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I Was Able To Find a Way For Gomexus to Offer a Power Knob For Okuma's Powerful Blue Azores 8000 Spinning Reel!

I've been working with Vernon of Gomexus on what i believe to be one of Okuma's best selling spinning reels sold Worldwide! The Blue Azores spinning reel. In the USA the offered sizes are 4K, 6K, 8K, & 14K. I myself have all those sizes except the 14K. I already felt the 8K was monstrous so i wasn't compelled to get such a large spinner for the type of fishing i'm into.

We tried to put together combos of components of other brands to match the mechanics of the Azores. Color wise the 47mm Power Knob for large Daiwa Spinners was a dead on match w/metallic blue with silver. But finding the perfect machined pre-fabricated parts proved to be impossible at that 4K size unless we started from scratch to machine the needed parts. Gomexus sought me out on this project as i had probably more Okuma units than any other US based angler. Maybe.

First we re-worked the Ceymar line & i found out that the new 2022 HD models weren't compatible w/current Ceymar specs. So this was added information to the Gomexus line-up of "plug & play" handles. This line consist of a handle with a new knob mounted on it". I'm betting we can add just the knob at a latter date & just sell the knob as an "add-on". But i was bothered by the Blue Azores project because i really had high hopes for this as i felt it was one of the best series that Okuma designer John Bretza developed, in my opinion.

So i had a thought that if we, for now "dropped" the size requirement & just concentrated on the internal mechanics of the handle design of the Blue Azores itself that "we" could make this project fly. Sure enough i put all my fittings together with a bunch of knobs & realized i had almost everything needed that Gomexus could machine. The only fitting that was really lacking was the original smallest screw bolt. It had the right length and threading size but none of the replacements could match it. So i re-used it. Problem solved.

Watch the video. It's hard filming with only 1 hand but i hope i made it "flow" nicely so it was easy to follow. After this will be the Blue Azores 6000. That one may poise to be a problem. Thank you Vernon of Gomexus for inviting me to join you on this project.



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