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Bait pump

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Need feedback on a good bait pump these kodiack pumps just ae not lasting.Thanks.
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I have had good luck with the red top Rule pumps -- Have a 700 gph on the boat right now and it has been working fine for the last three years ...............
Those are the ones i am using and are only lasting about 10 months but thanks any way.
I prefer the Shurflo pumps.

I use them exclusively.
Does Shurflo make large volume pumps i need at least 2 @1,100 g.p.h.
>I prefer the Shurflo pumps.
>I use them exclusively.

I vote for Shurflo also!! They are a very local company in Cypress and if your pump needs any a rebuild....they do it on site at cost of parts plus a small labor charge. They are located on the corner of Katella and Valley View and I have my pumps rebuilt there all the time...while I wait.
They will not sell any pumps at the plant in Cypress......but do all repairs there.

Bent Rods!!
Thanks But why are you having to rebuild these surflo pumps. These pumps can not break down with a load of live fish

Thats good info, my bait pump is on the outs, it just started getting really loud, someone said it was a bearing. I've had this on the boat since 02 and this is the 1st problem with it. It a very soild pump. I just bought a new one but I think I will take my other in to have it rebuilt and used as a back up.

Thank for the heads up,

If you guys are saying these pumps last since 02 then i guess they are the one. thanks again
I've always had good luck with the Jabsco Centuri-puppy centrifugal pump.
Easy to rebuild if nessasary.

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I adamently agree with The Right Kind, the Jabsco Centra-Puppy is THE best... it is powerful, QUIET, low amp draw & lasts forever because the impeller is brass... I used these pumps exclusively when I was commercial live fishing sheephead & they never failed me... may cost a little more, but worth it if your either eighty miles offshore fishing tuna or backside WSB at Cat with a sixty dollar load of bait!

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