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First of all..HAPPY MOTHERS DAY to all our Allcoast MOMS out there.
Just itching to take a 1st trip to Santa Barbara Island, Capt.Mike
Jewitt told me to round up some veteran FISHING MUTHAS and that we
did, leaving the dock with 27 usual suspects, HTA-Dan,Mikee,
Eddie,Duke,Larry,Tom, and all the rest with 2nd Capt Doug at 10-Sat.
We rolled into the big cove inside ajoining Sutil Island about 5am
and flew a few rounds of live squid, hoping the big white seabass
or yellows might come to play at 1st light-they did not. After a
brief move deeper it was GAME ON for BIG Sheephead,Lings,Whitefish,
and some huge Sculpin, some as big as your arm! Later in AM-it
was time to go hunting, for the brut yellows that roam in this little
fished fisherie (remember this). We stopped on many meter marks, birds diving on bail balls, but only a few short bites on squid or
scrambled egg jigs, and a few shortlived KAWHEE's and busted too light line! Guys, having fished here many times, a decked many a
yellow at SBI, fish nothing less than 30,and 40 is common if not
the norm here! After getting presented a Chocolate Mutha's day Cake
by Capt.Mike and Megacook Jake (for rounding up this train wreck)we all stuffed ourselves silly, soon followed by legenday JakeBurgers
and it was off to fish the many humps in 180ft or less, as SBI is
part of the Cowcod Closure Area, and althogh there are virtually
millions of REDS, you cannot keep them here. Even though we caught
well over 300 rockfish, EVERYTHING RED was deflated and released
by every responsible angler and deckhands Brad,Jeremiah and Rick.
To say this Island is "overfished" truly is the joke of the entire
sportfishing community, and once again is the result of poor data.
Sans 1 Parker I spotted inside fishing for WSB, we were the only
boat fishing the island all day. This closure item needs re-review!
BG90 has trips every Fri-Sat-Sunday out of LB Marina SF into early
June fishing San Clemente or Santa Barbara Island. See you all SOON!


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Hey...we miss you too Kim! Hope to see you on BG90 REAL SOON!
I'll be back with the guys this weekend after an MRI and double
cortozone shot in my winding shoulder last Thursday! Let's ROCK!
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