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Welcome to our “Baja Bytes Podcast,” listeners. We are happy you have found us, and hopefully, you will enjoy the weekly “Baja Bytes” update that is posted mid-day each Tuesday. Your questions, comments, and suggestions are welcome.

Baja Bytes – March 23, 2021
Que Pasa

Cabo swordfish explode as 43-year-old Pisces fleet leads the Los Cabos fleet with record back-to-back “swordy” catches two days in a row — Thursday, Pisces 31’ Tracy Ann caught one, and Friday Pisces 35’ Bill Collector caught another two.
According to Jonathan Roldan, Tailhunter International, some of the best yellowtail fishing in 25 years continues at Bahia de Los Muertos. Not to be outdone, the Loreto area up to Bahia de Los Angeles, is also enjoying extraordinary yellowtail action according to locals.
Also, there have been outstanding grouper catches at Gonzaga Bay, and, a positive update from Cedros Island has been reported on the improvements to the airstrip while all the operations on the Island complete preparations for the upcoming season.

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