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FIRST of all, REMEMBER those who GAVE THEIR ALL in wars and conflicts of the past. Rest in Peace, and all us Veterans DO remember! BIGGAME 90, was just flat out ON FIRE this weekend and here's a Capsule review. FRIDAY the boat had a charter and limits of big White Seabass 37, 1 Yellowtail,12 Calicos and 12 big Bonito. SATURDAY, the Seabass went wide open nuts on 40-60lb Dropper Loops at 3am on for Limits for 48 and a lone Bonito! SUNDAY, we pulled up at the same spot, only to find 50-100 boats in what looked like a yacht club rafting party! There went the neighborhood,and the bite. What DID bite Sunday was a big 30+ Yellow for Brian and the JP. We also fished the Farnworth for 2 hrs metering big yellows that often roam there, but no biters. We had rain,wind, then calm, sun and fished the whole backside and many many spots and coves for 3 nice Halibut, 10 sheephead, 12 Calicos (out of many released) 46 big Whitefish,64 Red Rockfish,21 Boccacio, and 2 Bonito.Fun Days! Thanks to Capt's Mike and Doug, Brad,Mike and Tyler on Deck and Jumpin Jake in the Galley for a really great time for all/all trips! Here's a few pics of some of the many fish caught Saturday & Sunday See you all Friday Night...LET'S ROCK!

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