspections. He was very persistent on inspecting my boat. I declined at first, but since my saftey equipment is all in one bag I gave in. It took all of 5 min.

After getting our pat on the back off we went. The ride over to Anacapa was perfect. 25 knots the whole way with no bump at all.

On the front side of Capa we saw dolphins and birds on a feeding frenzy. And on the east end we ran into a Mola.

The water temp was around 61. I began trolling the backside of capa with feathers hoping to get some bones for nada.

We stopped at Cat Rock to soak a few baits for nada. The area was pretty much lifeless! Water temp as high as 62.8 .

Stopped at the Gap to see if I could pick up a ling and got 1 med chuckle on three stops.. @( I decided to move to Yellow Banks, but just as I was leaving I saw a feeding frenzy in the Footprint area.
So I had to check it out. It turned out to be porpoise crashing bait balls and birds scavenging.

Headed over to Yellow Banks. There was bait in the area, but the water was a chilly 57. Picked up a sheepshead, a bocacio and a few vermillion. All released except for the verms.I am almost positive that I lost a WSB. I was using a dropper loop in 80 ft with a whole squid when I went instant bendo. The fish peeled off 30 yards of line. I turned it and then felt 5-6 headshakes and it was unbuttoned. @( After a few more soaked baits I moved to the west end of Yellow Banks for nada.

Anchored up at Smugglers cove for the night and was able to make some bait. Mostly jack macks, but a few were green backs.

Headed back over to Yellow Banks @ 6:30 am for a couple hours for nada. Hit the Gap again hoping for a ling, but it was dead.

Then I hit the kelp along capa for nada. The only fish I saw was smelt.. :td: Hit the Anacapa reef on the way in for a few more vermillion.

The weather was great, conditions were calm, and the boat ran perfect. All in all a great overniter @ the CI's!! 8)

Looking forward to another trip with warmer water!



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Congrats Chris,on gettin' Her back on the water & for a Safe,Successful Shakedown Cruise...... :tu:

Sounds & Looks (nice Pics!), like you had a great Time on the Water...
I know it was Long Overdue.... ;)

Nice,Informative Report......Thanks.
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