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Alright everyone, I took 5 of my buddies out yesterday on a 6 pack charter from SF. We left the dock at around 6:30a.m. on Flash Fishing with Captain Steve and Jerry who was his deckhand for the day. The plan was to fish Mel's reef early for striper, and then chase halibut the rest of the day. We loaded up on some live bait, and headed over to the reef to join everyone else, and I everyone else I mean EVERYONE else. It was like a parking lot out there with at least 8 charter boats/party boats and 20 to 30 private boats or more. It was pretty crowded, but overall everyone did a good job avoiding any trouble. On the first drfit I was the first to hook up into what felt like a nice fish. I fought it for about 5 minutes before it pulled the hook. Next drift my buddy Joel hooks and lands a nice 8lb striper. This was followed shortly by Eric's 10lb fish, and then Boby's 12 to 15lb bass. Robert hooked into what felt like the nicest fish of the day. It was his first time fishing. The fish went under the boat, and he thumbed the spool trying to bring it back out. Well, needless to say it didn't take long for the line to snap. Suddenly, my rod loads up, and I'm on. Fought this thing for a good 10 minutes until I had him straight up and down. Fought more like a halibut than a bass. Ended up being a large leopard shark. We all had some money in the jack pot, but I felt bad keeping him just to win the pot. So, after a quick pick he was released.
We landed one more bass before Captain Steve decided to move out and look for some butts. We drifted near the flats and I quickly landed to small fish, about 20 and 21.5 inches. There were promptly thrown back. Didn't seem like anyone else was catching much here so we moved on down to the rock wall area. Here we found several party boats and private boats. Spent the rest of the day drifting here for some 23 to 27 inch butts, total of 4. We also released about 10 or 12 shakers, and had quite a number of raked baits. Ended the day with a smoothhound shark that was also released. Total for the day: 4 butts and 4 bass. Not bad considering it was everyone's first time out. Could have had a few more bass and maybe a few more butts. Here is a pic of me slicing up some brisket I had thrown on the grill
Couple of shots of the guys: After a few beers, Joel looks like he is almost passed out
Group shot, no fish just yet...
Bobby, about to get back into the game. That smile says he'll be on soon.
Here is a pic of Eric trying to figure out how to work the reel (after a few beers)
Here is Captain Steve:
Here is the group photo with todays catch:
Enjoy guys, Gerry

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