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Hey, do you a bait tank made out of a clear substance, mount on a swim step? Just wondering, after seeing you post, and the pics of kids and the boat, I believe we came off the water around the same time at DP Sunday. We you in the washdown closest to the launch ramp and fence opening?

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That was me...having a heck of time backing into my slot...where were you.
You were already in your slot when we came out, I was the black and white Wellcraft Cuddy that came out and parked out in the parking lot, all the washdowns were full. We just strapped her down and split.
Good to know you weren't the boat next to me.....that was the reason i had such a hard time getting into my slot....the Jag off wold not move (his body)....he stood right on the line while i pulled up, left me with less space to get a better angle to correct my reverse turns.....I think he was trying to be a jerk....not to mention he took three slots...I had to bite my tongue....didn't want any trouble, especaily with the kids around....then a lady tried to squeeze by while i was trying to maneuver into position....i was nearly at my wits end.

I gave you a few calls on 72, but my radio is not that strong. i figure 10-15 miles max. On my list for upgrades.
You should have told him move it or lose it.
I hate people like that!

He new he was in the way.....I did not want to give him the pleasure or satisfaction of letting him know he was pissing me off. Then he wins. Life is to short.
Gosh, I am trying to remember who or waht was next to you. It was pretty tight going thru there though. But what are your thoughts on this? 2 slots down, they were giving the boat a complete wash, soap and all. I thought the intent was a quick wash down, and let someone else get in...I just dont even bother. We pull her out, strap her, do our checks and hit the road, and take care of the rest at home. which is a 40 min drive w/o traffic, 1.5-2 with traffic. It just seems that the weekend PB"ers are not very curtious and need to learn to be, even on the water. I dont know how many times we got waked out during our drifts, with guys passing less than 100 yards at full speed. Oh, and I did not hear your calls, but I was on 72. I did hear the kids from a couple other boats on 72. Which I am not sure how I feel, kids will be kids and they were having fun but???
The boat next to me was a center consul..older, light blue and white...a little beat up..they were soaping up also...they pulled up about 5 minutes before me ( I left before them) the time, they were the only boat in the wash down...this is most likely why they took three slots....but if they would have just looked back at the ramp, boats were starting to line up to pull out....

I never soap up at the docs....mainly i flush the engine and brakes, flush the bilge and engine mount area....while the engine is flushing, i unload the cuddy, and gear.

On the way home, i take the boat to a spray wash. Takes about $10-$12 in coin, but it only takes 20 minutes. Use the spotless rinse and the boat is nice a dry when i get home, and no spots....then i do more TLC....I have learned not wash it at home....I would never get it done, the neighbors always want to shoot the SH#T. :) (which is fine, but i usually get home a little before dark) I clean the gear, put the carpet and bimini back on, put the cover on and I am usually done in 2 hours...

What really gets me is when people pull in at the font of the dock, just before you back down to pull out or put in.....leaves no room for your boat to float off or on...x(
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Oh yes, I agree. When we launch, I walk the boat the end of dock, so folks coming in can get closer to the ramp, and coming in, I walk as close to ramp, so others can line up behind. Well maybe someday we can meet up and go buddy boating. Weekends are hard for me, usualyy m-t-w for me, which is better cuz the weekend warriors are not out there. And please anyone reading this, dont think that I am trying to act like a seasoned PB'er. I have had my boat 2 years, but I have had common sense for 34.

Oh, by the way, what is your bait tank made of? It looked interesting. I have a home made 70 Gallon tank. Made from plywood and fiberglassed. Works great, a lil heavy though. But I can take 2 full scoops and have very little die. And that reminds me, my bro and I went and used the head at Dana Wharf, and when I walked by one of the boys with you, I said "hows it goin". If they remember that was me.

It's a old aquarium /sump/ works ok..but lately i have had some issues with it....but I can't seem to figure out the well with a small scoop...and live squid...

I think it has a something to do with the hose intake size....I am still working on it.

yours is 70 gallons...that is huge...and heavy....I would like to see it(get some tips) main problem is i need to be able to remove it easily for when we go to the lakes.
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