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finally got a chance to contribute to the fishing reports with something good. aloha spirit yesterday: 32 lb wsb on the surface iron!!! tady C on my old school 690J.

long version:

first time on the water in a couple of months. buddy put together a work charter and asked to come along and help out and do a little fishing. fished rockcod in the morning for a slow pick on smallish cods. then fished the kelp and the beaches. super slow on the inside with only a few calico's and a nice halibut on the drift. shaun on the helm see's some birds working up the line and its game on for about 30 minutes. at first i thought they were cuda but someone yelled "seabass!!!" and it was on. first cast on the iron and i got bit about 20 feet from the boat, watched it eat it, tail comes out of the water and everything. unfortunately, i hooked pulled on that one. next cast, 4 cranks and on again. stuck and on the deack 32 lbs on the digi. final count for the boat 9 wsb, 1 halibut and 100+ on the cods. turned out to be a great tirp with lots of guys hooked for life.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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