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Angry Post clearified!!!!!

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You know badger I feel sorry for you I really do man! You have your head so far up you A$$$ you can't even realize what your problem is. You know like they say if you can't see what your own problem is then you actual have a problem. I have stooped to your level by demeaning your character so I guess I can say I'm being hypocritical. Never did I say in any of my posts I was called a Jap. That is one of many reasons that I can see your education and intellectual level is just not there. Should I point them out? I think I will and I'll let this rest because you have to be the winner. Right!

>First off nobody called you a JAP, It was a reference made by John and he meant no >harm especially to you. You could have simply sent a pm to John and he would have no >doubt edited his post. Right or wrong, I suggested that we are all a little too sensitive for >a fishing board and you attacked everyone in sight publicly and continue to do so.

You are correct John did not call me a Jap. In fact I was not the original person who brought to his attention the word was offensive. I think John is a man who can speak for himself! Why does he need an idiot like you to speak for him? How is your comprehension doing so far I didnâ??t loose you yet have I? What your Ignorant A$$ doesnâ??t understand is the word is just simply offensive. Are you still with me or did your head suddenly pop back into your A$$?

>Who is the angry man? The way you talk about my appendage, not only are you the >sensitive type, Now, I'm thinking you could be gay as well and have your own issues

I can assure you that I am not angry! I do have issues myself but nothing like you. I have the ability to identify mine. I had said in previous posts I can use my intelligence to get my point across without becoming upset and demean others. I also indicated to you that I would say what Iâ??m saying now in your presence and you would take it to another level not me. You on the other hand who has no dignity, respect, integrity, self-esteem or intelligence must go to the gym, which is fine and dandy, build your body up and use your size to get your point across. Now if you had all of what I say you lack you would be a more respectable person and not degrade other peopleâ??s character as you often do. You think so?? Oh Iâ??m sorry I forgot you have the brain of a donkey. As you said to me Iâ??m a puss, Iâ??m sensitive, and now Iâ??ve suddenly become gay. Well I have a beautiful wife and yes Iâ??m very sensitive to her needs. I have 5 children who Iâ??m very sensitive to their needs and I will educate and lead them to grow up and not become a disrespectful person in our society like you. As a matter of fact I should use you as an example. As I said before I can hold my ground if necessary!! You revisited the appendage issue, Hmmm is that true. I donâ??t think you have the adjoining pair which hangs around the appendage either. If you did have the adjoining pair and you actually had pride you could pull your head out of youâ??re A$$ swallow it (pride) and realize how much of an idiot you are and make those proper changes to be a better contribution to our society. I hope you donâ??t have any kid that will follow your lead.

Now Let Me apologize to the Moderators, and especially â??JJâ?? for my misunderstanding and stooping down to this level! I think Iâ??ve wasted enough of everyoneâ??s time giving Badger some much needed therapy on his character. I donâ??t have the problem so Iâ??ll go do some fishing nowâ?¦â?¦â?¦

24ft SeaCraft â??KAMASUâ??
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I hear there are big trout in Idaho.

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