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Big Swell

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What do you do, or how do you handle a very large ships wake? When traveling through the shipping channels do you run across this and what would the advise be if you did? Some of the swells from those ships are pretty big.
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Usually the wakes from the ships are not too big but if they are just go slower and keep the bow into the wake(swell). Do not go sideways to the big wakes or swells.

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Ok,,,, Where are the fish in this report????? Or am I missing it somewere?????

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Name of the board is Private Boater's General Topics.
I think you're missing it.

Always try to stay at a minimum of 45 degrees to any wake. Though 90 is much preferrable. Definetly slow to a speed where you can safely cross them. What that speed is depends on your boat, the size of the wake you approaching and the general swell direction.

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