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I was up doing a little territory travel through Vancouver Island. Spent a little time in Victoria where I had a chance to make it out onto the water with Island Outfitters who is a good supporter of Okuma products. We went out about 10 miles out of the harbor for a pretty solid little bite on the halibut. We fished in about 280 feet of water with a pretty stong current push on us. My bicepts were pretty tired, but here is a shot of the fruits of our labor.

From there we went on over to the island to hit a few accounts and tour the island a bit. I found a little time and was able to make it out with Roger Kirk at Tyee Marine in Campbel River. He took us for a little boat ride and introduced me to the art of single action mooching for salmon. We ended the day with a handful of fish.

When we were done salmon fishing he took us to a few deep water spots to for lings. We ended up with a couple shorts and about a 20lb'er. Here are a couple of shots of the spots we fished.

It was a fun trip, and I am ready to get back up and do a little more "product testing."

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