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In operation FONMAR-CONAPESCA boat and equipment are retained for fishing in protected natural area
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  • The crew were surprised in the vicinity of Isla Cerralvo fishing with oxygen tank
Fisheries in the State (CONAPESCA) carried out the retention of a boats and diving equipment for carrying out underwater fishing in a protected natural area without having the permit to do so.

On instructions from the Director General of FONMAR, Martín Inzunza Tamayo, the team from the Coordination of Management, Inspection and Surveillance in the Municipality of La Paz, headed by José Lizandro Olachea Burgoin, moved to the vicinity of Isla Cerralvo to carry out a joint surveillance operation with CONAPESCA personnel on December 1 and 2.

In the place, a boat with five people on board carrying out the underwater fishing activity was identified, which, upon noticing the presence of the authorities, fled, catching up with the FONMAR boat and requesting the CONAPESCA authorities to show the permits. corresponding.

The crew members could not prove that they had the corresponding permits, in addition to being scuba diving with oxygen tanks, which according to NOM-017-PESC-1994 must be done only with the lungs.

In the act, the federal officials of CONAPESCA carried out the retention of the boat, an outboard motor and fishing gear consisting of complete diving equipment, compressor, oxygen tank and diving hose.

FONMAR will continue to work in coordination with the surveillance authorities in response to the indications of the State Governor, Víctor Manuel Castro Cosío, to ensure the safeguarding and correct use of South California fishing resources.

Baja Sur Fonmar at WORK!
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