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Here's a reprint from another board that sounds pretty exciting...

Location: San Diego, California
Boat: INDIAN 65X20 Sportboat
Age: 44
Occupation: Sport boat owner/operator

vCash: 500 Large area of Albacore West of San Diego

I talked to Pete owner of the Dominator Yesterday and I asked him about his commercial buddys that have been out West the last 3 weeks or so and he said that on the way back to San Diego the boat metered Albacore for a couple hundred miles.This area is around 300 to 550 miles West of San Diego and as long as they dont take a hard left turn we should see plenty of fish in the near future.The guy running the boat said things look pretty good for us from what he has seen.We normaly dont see volumes of fish to the West this time of year and I am pretty excited to hear this report and the water is really clean all over the place so the doors open.CHICKEN
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