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Needed to go to Bishop this weekend to pay Final Respects to an Old Friend.Had reservations for Sat.nite to attend Sunday Services.So I decided to leave Early Sat.and do a little Fishing before I met the rest of the bunch for Dinner later....... I just Love going Up There .... !!!! 1st Stop Mohave(Gas&Pee)
Red Rock Cyn.
That Long,Beautiful,Road ...
Notice anything DIFFERENT about Those COWS ... ???
They're 1/2 Tule El .... !!!
Arrived in Bishop at10am,checked in,& headed Up W.Line Rd.....
The Lakes were pretty Busy & I figured Stream Fishing would be a better bet in the Mid-Day Sun...(74-78d) This Spot.......
Then I found a Really Interesting spot....
After crossing the Bridge,You see This.....
And THIS .......
Which produced This ...

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Thanks for the nice report, It sure brought back some old memories.
I was born in Lone Pine, my Dad owned the Valley Grill in Independence,
I haven't been back since I was a Kid. Dad taught me to use a Shingle to get my bait downstream and work it back up,Great way to grow up.
Need to get back to relive those memories before it is too late,
Thanks again, Frank

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Beautiful pictures, Robert. Thanks for sharing. You friend must have been wonderful to be remembered like that.
Frank, one of my regular customers was born and raised in Lone Pine, too. She's in her 70's now and kind of gets a catch in her voice when we talk about the Owens Valley.
Someday, I hope to live there. Until then I'll have to enjoy an occasional visit.
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