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Well, with the surface fishing just getting into gear (nice bone reports last week & good thresher counts) I just can?t get enough info from all my regular fish report sites to plan the next trip. With the price of fuel cresting $4.00 who wants to go for a 50 mile ride for nada? Here on line it?s best to leave the locations out of the reports, so other than the general areas it?s up to us to figure out the rest.

I?ve been monitoring the VHF from home lately and I?m hearing reports from San Diego to Santa Monica. I have a decent antenna up fairly high here in Anaheim. Although many signals are week, they?re still a fair copy. I?m fortunate that my ham gear will cover that band but you can listen there for only a few bucks invested with a cheap police scanner and an antenna 10 feet or more above the roof. Make sure the scanner covers the 150 to 160 MHz band FM. The antenna can be an old CB whip or a length of wire 6ft+ long. An antenna cut for that band will work better but for just receiving most anything will work.

This morning?s chatter on 72 is 200# thresher boated 2 mi outside of Dana in 300 ft, 64 degree water at the 180/182, lots of skippers asking where the fish are, mid channel lookin pretty fishy, big bait/bird/porpoise schools outside the domes?.

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