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My Spin Casting Shoreline Back Pack!

When i travel long distances from my car i need to be free of excess gear. So i leave my beach wagon at home & this is what i bring for a full day of shoreline fishing. I found replacing my water for Sport Drinks with electrolytes requires less liquids needed that lightens my daily carrying load.
These are my main items i bring-

Pair of gloves with rubberized grips.
Surface plugs & bottom jigging lures.
Braid scissors & pliers.
Measuring tape.
Food (dry crackers & energy drinks)-also a frozen water bottle.
Nearly used-up toilet paper roll (or kleenix pack).
Mixture of lead eggs.
Mixture of colored grubs & misc lures.
Waterproof flashlight.
Couple HD plastic gallon plastic bags.
Extra hooks/swivels/beads/leader line/bait thread/nail clipper.
Hammer Bombs-cast assist devices like Tough Bubbles.
Pre-made casting leaders.
Fillet knife.
1 or 2 bottles of frozen water (depending on length of trip).
HD plastic bag for my keys/wallet/cell phone/etc.



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