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advice on group side tying/no mooring

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Looking for advice, instruction, tips etc....

I have only side tied on moorings.....

If you are planning on side tying with 4-8 boats in a cove without a mooring (overnight), how do you go about doing it.....

I would figure after the first person is set and hung, the next boater would attempt to drop anchor about 10 20 feet to the side, in the same area the fist boater dropped anchor, and drift back until the boats are parallel, and if the anchor has stuck, set up the bumpers, toss a line and pull each other in tight, and continue to repeat the process until all boats are tied.....

Would you put the larger boats in the middle of the row, or at the ends?

Would you use a stern anchor, or would this be to dangerous due to current changes, and swell.

Any advice is appreciated. Of course this would be in good conditions. I would consider good conditions little or no winds, small swell 2-3 or less.

If conditions turn bad, I would say the boats on the end pull up first, and continue from both ends working to the center boat.


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I would think that conditions and the type of exposure to that cove would dictate that situation, my answer would be that it depends. That being said, in a perfect situation, it little weather or current exposure, I would put the bigger boat/s in the middle, and deploy both bow and Stern Anchors, the stern being done via tender. I would then probabably have every other or every third boat on each side then deploy anchors, both bow and stern, so as not to create tangles. Important to take note of land based structure and how your boat/s swing in accordance with these, that shoud give you an idea as to how you are holding and or swinging. If weather, current, wind or swell comes up, I would'nt be afraid to adjust, or break up into smaller groups.

Lastly, since I do a lot of sidetie'ing in Avalon, I have amassed a lot of bumpers, big ones in fact, the large salmon egg balls, and other sized ones. Go to Minneys and buy some of these, as they almost always have them in the far back corner of the yard. If a boat comes cruising by with a huge wake, ahole or not, you will thank your lucky stars that you did!
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It sounds to me like you already know how to get set up. Just two questions remain realy. First question is where to put the big boats.
I would think that the big boats should go in the center with the small boats on either side.

The second question is whether or not to use a stern anchor. I think the stern anchor is a good idea. If five or eight boats were all anchored parralel, and the current shifted, I would think the anchor lines will twist and make a mess of things.

Also, this thing, or occasion sounds like a ton of fun, so I know you wouldnt do it without us !:D

Agree with you on that one, Bill....
Fenders! Fenders! Fenders! Fenders! Fenders!
And even more fenders! ready in the middle of night to bail on the group and slip away if conditions change. That's tough if you're in the middle of a be warned!

My Three Sons

Check the pictures out in the LINK provided.

In 2004 at this event I think we had close to 15 boats tied together.
ZERO PROBLEMS encountered!

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
Too much massuhchoculation!

My Three Sons
Thanks for the replies guys...

Something like this

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Thats some artistic rendering you got there...

I'm just messing around. Actually, though I'm not as experienced with this procedure on the ocean with larger boats, or nearly the sea men that these guys are, we frequently do this on rivers and lakes. It is much the same procedure. The largest boats tie off first in the center bow and stern lines. The the smaller boats off to each side. The bumpers, as has been stated are indeed one of the most critical factors and their placement is important as well. You will inevitably swing and often at different rates.

Good luck


PS Bill where is moonies, as I'd like to find more bumpers as inexpensively as possible.

Photos from Dana Point last Mem. Day Weekend. Some boats were bow to stern while others had bow and stern anchors out.

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