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I?ve been limited to fall trips for a few years so it?s been a while since I fished the Albacore. I?ve got a 13 day coming up on the Rooster in July and I want to buy some rubber to fish the slide. I used to like the 5?, dark red and green ?worm king? type swim bait, with a 2 oz head. Seems like a lot more options are available now, what do you guys recommend? Color, brand, weight etc.

Also, what brand leadhead uses the best hooks? Thanks,

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First choice...If you can fin them 5" megabaid LA sliders in anchovy or the 1 oz weight.....perfect every time on the slide....

I you can't find them the Ilike 5" fishtrap in channel island cj=hovy or purple black with 1 1/4 oz black head. JMO
Huh? A 13 day in July? June Heat, and July scorch? A 5 and 8 day combo, whatup Dave?
wahoodad said:
Huh? A 13 day in July? June Heat, and July scorch? A 5 and 8 day combo, whatup Dave?

I knew I?d get a bite on that! I?m on the 8-day after you and the 5-day Newell-YoZuri after that.

Glad the laudromat is walking distance!
What, no albies in the klongs? @(

FWIW, I've caught albies on the slide with lots of different type lures--platics, megabait type things, even dead fin bait, and haven't noticed that any one of them work particualry better than another. That being said, I'd try to match the hatch--if they are biting a partiuclar bait or color that day, try to have something that matches. I do agree with Fishy that black/purple, and anchovy or sardine type plastics are good, and 5" is a good size.
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