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Best Seabass Operations?

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Who do you bank on?

I think these guys are among the elite:

Island Tak- Ciscos in Oxnard.

Dreamer- Pierpoint SF in Long Beach.

Sea Hawk- Davies Locker in Newport.

There are others who put forth major effort and run high 'n tight.
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John. I screwed up and this thread was duplicated. Could you please delete this one? Thanks :)
Mike its must be your slow season. Back away from the computer and work on your boat.}(
Slow is right. Actually, non-existent might be a better term. Yep, been working on the boat alot getting her ready. How are things going on your end? Gonna be ready for those sea bass and butts? Or better yet, massive numbers of big albacore off Morro this summer and fall? La Nina tuna :)
Im gearing up for salmon at Moss then come the chickens.
Have you decided to keep your rig Stu? Would hate to see you give her up.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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