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Avet HX 5/2

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I'm looking into this reel for 50#, and the narrow version for 40#.
Mostly Bait application, but some jigging. Looks and feels right at the tackle store. Drag range looks good for up to 100# class tuna. Haven't read much about this reel in the recent Accurate VS Avet discussion. Most of the posts are for the Avet JX and LX 6/3s. Is this too much reel for the application? Would appreciate some advice.
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I agree on the HXJ for 50#, but would a JX 6/3 be too little of a reel for fishing wahoo on 40# with spectra backing? I have the JX and LX 6/3 and felt the LX was too wide for constant jigging last time out.

I am on a 10 dayer in early November and need to add a wahoo reel.
I agree with the narrow reel concept and is why I was inquiring about the JX 6/3 and whether there is enough line capacity for fishing wahoo.
MarkT said:
It's fine for wahoo w/40#. I've got 300 yds of 65# spectra with 40# mono on top. The JX 6/3 is the same capacity as other common wahoo reels like the Trinidad/Torium 20 or Saltiga/Saltist 40. Other equivalently sized reels are the Penn 99/545, Newell 332, PG 545/550/2500, Tor/Trn/Ts20, Daiwa SLX-40, SA40/STT40, Boss 870, SST-7530.

I've got the JX 6/3, Tor 20, PG 545 and Penn 545 GS.

That's the info I was looking for thanks!
1 - 3 of 10 Posts
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