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A Bonefish Was Captured "Twice"! On Underwater Camera & Rod-n-Reel!

Amazing video shows a fast moving Bonefish, known locally as an O'io going over a partially hidden live crab in a sand depression left as the torpedo UW Cam was dragged back a bit. As soon as it went over it the O'io put on the brakes to turn around to look/smell it. I suspect it first "sensed" the other live crab that was in the open on my 2nd rig about 30ft away as i first casted that rig in.

Latter on the Bonefish then took that 2nd crab 30ft down to the left. But it spit that hook resulting in a fun short fight. So i re-baited that rig with another live Mangrove Crab. I kept that fish around for 1-1/2hr by throwing cut bait in the water. Finally it hit the rig it first swam by (by then the internal battery of the cam died so i took it off). So i performed C P R on this catch (Caught-Picture-Release).



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