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Anyone want to fish Sat ??

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E mail me if you want to go on the rubber ducky Saturday morning about 5:00am to fish bass with plastics or iron.No Bait allowed
[email protected]
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Oh...and I suppose you lost my ph#? I just came back in the house from hooking up the boat. I'll be solo too Lal, but on a different mission.
I need to make a bait run, for lobster fishing next weekend. I'll call you on the water.

First post and he's already offering a spot on his boat.... That's one heck of a guy... :)

All kidding aside, I'll be out manana as well making bait. Hope to see some of you guys out there.

Cheers, Bill

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How did you guys make out getting bait today, we are heading out tomorrow for a look around....

let us know how you guys did/do making bait. i need some too for hooping.

Gettin' Ugly
Welcome back Lal!

Parker 2320 'FloMar'.
Thanks for the welcome ! I didnt see much bait today up the line at PV.If you call me I,ll give you an area that I saw a nice school of macks today-562-965-3237
We're gonna launch at Dana tomorrow about 5:30am and head up the coast...thanks for the comeback..

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