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Big Shark gets Eaten after Chasing Wrong Diver..3/27

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A young Asian diver was swimming into shore this weekend, when he noticed a shark following him. It started chomping at his fins, causing him to shoot it in the head with his speargun. The lucky shot killed the shark. He had trouble dragging it ashore due to it's size but succeeded finally and elected to cut it up into filets. His family decided it was the best tasting shark they had ever eaten and now, he wants to go out and find another one. In looking at the picture of the filets, the skin was grey on top and white on the bottom..Only shark I know that fits that coloring is a great white...Ahhh, the luck of the young....
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Are there any links to this story.....?

Yes, there is...:) but, everytime I post a story, you seem to be the only one who doubts it..why is that??? Everyone knows that us free divers are capable of great deeds and can shoot the eye out of a great white at 20 paces...:) The funny thing is....that reality is often stranger than fiction when you go under the ocean surface
How about links to the story. Not doubting, but maybe there are pics available to make the story more interesting / complete the tale??

Getem', Capt'n Skip
Although not the one under discussion, here are a couple of news reports of divers killing sharks with the spear gun.

This one, with picture, about a ten foot tiger shark in the Bahamas:

This one about a four hundred pound Mako at the Coronados:
Just for the record...I never doubt LB Bob's shark stories...I just wish I could!!! I'd feel safer!!!!! :).

But...this one omits location...I can't help myself...much as I don't want to know...I have to know...where did this happen?????
spearing the mako

the author calls spearing a 426 LB mako a second before he was to become its' lunch a "significant event". I wonder what a "truly astonishing event" would entail?
Long Beach Bob,

"Yes, there is.. but, everytime I post a story, you seem to be the only one who doubts it..why is that??? "

Your quote above....

I asked for the name of the sportsboat that caught the WSB in one of your posts that you decided was inside info...

This time I asked about a link....

What do you mean...?

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I also think it's likely that this is a joke on that board.
Spearboard is the correct link..The kid forgot to mention where he was diving but I think he was down on one of the Orange County beaches near Dana or Laguna. e mailed a couple of guys who know him and it was no joke.he didn't have a camera at the beach, so he photographed the filets at home..Spearing large sharks isn't unusual..I think I still hold the CA F&G spearfishing record for blue sharks after a 9' blue weighing 234 lbs tried to make me his lunch at Santa Cruz Island...

Following the thread, he has only taken a picture of one fillet and it certainly doesn't look to be from a large shark. Of course, it could be left over from the tail section, but there appear to be a number of questions regarding the original post.

I don't think I buy the story.... but the thread is certainly a fun read.

On a side note, he states in his post that he shot the shark last year, not this last weekend.

Cheers, Bill

â??If your not part of the solution... you're part of the problem"
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Hawk, thanks or the links....enjoyed reading it >>>>"We were diving and this big shark come around [and] by the end of the day he didnâ??t act right so I couldnâ??t afford to wait," said Mr. Barr, who tried to ignore the shark but the shark kept advancing."
yeah, no $hit. he was in the water with the shark for what appears to be "forever". the definition of forever in this case would be, "forever- one second longer than it would take you $hit your wetsuit, surface to the top and run across the water back to the boat". he also was quoted as saying that he thought that it was a great white because of how large the shark was. how long is the definition of "forever" again? also, he stated, that the shark charged him with it's mouth open and just as he fired the spear the shark shook it's head and the spear ended up hitting it in the gill area. whatever. kind of convinent that he ended up filleting the fish out and taking the meat home. so much for the "it's coming right for us" theory.

21' striper
jake's dream
I particularly enjoyed the link to the Monterey bay aquarium GWS as the type of shark that he ate. ("The animal in front. not the one in back. the one in back is a tuna"). This is a very funny thread.
Well boys, it is possible that I may have to eat crow over this one. There is currently a 10-page battle taking place on Spearboard with everyone taking sides as to whether it is legit or not. Insults are flying in all directions...It is funny as hell to read...I was willing to believe it because the guys I dive with are capable of pulling it off and eating the eater would be in line with their morbid sense of humor..
Hey Bob

Thommy was internet fishing and caught you LOL

Funny post to entertain everyone during the slow season.

Dive Deep and Fish Hard!

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